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Should the Colts Sign CB Richard Mashall?



Yesterday the Miami Dolphins released CB Richard Marshall after an injury-plagued season in which he only started four games. But he was decent prior to that injury. He had one interception last year with the Dolphins but has 18 in his career at 28 years old. Darrelle Revis has only one more interception than Marshall but Revis has also played less seasons, but they are both 28. Marshall could be a good pickup for the Colts if he doesn't want a big contract. A one year, 1 million dollar contract I think would be reasonable, but don't guarantee any money. Marshall is definitely an improvement over a lot of cornerbacks on our roster. Let's take a look at the cornerbacks on our roster:

Richard Marshall 5'11'' 198 lb 518 Tackles 18 INT 57 Passes Deflected 7 Sacks Age: 28

Vontae Davis - 5' 11' 195 lb 199 Tackles 12 INT 40 Passes Deflected 2 Sacks Age: 25

Greg Toler - 6'0'' 192 lb 128 Tackles 5 INT 19 Passes Deflected 1 Sack Age: 28

Darius Butler - 5'10'' 185 lb 121 Tackles 7 INT 29 Passes Deflected 0 Sacks Age: 27

Cassius Vaughn 5'11'' 195 lb 94 Tackles 2 INT 13 Passes Deflected 0 Sacks Age: 25

Marshay Green 5'10'' 175 lb 4 Tackles 0 INT 0 Passes Deflected 0 Sacks Age: 27

Josh Gordy 5'11'' 195 lb 63 Tackles 3 INT 5 Passes Deflected 1 Sack Age: 26

Sheldon Price 6'2'' 180 lb 157 Tackles 5 INT 26 Passes Deflected 0 Sacks Age: 22 (College Statistics)

Allen Chapman 5'11 181 lb 57 Tackles 5 INT 5 Passes Deflected 0 Sacks Age: 22 (College Statistics)

Teddy Williams 6'3'' 202 lb 0 Tackles 0 INT 0 Passes Deflected 0 Sacks Age: 25 (Track Star)

If you look at Marshall's statistics compared to our starters or anyone on our roster, he has the better statistics. But, he has also played longer. Marshall was 2nd round pick in the 2006 Draft. The top three corners on our roster are from the 2009 Draft and Vaughn was undrafted in 2010. Green, Williams, and Gordy were also undrafted from 2010 and Price & Chapman were undrafted from this year's draft. So, Marshall has more experience than all of our cornerbacks on our roster. He isn't the tallest but is the same size as four cornerbacks on the roster and is one inch away from seven of them. He is second heaviest among our cornerbacks coming behind Teddy Williams, but he is within ten pounds of five of our cornerbacks. He has a decent size for a cornerback and has proven he can break up passes and intercept them.

As long as he has no injury, I don't see why we don't go out and sign him. We made a bold move to sign Ahmad Bradshaw to add depth to our runningbacks. So why not add depth at cornerback. A lot of people have been saying we need depth at cornerback, so here's your chance to add depth. I've heard a lot of people say they don't like the 5 out of the last 6 cornerbacks on our roster. I haven't heard really any hate for Josh Gordy yet but if there is than it is hate for our cornerbacks 4-9 on our depth chart. Marshall is at least better than Vaughn. I know a lot of you dislike Vaughn and hope he never takes the field. Marshall won't be our starter, but he could make a good #4 cornerback if he wants to.


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