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Von Miller vs Colts



As a lot of you know, Von Miller is facing a suspension for drug abuse. The bad news is the suspension doesn't cover the Colts vs. Broncos game on Sunday Night. Von Miller faces a six-game suspension. The Colts vs. Broncos game comes in Week 7. Too bad be couldn't have been suspended one game longer. Von Miller is a dangerous pass rusher and can cause havoc against our offensive tackles. Let's hope he isn't exactly "use" to playing in a game at that point because he wouldn't have done it for nearly two months at that point. Oh well what can you do. We have two good offensive tackles and a very good pass blocking runningback in Ahmad Bradshaw so he shouldn't cause a lot of trouble.

It might not even matter if the Broncos aren't even doing well at all. I know it's just preseason but the starters have not done much and the defense has not been stopping. If we turn out to have a better defense at that point in the season, we might have a shot at winning the game. I know it is too early to talk about the game because it is two months away but I thought I wanted to talk about him coming back for the Colts game. It doesn't really matter if they have Miller or not because they still have talent at that position even though Shaun Phillips is old he still might produce some big plays. Anyways, let's go Colts because they can do it even with Miller playing.

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