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T.Y. Hilton possibly the Next Marvin Harrison



Hilton vs Harrison  

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  1. 1. Do you think Hilton can put up Harrison numbers for his career?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. How many yards do you see Hilton getting this year?

    • 600-700 yards
    • 700-800 yards
    • 800-900 yards
    • 900-1,000 yards
    • 1,000+ yards

blog-0298503001376317972.pngThis is probably way too early on in his career to debate if he is Marvin Harrison caliber. But, I think T.Y. definitely has that potential. T.Y. is a lot smaller than Marvin. Hilton is 5' 9'' 178lb while Harrison was 6 feet 185lb. Hilton will probably catch up to him in weight but he will not grow three inches. I know T.Y. had a lot of drops last year and was tied for worst in the league with Avery for drop rate. But if he can minimize his drops, we got a talented receiver. Even with the drops last year, Hilton made some great plays and some great catches. Hilton has a good chance to become the next Marvin when Reggie eventually retires. Reggie is already 34 years old. He can't be the only receiver catching all of Luck's passes. It's time for T.Y. to step up and put up big numbers. Here is how he faired against the rookie receivers last year:

Hilton - 50 rec 861 yards 7 TD 17.2 rec yard Avg

Blackmon - 64 rec 865 yards 5 TD 13.5 rec yard Avg

Gordon - 50 rec 805 yards 5 TD 16.1 rec yard Avg

Wright - 65 rec 626 yards 4 TD 9.6 rec yard Avg

Floyd - 45 rec 562 yards 2 TD 12.5 rec yard Avg

Jenkins 0 rec 0 yards 0 TD 0.0 rec yard Avg (Healthy all year)

Hilton was not the leader in every category for rookie receivers but led in touchdown passes with seven and led in reception Avg with 17.2. Blackmon beat Hilton in receiving yards because he played in all 16 games and started 14. Hilton played in 15 games and started one. Blackmon was one of the only receivers on that team besides Cecil Shorts. Luck threw the ball to Fleener, Allen, Avery, and Wayne as well as Hilton so he couldn't have gotten as many receptions and came within 4 yards of Blackmon for receiving. So let's now compare him to Marvin's numbers:

Hilton - 50 rec 861 yards 7 TD 17.2 rec yard Avg

Harrison - 64 rec 836 yards 8 TD 13.1 rec yard Avg

Now, one could argue that Blackmon is more like Harrison due to the number of receptions and closeness in the yardage and reception avg. But Hilton is similar in the touchdown category, only one less than Harrison. But, if you add Hilton's punt return touchdown they have the same number of touchdowns. Now, Blackmon is taller than T.Y. by four inches and is closer to Marvin in size but Hilton has not had off the field issues like Blackmon. Blackmon has been sued by the league for four games for substance abuse and has gotten into arguments with teammates and arrested for DUI. Now, Marvin has his off the field issue but that was outside of his playing career. Even though Blackmon put up more similar numbers, his off the field issues mat prevent him from putting up Marvin's career numbers.

I think Luck and Hilton could have something special here. Hilton is going to have to compete with DHB for a starting role opposite Wayne but Hilton is clearly winning the battle so far. Maybe Luck and Hilton can become the next Manning and Harrison. Consistency will play a key factor here. If Hilton can keep putting up numbers like his rookie year and more, we should see something great. If he were to average the numbers he put up in his rookie year for 13 years, he would have 11, 193 receiving yards, 650 catches, and 91 receiving touchdowns. If he can put up more receptions and more yards he could get up to Marvin's career numbers, and I am sure he is capable of doing that with one of the best quarterbacks in the league by then, Andrew Luck.


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