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Where Do Colt players Rank Among the NFL (QB)



blog-0401635001376492320.pngOk, so I am really bored and I have to wait until Sunday to watch the Colts so I decided to make up my list of the top players in the league by position: QB, HB, FB, WR, TE, OT, OG, OC, DE, DT, OLB, MLB, CB, S, K, P, RS, LS. I know many people have already done lists like this but I'm bored so I thought I make my own lists up. I will list it numbers 1-40 of the starters at each position from every team. So every team gets listed but some teams may have more than one player listed but every team gets a spot. I will publish each blog based on position in the order in which I listed them in the paragraph. So with out any more delay here are the top quarterbacks in the NFL:

1. Aaron Rodgers

The obvious choice for number one. Rodgers gets it done year after year in the regular season but has had postseason struggle except the year he won the Super Bowl. Rodgers has a high number of passing yards, touchdown passes, and a passer rating of over 100 nearly every year.

2. Drew Brees

I really didn't want to put him here for what he did to us in Super Bowl XLIV (or what Hank Baskett did to us) but Brees leads the league in passing second year in a row and has a lot of 40+ TD pass seasons, but had led the league in interceptions with 19 (tied with Romo & Stafford). Drew Brees is a great choice for a franchise quarterback.

3. Peyton Manning

He gets it done year after year and would be number one if he had playoff success. He had a top passer rating, a lot of touchdown passes and passing yards but Tebow still has more playoff wins as a Broncos quarterback.

4. Tom Brady

Another quarterback I didn't want to put this high up because of what he's done to the Colts but had to due to playoff success and regular season stats. He will still have success this year even with the leading receiver that is healthy right now from last year is Shane Vereen.

5. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has the most wins by a quarterback in their first five seasons in the NFL. He came one game away from the Super Bowl last year and put up great numbers. With Steven Jackson back there, they might get further in the playoffs this year.

6. Eli Manning

Eli Manning missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record last year but started the season with a 6-2 record. He put up a decent numbers in touchdown passes but had a high number of interceptions. He will back next year with a better record because that is what Eli does.

7. Ben Roethlisberger

He had an injury last year and his team had an 8-8 record and missed the playoffs. He still had a great passer rating and had a good number of passing touchdowns so that is why he is in the top 10.

8. Andrew Luck

It's not because I'm a Colts fan that I put him high up. Luck played like a veteran last year and put up great numbers minus the interceptions and completion percentage (which was not entirely his fault). Luck will come back in 2013 with even better stats.

9. Tony Romo

Romo has put up great numbers minus the interceptions but blew games. Luck led game-winning drives but Romo has a tendency to choke in big games. That is why he is listed behind Luck.

10. Matt Schaub

Schaub has done a good job as starter of the Texans for the past two seasons and put up good numbers and led them to the playoffs. Last year it was T.J. Yates that led them in the playoffs but Schaub led them in the playoff but could not get past Tom Brady. He still put up very good numbers in a good offensive scheme. That is why he is ahead of the person at #11.

11. Robert Griffin III

It's not because I am pro-Luck and like him more, it's the offense that RGIII runs, the option offense. It's a college offense that will eventually get figured out or will put his career in jeopardy. If he put up his numbers in an offense like Schaub, he would be at #10. Plus he also has one of the league's best running backs who ran for over 1,600 yards.

12. Russell Wilson

He also runs the option offense but not as much as RGIII. I like Wilson because he is a small quarterback that proved he play quarterback in the NFL. He also has the league's top 5 defense and Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch, but still is a pretty good quarterback.

13. Joe Flacco

Flacco had decent regular season numbers but had great post season numbers that led to a Super Bowl championship. Flacco will be back this year with a new look defense and former Colts Stokely and Clark.

14. Andy Dalton

The Bengals have been to the playoffs every year under Dalton and he also has great receivers like A.J. Green, Jermaine Gresham, Tyler Eifert, and Mohammed Sanu. The Bengals have gotten better every year and may take another step in the post season this year.

15. Cam Newton

Another quarterback that runs the option offense but has decent stats as a regular quarterback. If he wants to stay in the top 15 he needs to raise the touchdowns and lower the interceptions.

16. Colin Kaeperknick

Yet another quarterback who utilizes the option offense but has a strong arm that he can use outside the option offense. Kaeperknick has some banged up receivers but still has his runningbacks, Vernon Davis, and Anquan Boldin so he should be fine. Not to mention he has pro bowlers all over his defense.

17. Matthew Stafford

Stafford put up nearly 5,000 yards passing and 28 TD passes but had 19 interceptions. He also didn't have a running game last year but with the addition of Reggie Rush this offense can become better and more balanced.

18. Alex Smith

He was doing a great job with the 49ers until he sustained the concussion. He's back this year and can easily get a winning record out of the worst team in the NFL due to them having five pro bowlers last year on a two-win team.

19. Sam Bradford

After being selected as the number one overall pick, he has not wowed anyone since his rookie season when he led the Rams to a 7-9 record and almost a playoff berth. He has not gotten more than seven wins in a season before but that may change this year with the addition of Jared Cook and Tavon Austin.

20. Philip Rivers

Rivers actually puts up decent passing numbers but has failed to produced a good winning season the past few years. Floyd and Alexander are injured with Alexander being out for season so he will have to rely on Antonio Gates, Robert Meachem, Keenan Allen, and Eddie Royal for receivers.

21. Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins went out and bought tons of players, including new weapons for Tannehill in Wallace, Gibson, and Keller. Lamar Miller is also expected to break out. So with a good running game and great receiving options, Tannehill might find himself inside the Top 15 by the end of the 2013 season.

22. Jay Cutler

Cutler had only 19 TD passes to 14 interceptions last year. Cutler only had one good receiving option in Brandon Marshall last year but this year he should be better. He's got a new offense, a new TE in Martellus Bennett, Jeffrey is back from injury, and got new lineman in Jermon Bushrod and Kyle Long.

23. Josh Freeman

Freeman needs to really step up or he could lose his starting role. He had decent numbers last year but needs the team's record to improve. He has Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and a top 10 back in Doug Martin.

24. Carson Palmer

Palmer put 4,000 yards and 22 TDs with the Raiders but could not win games which was not entirely his fault. Now with the Cardinals, he has Larry Fitzgerald, which makes him automatically better.

25. Michael Vick

After an injury plagued 2012 season, he now has to battle Nick Foles, Dennis Dixon, and Matt Barkley for a starting job. Chip Kelly likes to run the option offense and even though I dislike this offensive scheme, Vick will do better than the other three in this role.

26. E.J. Manuel

He torched our Colts but not until the backups came on. He did not do too well with the starters on but got into his groove with the backups on the field. He is an improvement over Fitzpatrick in Buffalo and will help them tremendously.

27. Matt Flynn

After being a great job as a backup to Aaron Rodgers the Seahawks picked him up as their starting quarterback but he lost that role to Wilson. Now with the Raiders he is the obvious starter and has a chance to prove himself.

28. Brandon Weeden

Weeden is predicted to take a huge step forward in 2013. He has a great runningback in Trent Richardson, Jordan Cameron at TE, and Greg Little, Josh Gordon, and Davone Bess at WR. I don't think he will have a winning record but he could improve his stats a lot this year.

29. Christian Ponder

He technically quarterbacked the Vikings to the playoffs, but Peterson led the team to the playoffs off of his 2, 097 yards. Ponder has a ton of options to throw to, Patterson, Simpson, and Jennings at WR and Kyle Rudolph at TE.

30. Jake Locker

Locker is a athletic quarterback but hasn't used his talents to win games in the NFL. He needs to make better decisions and lead this team with 1,000-yard rushers in Johnson and Green, Delanie Walker at TE, and Britt, Washington, Hunter, and Wright at WR.

31. Mark Sanchez/Geno Smith

Sanchez led the league in turnovers the past two years and Geno Smith is a 2nd round pick who is unproven at quarterback. These two land second-to-last on the chart for one unforgettable play for Jets fans, the "Butt Fumble".

32. Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne

Obviously the worst quarterback competition in the NFL because neither of them deserve a starting job. If Gabbert wants to be their supposed "franchise quarterback" he needs to step up, win the starting job, and actually get more than six wins.


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