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If I Were Colts Gm



If I were the Colts GM; i would view game tape from every single loss this season. As challenging as this season was; there are gems and jewels to be obtained from our mistakes. I believe that these tapes will need to be viewed and carefully evaluated even before our next step of draftingd "Luck". After that; we need to fine tune some of the things that worked well. Although the season was dismal as far as wins; there was several times in which we did execute on various plays. It's important to not miss that as the game tapes are being reviewed. Also; specifically if we are blessed to obtain "Luck" and Manning returns. We need to play "Luck" in the second quarter of every game. It is not wise or prudent to have him sit on the bench and get no play time. If he is allowed to play in the second quarter of every game; there is much benefit that will come from this. Hardly anyone in the league follows this practice; but it seems like common sense to me. "Luck" is going to get experience beyond practice; plus we have the whole second half for Manning to come back and "fix" things.

It would be a shame not to learn from the experience of last season. We are still Colts Faithful. We still Believe. We as fans are behind our players and our team. The next season; Colts will be unrecognizable as contrasted to this season. Colts will monopolize in obtaining talent and build on a legacy. I have never stopped Believing. I wear my Colts gear with pride and I "sound off" with any and everyone who approaches me about the fallacy of this last season. We have a "gift" in the Indianapolis Colts. We are so blessed and don't realize it. All the great seasons are not erased by one season. As * Cline said--"Stand By your Man"; in our case--"Stand By your Team". It is through challenges that greatness is Achieved.

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Great post! I agree GM needs to see what we do well............but also we seriously need a QB back up plan. Because, not having one............. let's not do that again

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