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    I love Jesus, Colts football, and politics.
  1. This was a great post!! You are right; Manning is a member of our community families. And we will keep him as long as he wants to stay!!!
  2. Thanks for being our first Fan Blogger! Great post!

  3. If I were the Colts GM; i would view game tape from every single loss this season. As challenging as this season was; there are gems and jewels to be obtained from our mistakes. I believe that these tapes will need to be viewed and carefully evaluated even before our next step of draftingd "Luck". After that; we need to fine tune some of the things that worked well. Although the season was dismal as far as wins; there was several times in which we did execute on various plays. It's important to not miss that as the game tapes are being reviewed. Also; specifically if we are blessed to obtai
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