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  1. hopefully not too off topic but I think adding Christian Kirk to the current crew would add a lot of value and give us another big play target of Hilton gets hurt or if you want to move him for other pieces or picks. He's physical and is a matchup nightmare.
  2. Indy has had so much success during the manning era it puts blinders on people. this team has holes some holes still yet to be filled and we need dept that comes with drafting and FA. If a Superbowl happens it would be on sheer luck. This team isn't ready to content from top to bottom. i think if we've hit on the picks and FA pick ups we are about two full off-seasons away from being in that sort of mix. this wasn't a good team last season and the year before that. not to be cliche but Luck had a lot to do with our early success.
  3. Who do you think our sleeper pick is?

    my sleeper pick and i know its not inline with the other responses here is going to be the Oline & Dline i think the team will play better this season in the trenches hopefully its a marked improvement but i will take any marginal gains as well.
  4. Will Fournette have a Zeke Elliot type of rookie season?

    He's in a good situation. Home games are on grass he doesn't have to be the bell cow and at time the Jags had issues closing out games there running game just got a shot of crack they will be tougher to deal with no doubt.
  5. setting the tone for camp nothing will be promised...should be some very exciting and extremely intense camp this summer. I though Blythe was ok as well but given we have a solid center now. bringing in more bodies to compete at G/T probably has a lot more to do with it since Blythe doesn't have much flexibility there likely made him more expendable in the big picture. From all the other signings the team looks to be getting bigger and more physical on paper at least will see what that turns out to be soon enough.
  6. Tough decisions coming next offseason

    i think you try to get deals inked for Crief and i would see how Mewhort holds up this season. David on the other hand i don't think you need after this season if its a true Youth rebuild and retool movement. If we can get him on the cheap but i don't see Davis as the type of corner they will want long term. Also would like to see whats the smallest corner on the roster 3yrs from now both in height and weight.
  7. pictures or it didnt happen none of it
  8. I think Colts will win division next year

    take it one game at a time...this is a rebuild i know people don't like to use that word but we are thin on the talent side. I'd like to see a team that people fear playing and a team you know if going to give you fits in all phases of the game. it will take some time lets give CB a chance to see if he can truly transform a team and a league wide perception of the colts.
  9. Colts select Zach Banner, OL, USC (Merge)

    he's getting his weight down i'm sure everything else will go up at that point. He said he was 380ish at the end of the season. getting down to about 320 will improve a lot of his game. His interview is very confident which i like. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Zach-Banner-joins-Total-Access-before-heading-to-the-2017-NFL-Draft/c81d9b3f-2706-4dae-87f8-cc67d4a8d0df
  10. Colts select Zach Banner, OL, USC (Merge)

    i like it get the line in order theres a bunch of young guys there already keep adding to it. If he can come in and add more competition for the Right side of the football so be it. Having a former NFL pro as a parent should help as well.
  11. how is adding oline dept a waste at this point? we don't know what he can be. They have been following the board and maybe the scouts and staff see some traits they like. Key words for ballard have been unique and this guy has some size that you don't see often at guard or tackle. If he can play and they think he can play give him a chance.
  12. i guess when you go to your goal line sets you have a mountain of a man there to open up running lanes.
  13. coverage is pretty good on the NFL network today.
  14. What to do with TJ Green

    let him develop he was thrusted into a starting role...don't put ungodly expectations on rookie. I think he can be a good player hes still under contract on a cheap contract. I expect him to look a lot better this year.