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  1. yeah as many have stated tons of quality RB in this draft some that can be had in 4-7 rounds who can have an impact on the roster. get the line sorted or get us some impact players on DEF first.
  2. i don't think you are wrong on this...i see it the same way also. He might have a little more burst in his cuts but i think they are one of the same. so to draft a runner with the same style who struggles with protections is odd to me as well.
  3. waka waka

    Georgia OG Isaiah Wynn visiting Colts today

    there will be 4 or 5 OL taking in the first round i'm almost sure of it. we will have a chance to get quality players just hope someone takes 4QB's in the frist round as well.
  4. waka waka

    NFL Draft 400: WRs

    yeah surprised how few are in round one. Sutton would be a nice grab in the second round.
  5. i feel like Leighton Vander Esch is way overhyped i think he can be a good player but i don't feel like he should be taken in the first round maybe end of the second top of the 3rd round for sure. Doesn't get off blocks well. struggles to get through thrash...is on the ground entirely too much for me. plays a lot smaller than his size. not a lot of production for him also. i like Evans over him i think he'd be like the 5th or 6th best LB on the board to me. Not someone I'd take in the first 50 picks though.
  6. No you aren't alone. I'd scrap the logo and colorway even the name. I'm more of animal for teams but thats just me. They should be the Tennesse defenders and incorporate the Vols logo or something that represents the state a little better. But you are not alone they havent had any gear i'd put on since they left Houston the Oilers logo and colorway was a lot better than this stuff they have to rep the team now.
  7. waka waka

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    Frustrating for sure...i think the approach is to build it with better pieces with a more attack-minded philosophy. We are looking for some fast very reactive players no slow footed Rob Morris's, no Davids at cornerback, Hopefully, no Gilbert Gardners at OLB you could go on and on. I think bringing Dobbs and company in is to help identify that talent so you can have some of the traits the hawks had. The hardest part is finding the Safteys then being in a position to draft them. Hope for a good bid of health for Hooker he's got a big role in this. I think some of the other players will be a lot easier to find if this build through the draft approach.
  8. I think some forget before N.Chubb got hurt he was suppose to be the next great RB prospect. While at the combine he looked just as fluid as Sony. I think has he gets further past his injury he can come back to his old self. He's can be more than just a one-cut runner. I think he's going to be a steal for whoever drafts him.
  9. they had talent on the roster similar to the Jags they've been drafting in the top 10 for a while so i would think that would help factor in with talent being there. But i agree no one gave them much of a chance and they turned things around pretty quickly with front office changes.
  10. waka waka

    Notable Pro Day Performances

    I a big fan of Richie James i think in our system he could be special and on this turf has some Antonio Brown in him.
  11. waka waka

    Notable Pro Day Performances

    he's a sleeper for sure good hands good body control same body type of DeAndre Hopkins would be a good late pick if not top UDFA
  12. waka waka

    Double up on Edmunds?

    he's productive not flash in the pan he's the fastest WLB in the NFL don't let the he's only got one hand jade you. His energy is very much real he'd be one of the guys in the locker room or type of players that could really rally a team or a def. Looks like the trend is for impact players that can fly around on the turf i cannot think of a better fit for this team for someone that we could get late 2nd or 3rd he will not be on the board after the 3rd round if you think he will i'd like for you to help me understand why he would be there.
  13. waka waka

    Double up on Edmunds?

    Cato was a better LB than Safety but i hear you. I'm not a huge fan of converting anyone is this draft that is a Safety to a LB but if you want that why not just draft someone like Shaquem and put him at Will would be crazy Sam = Simon Mike = Edmunds Will = Griffin
  14. waka waka

    Double up on Edmunds?

    I agree i'd rather have size and speed at the position than try to convert a SS/Box safety into a LB he likely could play some LB in sub packages but i like Terrell as a box saftey he looks like he plays faster than Ronnie Harrison
  15. waka waka

    Isaiah Oliver

    he's got great instincts and good hands very good hands but that should be expected given he's played WR. he just needs to get stronger and he should be fine. he's not the most active player in run support but every player has some knock. It would be nice to add another player that can take the ball away on DEF.