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  1. With our team make up i'm not putting a lot of value on the RB at this point. We have a lot of needs and need to get better and deeper across the board if we don't get a drafted RB i'm fine with that. This team isn't fixed in one draft or one offseaon but its nice to see a change happening for this franchise on another side of the ball for now.
  2. its the quality of players that have been drafted for the colts this year. will need more data but the first 3 picks to me are true BPA. Bashem played on a bad defense but he gave 110% effort he jumps out at you. reminds me of Woodley a bit from Michigan. I really really like our 3 picks can't wait to see what else is added for the rest of the draft and as well as the UDFA.
  3. Yep, great motor tough as nails...starting to see a trend of what Ballard wants. Clean, Hardnosed football players. He's BPA so far and staying true to his board. This is a very solid pick.
  4. so far its been clean picks as well first two are high character guys as well.
  5. Chido would cause the forum to loose it mind. Stay true to there board theirs still tons of talent to be had through out this entire draft. Building for the future knowing we aren't going to be world beaters Sidney Jones has to be a very appealing pick.
  6. Let me stop you for a moment. Butlers keys were he could flip his hips with the best of them and had great feet. He never had the range Hooker has. DO me a favor tell me who were the corners Ed Reed had while in Baltimore. Yes its nice to have good or even great corners but if you have a safety with range he will make it easier for them.
  7. i liked Hassan but i think if you have a decent to good front like the Cards have he fits better. I don't think he has as big of an impact that Hooker would have right away. If he was still on the board i truly believe Hooker still gets picked.
  8. Would someone describe what you want from a FS in today's pass happy NFL I feel like i'm wrong on some of my analysis. Hooker has great hands not good but great hands. Is a play maker one of the knocks on Ed Reed was tackling i think that will improve but he has some range that is elite. Range you don't see at pick 15. I think its a steal i thought he'd be gone by 15 but we lucked out with some offensive players going a touch earlier than expected. If you think he wasn't high on our board re-watch how quick we got our pick in. I think he can be Earl Thomas like this is a great pick. This team will take a few drafts and off seasons to get right but this guy is a play maker. I don't buy the one year wonder thing at all.
  9. Lamp in the second would be a great pick i doubt he will be there though.
  10. don't understand how people don't like this pick. I think the upside on this kid is crazy. In regards to TJ Green he needs to develop but the range Hooker has is crazy. The key is can Geathers produce and stay healthy if so then you'd see more cover 3 looks and he has the range to and will get better. This defense needs help but Hooker can be the first building block for a Seattle like Secondary just you watch.

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