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  1. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    typically for fantasy football reason i am sure.
  2. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    What if Jimmy hires a new coach and he does worst then Chuck? Remember Chuck is still under contract. I dunno which way things will go but either way I'm a Colts fan and I am thankful that I can enjoy the game of Football. I always wish for a win, and will support the team WIN or LOSE and am disgusted with a loss, But football doesn't pay my bills so i just enjoy the game.
  3. Stop Blaming Pagano

    Chuck doesn't need an extension he is under contract for 2 more years , I think.
  4. Ballard has already stated that JB will be here until atleast his rookie contract is up. Of course if we got offered something ridiculous you take it but nothing less.
  5. Brissett in concussion protocol

    He should have been sat for atleast 1 series if not the rest of the game really. As much as i HATE to see ST in the game i think it was needed. That is for sure on the coach.
  6. Stop Blaming Pagano

    Why would he? You treat a man like a MAN. We are all human. All you can do is sit him on the bench and when he asks why you show him the film. No need to belittle a guy for anything in a FOOTBALL game. It is just a GAME.
  7. Jack Doyle is terrible

    You cant catch every pass. NOBODY is perfect , Jack is great. IT HAPPENS.
  8. I dont think it was a " look at me" thread. I feel as this was a lil insight that everything should be eventually alright , RELAX , it just takes time.
  9. I think this was a good read. In my opinion Vontae knows its a contract year so he went the "let it heal" route and it probably didn't work out that way.
  10. Henry Anderson suffered a fractured larynx Sunday

    I think we need to have an exorcism of Grigsons' past on all Colt's facilities.
  11. per the post game conference i think the word on Vontae was "COACHES DECISION!!!" several times repeated.
  12. Houstons owner racist comments??

    In todays world its a ME world. Everybody is so soft skinned. ANYTHING can be interpreted as raciest or sexist now days. WE CANT CHANGE HISTORY. no matter what we do. With social media now a days its easy to get likes ,retweets ect . Some groups do things to be heard, some just dont let it bother them. This world will always have some kind of hate or segregation its not always about race or religion ( i know theres always exceptions to everything). Im a Caucasian maleand have dealt with my fair share of social issues thats i wont express here. But that being said I'll give an example you have " BLACK" History month why isnt this called African American Month? I do think theres alot of changes to be made but the way people and media go about it do more damage then good i think.
  13. Twitter Action on TY

    Lets not forget what Chris Ballard said in pretty much his first press conference . This team has not any ONE person is not available including LUCK. And also that there may be moves the FANS dont approve of but its not going to stop them from making those moves. I would hate to see T.Y go but im not attached to anybody on the colts.
  14. Mathis arrested

    did everybody miss the SLEEPING PILLS that Mathis stated he had taken. Maybe they reacted quicker then what he though. It happens. Bad choice yes but its could just be as simple as the alcohol effected the time it took the pills to work then what he was used to.
  15. Chuck Presser -- Media Pressure Growing

    Seems injuries are not with just the Colts its a trend league wide this year.