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  1. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

    kinda hard to watch with all the uh and umms. If i had a dollar for each one said from Jimmy alone id beable to eat at st. elmos
  2. Dilly Dilly!

    Not sure which is worse, the used sock or a lump of coal? The sock for sure. The lump of coal is a diamond in the rough :).
  3. C Mike Person

    Yes the double duty spot would probably secure him a spot on the roster. Being a HOMER (i'll admit that) Pacer fan from the 90's. When i first herd Persons name my first though was CHUCK LMAO.
  4. C Mike Person

    How does everybody think he has played? I PERSONally like him myself and feel he has played pretty good. I look forward on keeping an eye on him these next two games.
  5. Jerry Richardson selling the Carolina Panthers....

    I'd believe that to wrong I think its GREEN. You know the color of MONEY and also pretty much the root of all evil.
  6. I feel for all parties involved. If they are guilty they should be charged. However my real issue is if shes not able to prove her case she will only get a slap on the wrist or NOTHING at all. I just find it funny that she waits to report this until she was fired. All it should to take is her "playing" along with texts ect. to make a case for those accused.
  7. Twilight Zone

    I have not tried to look it up but I think JB's first half stats vs his second half stats would be quite significant. I know its not all on him, though.
  8. Ross Travis

    I like what I see but need to see more of it. I do like his measurables.
  9. If chuck is fired how long do you think he will be out of a job? Or do you think he will retire? Would be a funny thing to see him fired and then get a ring with another team.
  10. Looks like the Colts will face........

    you mean the Bills ?
  11. Whats causing all these injuries?

    That is something I had made to emphasize. I was a running back and nose tackle (played all 4 sides actually) and had to wear a neck pad. in 1986 i was the smallest kid in the league at Garfield Park.
  12. Injuries all in the turf?

    Maybe its cus the meds and numbing drip I'm on . But yea ill agree with that thought
  13. Injuries all in the turf?

    Opps i dunno who posted first about this . sorry if mine was second it took me a lil while to type it and post it but if mods think them being the same oh well i guess. BTW thanks for doing some digging though . can you get info on like 2000 or so ? even just one year .to compare
  14. Whats causing all these injuries?

    Although the Colts are heavily injured it seems like its league wide.
  15. I know theres many reasons and will always be some injuries in football, but it seems even with the soft rules now a days more players are getting hurt. I played peewee and middle school football until my dad bought a drag car and i turned my focus to that. I remember how bulky the pads were back in the 80's. Is it the turfs, the foods we eat making us more brittle? are the injury numbers the same but just reported more? Just curious what you all think.