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  1. we cant get careless . we need to make each possession count the best we can
  2. strt182

    Funny Gotye Parodie on Peyton & Tebow

    nice one !!
  3. strt182

    What If

    What if we didnt get robbed by the Steelers and Jim Harbaugh takes us to the super bowl in '95. you know the game that led to instant replay :(.
  4. strt182

    Marlon Mack

    Think Ballard would take Barkley at 6 if Nelson and Chubb are both gone and Barkley is there?
  5. strt182

    Patriots trade for Danny Shelton

    I honestly don't think I have ever seen a reply of yours that is not NEGATIVE. You must be miserable. I thought you was just negative towards the Colts but it seems you are just a negative person. Thats perfectly fine just must be miserable for you.
  6. strt182

    LB Korey Toomer visiting Colts today

    But I could see you complaining about winning the lottery
  7. I did a mock last night that had Barkley, Nelson and Chubb available at 6. I told Nelson honestly. Honestly I think I need to start watching college football more or more tape of the players.
  8. 7 picks , Cleveland has 2 picks so that leaves 6 teams. 5 of those 6 met with Chubb. just for clarification
  9. strt182

    Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    LUCK is replaceable there WILL be somebody there after him. How they compare will have to be seen.
  10. strt182

    Lets reflect

    Pat's not swimming in the canal again is he?