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  1. Agreed. I was thinking the same thing
  2. Best case scenario we fire pagano grigson, get an atrocious record and a nice draft spot and have a shot at competing before we ruin lucks prime years
  3. Which coaches need to be fired after this meltdown?
  4. If we lose this game I don't wanna read this forum for the week
  5. Hopefully the goat can go ahead and tie the record on a game winning kick... Sounds like destiny
  6. Predictions for gores finishing rushing total? I got 123 yards
  7. Let gore loose! Let's get that 100 yd rusher finally
  8. Thank you sir
  9. How has our past 5 free agent wrs worked out? Oh yeah, that's right. Very little production out of them. What I'm saying is that we should be glad we have a young reciever who's potential has yet to be reached. Do I agree that he needs to show production before we call it a good pick? Yes but my point was in hindsight it was a needed pick and we can see why now, due to our lack of wr depth.

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