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  1. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    Well this is great news. He also mentioned that he believes he will be ready for the offseason, OTA’s and training camp.
  2. brissetts ranking

    i see what your saying, all im saying is the experience of being in that locker room with those guys watching them play, along with having bill belichik as a coach makes him not much of a rookie
  3. brissetts ranking

    I mean he's had a year of experience with the New England Patriots last year, practicing behind two veterans learning a lot.. I don't understand how the amount of games played amounts to brissett being a rookie. just saying.
  4. not gonna swap moncrief for a player with past substance abuse problems... doesnt seem like a thing ballard would do
  5. T.Y.

    It was good for him to make some big plays this week, and add some excitement to the offense
  6. Fun fact going into tomorrow

    Everybody in the league has a better record than the New England Patriots.