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  1. This isn't a good oline class
  2. I think he's trying to take advantage of his previous season to get the best pay out
  3. Makes sense, but brown is a much better talent then spence or minter so I don't see how the colts would believe they could get him offering him similar contracts to lower talent
  4. When FA first started, it was obvious the LBing Corp needed to be re-vamped and Ballard has done just that. Which LBer are you most excited for or you think has the most potential?
  5. First two are unrealistic and maybe even three. I doubt Walker last that long. Also do we really wanna do another late round RB? Kerwynn Williams and Josh Robinson didn't do anything
  6. Now let me start by saying this is in no way an insult to the great Dan Marino. He is one the greatest of all time. At one point in Peyton's career, he was even mentioned with Dan, but as we all know Dan never won a championship and with the state of the colts, neither will luck anytime soon. Texans are a qb away from being super bowl contenders and the Titans are on the rise with an up and coming QB and a very good run game. What would be your opinion of Andrew if he never brings Indy a championship?
  7. Boy would you do backflips if that happened
  8. I find it hard to believe they think Sean spence is better then brown
  9. Brown picking between raiders and dolphins. Wants 6 mil a year. Not sure why the colts wouldn't paid that
  10. That had zero implications on the draft. Turbin isn't our future back
  11. 1.Browns-Myles Garrett OLB 2.49ers-Malik Hooker S 3.Bears-Solomon Thomas DE 4.Jaguars-Jamal Adams S 5.Titans-Corey Davis WR 6.Jets-Deshaun Watson QB 7.Chargers-Marshoun Lattimore CB 8.Panthers-Leonard fournette RB 9.Bengals-Mike Williams WR 10.Bills-Derek Barnett OLB 11.Saints-Jon Allen DE 12.Browns-Reuben Foster ILB 13.Cardinals-Deshone Kizer QB 14.Eagles-Marlon Humphrey CB 15.Colts-Dalvin Cook RB 16.Ravens-Jabrill Peppers S 17.Redskins-Hassan Reddick ILB 18.Titans-John Ross WR 19.Bucs-Christian McCaffrey RB 20.Broncos-Alvin Kamara RB 21.Lions-Taco Charlton DE 22.Dolphins-O.J Howard TE 23.Giants- David Njoku TE 24.Raiders-Tak McKinney OLB 25.Texans-Mitch Trubiskey QB 26.Seahawks-Ryan Ramcyzk OT 27.Chiefs- Patrick Mahomes QB 28.Cowboys-T.J Watt OLB 29.Packers-Forrest Lamp OG 30.Steelers-Charles Harris DE 31.Falcons-Obi Melifonwu S 32.Saints-Zach Cunningham OLB Go ahead. Tear it down.
  12. I don't know about wear, but he is talented. Wouldn't surprise me if someone like the Bengals jumped back into the first to get him or if the browns take him in the top of the second
  13. Maybe not, but it bothers me when people think its not a possibility or question his talent
  14. I stand corrected, but Florida State oline isn't anything special and cook still had a great season
  15. No that's the cowboys by a mile
  16. Don't be surprised. They need a lot of wr help. Marcus needs weapons
  17. Did you miss what he did this year?
  18. With the amount of attention he's getting from teams lately, I wouldn't be surprised if he's taken in the second
  19. Obviously not, but going against the grain makes for much better discussions. Also most of the FA pickups are defense. We haven't really done much to help luck. People think our offense is fine, but if you take a closer look, our offense was pitiful until the second half of games or luck working his magic when we're down two scores. We haven't had any tempo or consistency on offense for two years. Luck needs help.
  20. If that's what you think, fine, but there's 31 other picks to criticize
  21. I did a full first round. Not just us
  22. Nah. Not really. Could easily have done peppers too and dropped cook to the ravens

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