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  2. Pure speculation
  3. Marcus Peters available for trade?

    I don't think it will be a pure Tampa 2 per say. I think it will be similar to the seahawks attacking defense more then the bend, but don't break philosophy of the Tampa 2
  4. Andrew Luck spotted on beach in LA

    It's a beautiful 70 degrees in California. Why not
  5. The 21 salute to this guy's brain
  6. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    The Andrew shoulder saga is getting as annoying as deflate gate
  7. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    I will admit, frank impressed me. He commanded the room, I like his answers, and he seems like a no nonsense type of coach.
  8. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    This will always be an alternative choice to me, but I wish Frank the best of luck. GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Joel Thomas

    Different idea for an OC especially if we do hire Dan Campbell. He's done a great job with Mark Ingram the last two seasons along with kamara this season.
  10. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    There is no plan for this. We're in desperation mode trying to save our season before it even begins. I'm sorry, but we are not in a good place right now and as much as I appreciate Ballard's tough guy persona about this whole coaching search situation, we needed McDaniels. Campbell, Reich, and frazer are no better then pagano.
  11. You have more confidence in these candidates then I do. I don't see anything that warrants them being the HC
  12. That was years ago. No where near that level now.
  13. everyone loved playing for pagano, where did that get us?
  14. Character aside, yes
  15. So was I. Maybe Jim Bob Cooter, but there is no way the lions would let him go.
  16. Atleast with mcdaniels, we would have had a guy who understood Xs and Os, can adjust to take advantage of matchups and would expect nothing, but the best and put players in position to succeed. I don't see that at all in these guys.
  17. there is nothing about any of these candidates that make me believe we have found our coach that will led this team to new heights. There is nothing different from any of these guys that pagano didnt bring
  18. This is my opinion and my opinion alone. Posters that know me on this forum know I am not a negative person and maybe im still hurt, but this is what I think. I do not think our HC is gonna be found this year. we put all our hopes in mcdaniels and we got burned and now we're stuck in the position that we're in, picking at scraps.
  19. Kinda a shallow pool
  20. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    What I don't understand is why he couldn't talk to us to atleast try to convince him to still come. I mean all this work. The weeks of planning. What was this to him a game?
  21. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    I was a big advocate for McDaniels. I felt I had to say something, but I rather not
  22. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Sorry guys. I'm rather not say something I'm going to regret