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  1. This is just stupid. You think arguably the best punter in the league was the lowest part of the organization? Albeit he wasn't in 2012, but you could still see the talent
  2. This imo will be a very interesting season because we have a few things going for us. We have a few pass rushers in shread simon hankins and basham to hopefully create pressure, some young talent in the secondary, an established oline with a lot of upside and good depth,and a very favorable schedule albeit the results of last year teams. Of course luck and geathers being on the mend is concerning, we dont know yet the longevity of the injury and until late august comes around and their timetable is still a mystery, there is no point in worrying about it. My expectations of this team is 11-5, win the division, and perhaps win a playoff game, but I still dont think we have the talent to match up against the pats steelers or even the raiders.
  3. QB-Luck, Tolzien (2) RB-Gore, Turbin, Mack (3) WR-Hilton,Moncrief,Dorsett, Aikens,Rogers(5) TE-Doyle,Swoope,Williams(3) LT-Castonzo,Cooper (2) LG-Mewhort (1) C-Kelly,Schwenke (2) RG-Haeg,Good (2) RT-Clark,Banner (2) 22 DE-Langford,Ridgeway, (2) NT-Hankins, Parry, Woods (3) DT-Anderson, Stewart, Hunt (3) OLB-Simon, Mingo (2) ILB-Bostic,Walker,Morrison (3) ILB-Spence,Jackson (2) OLB-Shread, Basham, Ayers (3) CB-Davis,Wilson,Melvin,Morris,Hairston (5) S-Geathers,Hooker, Butler,Farley, Green (5) 28 K-Adam P-Sanchez LS-Hennessy PS-Sickles,Crossan, Morris, Aliie-Cox, Daniels, Graham Jr., Muir, Natson, Powell, Wylie I few things about my prediction. 1.I only have two QBs instead of three because I fully believe Luck will be ready week 1, 2.We're only carrying three rbs for a few reasons, one I feel like we have a lot more talent to carry on defense then on offense and two I am not in favor of any of the backs past those three. Maybe Crossan, but we can get him on the PS. 3. I kept 8 dlineman which I know is a lot, but I felt like this was probably our best position group on the team and I wanted to keep as many as possible. Unfortunately I had to cut mcgill which was tough, but I think Ballard really wants to booster the size of the defense and mcgill at 6 foot 300 pounds was a little lacking. I also think he wants to make our run defense better and mcgill was more for pass rushing and with guys like hankins langford and anderson able to apply pressure, it makes mcgil expandable. 4. I have Bostic starting mostly because the coaches continue to rave about him and his ability to play in space, pair that with spence being more of a run defender and that could make for a good tandem. I still think walker will eventually become the starter and leader of this defense in the future, but for now it is Bostic and Spence. 5. I have us keeping Sanchez instead of locke. Dont be surprised if this actually happens. Locke has an average leg with his power not even close to Patty Mac little do though, but Sanchez has a powerful leg and has done all three phases of kicking FG,punts, and kickoffs.
  4. I've had managers in the past even the CFO come down at me hard for no particular reason even though I was working just as hard as other sought after employees. Sometimes you just don't get along with upper management
  5. lists him as a DT
  6. rogers can return kicks
  7. Team success will come down to a few things. The health of key players ala Luck and geathers, how well the rookies will play as atleast four will play major roles, how well will all of the new pieces mesh with the other players, and how well will our line play be on both sides of the ball
  8. Doesnt sound like hes in jeopardy of missing time
  9. I don't think so. It always seems to be lacking something when we're playing teams like Steelers or pats. We don't show up. Maybe its lack of toughness maybe it's not. All I know is something about this team needs to change if we wanna get past this hurdle
  10. Maybe it'll finally make us a tough team
  11. Don't know rather to be laughing or be offended
  12. thoughts
  13. so we sign a depth safety and all of the sudden it means geathers career is over? lets take the doom and gloom down a peg
  14. AC isn't bad. I think people just wanna see him dominate and be an elite LT instead of just being a solid LT
  15. very detailed article about the 2016 defense compared to 2015. kinda lengthy, but a very good read
  16. Keep an eye on this kid. I have a good feeling along Dalton crossan
  17. Still early to say that, but there's potential.
  18. As I mentioned, don't be surprised if ges starting along with Spence
  19. How many times he says um in an interview
  20. For those that dont know, breakaway percentage are runs of 15 or more yards
  21. Its the entire week 5 game vs the packers back in luck's rookie season mods if I cant share this, lock the thread
  22. the only other option is move haeg to RT and good to G and rather not see Haeg play RT. hes better at G

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