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  1. This is Ballard's team

    Hes doing something that we havent seen in the culture of the colts in some time. Hes holding players accountable. No more is sub par performances tolerated. He wants to build a championship team and he doesnt want to rely on one player to do it. BB does not rely on one player to make the patriots champions and that is the mindset you need to have. Look at the packers, their a mess without rodgers. He is trying to make the colts a complete team and instilling that kind of culture is going to take time. I am willing to endure a losing season or two to get the colts to where they need to be so they can finally stop just relying on one player.
  2. This is Ballard's team

    He fired polian because he wouldn't fire his son
  3. This is Ballard's team

    Probably find a scrub that can complete check downs and slants
  4. more like the fans were mislead
  5. Well on the bright side, we're guaranteed a top 5 pick now. We can finally get a legit LT
  6. Hilton Walks Out On Reporters

    Anyone questioning Hilton's talent is insane. You can't be as competitive as Hilton and be happy that your qb gets hit every play unable to get you the ball.
  7. Trent Richardson runs wild in the CFL

    SIGN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Big advocate of josh mcdaniels. Him and luck together would kill defenses and we would actually learn to take advantage of matchups
  9. I will forever bleed blue, but the reality right now is the colts are a young team learning what it takes to win. There is no more reggie wayne or robert mathis on the field to teach our young guys what it takes to win in this league and luck is no where near returning so there is no real leader in our locker room. we need to learn to be patient with this team because there is potential, but for now the season is very bleak as we are most likely heading for a top 5 draft pick
  10. Which doesn't look like it will happen, can someone explain to me what was the point of taking him off the pup list
  11. While I am not saying this season is lost, I still think this team has a lot of work to do before we can get back to level of play we once were, but I also dont think we are in for a long rebuilding phase. I'm going to list a few things Ive really seen improvement in and why we have a bright future. 1. Run defense- While we are middle of the pack, that is a major improvement compare to the last few years when we were around last in the league and I think the major improvement comes from getting more size with guys like hankins, Stewart, woods, and hunt along with more physically on the edge with shread and simon and improve play of morrison in the middle. 2.Creating pressure and turnovers- The defense is attacking the ball a lot more so far this season and you are seeing a number of turnovers because of it, but I also notice how much more pressure we are putting in the pocket. We are not constantly finishing which has been a concern for years now, but we are generating pressure. 3.Rookie Class- This is the best rookie class we've had since 2012. Hooker and Wilson are going through their rookie lumps, but you see flashes of great potential and I believe we could see a great tandem between them. Mack is looking more and more like our feature back next year once gore is gone and he will get workload combining that with a healthy luck making our offense that more dynamic. Hairston can arguably be our best draft pick with how well he has been able to play in the slot. 4.Healthy Luck-While it has been a somewhat grueling time watching the offense without luck, I do believe this to be the best course of action for the team's future and it will allow Luck to finally be able to play without any limitations and fear of hurting his shoulder even more.
  12. Sign Bowman....

    Someone mention my name??????
  13. Is this the same Patrick Robinson?

    he was dealing with a lot of injuries
  14. Sheard on PFF a top-rated Edge Defender

    Hey guys. ive been in and out of the forum. been really busy with moving and a new job. good to hear our FA pickups are doing well. Woods and hunt have looked really good on the line. hankins too at times. simon has been an absolute steal so far. inside LBers still need work, but you cant fix everything in one offseason.
  15. Interesting topic

    So a friend and I were discussing if the colts got the first pick, would they draft Sam Darnold and trade luck or do they trade back with a qb hungry team like the 49ers or jets and get bounty of draft picks. Thoughts?
  16. Interesting topic

    Guys dont get the wrong idea here. Im not saying to trade luck. Im just playing devil's advocate. When healthy, luck is the best football player in the league skill wise.Any franchise will die to have him
  17. Interesting topic

    not saying I want to trade luck, but sam is the closest thing we'll ever get to luck. Id rather keep luck, but keep in mind he holds all the cards. If luck feels the organization is not getting him the help he wants, he could orchestra a trade and force the colts hands
  18. First of many
  19. a good ol fancy butt kicking. Can I get an AMEN!
  20. Luck officially out week 2.

    Just because he's out, doesn't mean he can't practice right?
  21. There's really nothing new in this report that we don't know already and nothing credible in terms of sources so take it for what it's worth
  22. Gotta get in the right mindset as a fan

    I still think he'll practice next week, but won't play. Browns game is when I expect him to start.
  23. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    I think he practices week two, but won't play. I think the browns game might be 50-50
  24. I respect BB and Brady. Their HOFers, but when you win time and time again and you hardly lose and you're always there at the end, you want some kind of moral victory. Also didn't help for 9 months that all we heard of dynasty this and 19-0 that.
  25. We can't be happy the evil empire got taken down a peg?