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  1. First off we have no clue if he was even on our board before the accusation, but for argument sake lets say he was and the cloud shrouding him hasnt gone away come thursday. Should ballard still consider drafting him
  2. Jesus Christ! What the heck is wrong with this draft class?
  4. That kills mark Ingram's fantasy value
  5. Well guess who the saints play in their opener
  6. Damn sheard atleast wear a colts hat
  7. AV will keep playing til he breaks Andersen's record
  8. No, but it doesn't mean innocent either. Just have to wait and see
  9. Doesn't matter to us though. We're not the ones giving him millions of dollars
  10. Teams will find out by themselves so I don't see how the media holding back the name really helps
  11. I honestly think we're going Conley
  12. Why is it so hard to stay out of trouble
  13. Rather see what we have in Clark before we invest in more olinemen
  14. With the 231th pick of the colts forum mock draft, the Arizona cardinals select Kyle Kalis G @NFLfan
  15. Excellent pick. Not sure about his injury though
  16. No more bickering over who we take as all the attention now shifts to potential killing Ballard for drafting player XYZ. Enjoy
  17. Conley has been compared to peters
  18. I like brain hill. Great late round talent
  19. 1.Browns-Myles Garrett 2.49ers-Leonard Fournette 3.Bears-Solomon Thomas 4.Jaguars-Jamal Adams 5.Titans-Corey Davis 6.Jets-Deshaun Watson 7.Chargers-Malik Hooker 8.Panthers-Marshone Lattimore 9.Bengals-Mike Williams 10.Bills-Jon Allen 11.Saints-Derek Barnett 12.Browns-Mitch Trubiskey 13.Cards-Patrick Mahomes 14.Eagles-Marlon Humphrey 15.Colts-Gareon Conley 16.Ravens-Dalvin Cook 17.Redskins-Hassan Reddick 18.Titans-Reuben Foster 19.Bucs-Christian Mccaffery 20.Broncos-Ryan Ramcyzk 21.Lions-John Ross 22.Dolphins-Forrest Lamp 23-Giants-OJ Howard 24-Raiders-Tak Mckinnely 25.Texans-Deshone Kizer 26.Seahawks-Cam Robinson 27.Chiefs-Taco Charlton 28.Cowboys-Zach Cunningham 29.Packers- TJ Watt 30.Steelers-Charles Harris 31.Falcons-Jarrad Davis 32.Saints-Adoree Jackson I could see the 49ers trying to make fournette their workhorse back with Carlos hyde getting some reps as well especially if they draft a rookie QB. Foster I can see going on a mini fall due to his failed drug test and inability to learn a playbook

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