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  1. This is radio talk show who say luck is at the timetable of the throwing phase so take it for what it's worth
  3. The full details of the deal wasn't revealed. We know the average, but how much of it was upfront
  4. I remember there were quite a few posters that wanted to draft him. Any interest?
  5. Just wanted to give the latest news I can find. The title was misleading, but I thought any news is worth mentioning
  6. Why is it so hard to stay out of trouble
  7. I owe deangelo Williams my championship in fantasy last year, but no sorry
  8. So I am doing a 10 team league this year (happy @jvan1973) and this is the draft I keep getting so let me know what you think QB-Wilson, Carr RB-Freeman, Fournette, Cook, Blount WR-Landry, Cooks, Hill, Moncrief, Gabriel TE-Bennett, Doyle D-Broncos, Chiefs K-Bryant Please move mods
  9. I think it depends on how well he can play right away. I honestly think Melvin might start in the beginning until Wilson gets more acclimated to the game
  10. Packers are 0-2 vs luck. Do you really want to keep playing him haha. All joking aside thanks for the comment
  11. I didn't mean for his career. In terms of a rookie linemen
  12. Can't get better then that
  13. PFF

    Think he's making fun of PFF for mispositions
  14. PFF

    maybe they think we're playing a 4-3? we do on occasion
  15. PFF

    wait what? didnt hankins have a good season last year?
  16. So I'm going to make a team of the best players peyton and tom have played with in their careers and you tell me who do you think would win. Thomas Wayne Pollard Glenn Scott Saturday Lilja Clady Harrison Manning James Mathis Jackson Knighton Freeney Talib Miller Brackett Ware Harris Ward Sanders Brown Welker Gronk Light Mankins Koppan Neal Solder Moss Brady Dillion Revis Jones Wilfork Seymour Law Vrabel Seau Bruschi Thomas Harrison Mccourty To the best of my knowledge this is best lineup, but if you think changes are needed go ahead and provide your own lineup
  17. Not trying to discredit a team or lucks importance. More that the colts could be looking more long term
  18. Andrew could actually throw is atleast progress. The colts are not gonna rush him even if it means he starts on the pup list. Also take into consideration that the beginning of our schedule is not too difficult.
  19. im sure that had more to do with his shoulder. you saw his throws were lacking a little bit of fire
  20. they did, but at the beginning of the season, he was getting hit consistently
  21. I dont see why not. Luck actually had a really good season with over 4200 yards 31 tds to 13 ints over 60 percent completion rate and almost 100 passer rating while carrying one of the worst defenses in recent history and getting hit 41 times and we still won 8 games
  22. True, but ask most people and they think of slinging Sammy as a QB
  23. its the simple questions for dorsett and green. For dorsett have you learned to use your speed to be a better route runner instead of just running one route or just being a decoy. For green, have you learned about coverage responsibilities and not over-pursuit plays
  24. well ballard didnt draft them so he has no ties to them and rogers and farley have been getting more snaps then them. Dorsett more because hes hurt though.

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