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  1. Moncrief is not a fragile body. He's had 1 major injury in his career and that was last year. So throw that narrative out of the window. And dorsett is not a bust. He's being gravely misused here. So throw that out of the window as well.
  2. This was a brilliant move, out of left field and quite well done. I guess this means Romo to Texans gains some more weight?
  3. I don't believe this would be a good trade. We don't need two no. 1s.
  4. Aren't we 0-3 or 0-4 against big ben and his steelers?
  5. Someone should update the OP. The only Colts news i've read is: Adam Vinetieri will be attempting a Guiness record of 20+ field goals in under a minute over 25 yards. Guessing this is what JMV was talking about.
  6. I agree. From what I can tell, I feel issues may be: 1. he goes full speed from get go, rather than 80% off the line, do the moves to get off cb, then blow by 100% like TY does. 2. Many many times this year and last, he just seems run a wrong route and also doesn't fight back to the ball as much as TY does. 3. Andrew seems to under-throw him almost 70% of the time, it's almost like he hasn't gotten used to dorsett's speed yet, which is not something I anticipated this season.
  7. well FWIW landon collins was ranked last by PFF last year as well according to somebody over at stampede blue. But i don't know if we can get him to improve his ball tracking. Usually you either have it or you don't.
  8. Season's over, so time to evaluate some positives. 1. Luck. Obviously this is the first and foremost positive. He's still capable of playing at an elite level, and proved last season was an aberration. We need to put more pieces around him so he doesn't have to win a game on his own, which he's perfectly capable of. 2. Oline. Started slow, but they're growing. I'm optimistic and here's why: very young oline with a lot of rookies and inexperience. Most of the mistakes seem mental. Our run game has improved in the 2nd half of the season. And although Luck got sacked a lot, it's been a matter of extremes. He either gets a lot of time in the pocket or no time at all it seems to me, and given we're an offense that has Luck hold the ball for the 3rd longest time in the pocket, I choose to see optimism in our O line men. 3. Individual accolades: Gore still has it. Turbin's a valuable asset. Tight ends might be our best position group. Rogers has great potential. Todman's our return guy. TY's still a stud. Geathers might be our best player on D. Pound cake seems to have some potential. Our LBs miss tackles a lot, but when they hit, boy they hit hard. The nasty mindset is there, but talent and technique is not. Why it makes sense not to fire Grigson.. yet: The 4 year extension given by Irsay marked a change in philosophy. Focus on the trenches, be more prudent in FA. I think he's done that for this season. IMO, these past 2 seasons have seen good contributions from the draft, apart from dorsett and green. FA has produced Turbin, and pat robinson who's missed too much time to evaluate. We've also gotten Akeem ayers, some serviceable corners, devin street, etc. I won't venture to say he's fixed the oline, but I truly believe with time, they could be a top 10 group at current rate of development. I'd say let him have 1 more defensive draft and free agency where he can spend on an impact free agent or two. If we don't make the playoffs next year, he gone. I just don't want a replacement to go through growing pains, and waste more of Luck's career growing on the job. As for keeping pagano.. I really can't come up with reasons, sorry. He's cost us the playoffs this season. Almost single-handedly.
  9. Their kicker cost them the game. But god, Luck willed us to a win.
  10. The lines are average league wise. The problem is outside line backers. We have no game wreckers.
  11. I'm pounding through some cake in tribute of him!
  12. I choose to be optimistic. I'd like to see Geathers back in time for Playoffs just like ol' Bob Sanders came back in time. As ya'll know, that year ended pretty well for us!
  13. sure, that'll be against the teams that're ultra talented at the trenches, Rams, Cowboys, etc.
  14. Difference in my opinion is, I think we'll actually beat more of the good teams and lose to more of the bad teams. That has been a trend with the Pagano colts. We play to the level of the opposition.
  15. It's not that we are losing. It's the way we are losing. Same mistakes over, and over, and over again.

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