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  1. Hi all, as you know I'm a fan of Brett Kollmann's awesome player breakdowns, and he's come out with a nice 1 hour video for anyone interested. I think you'll like the pick he's made for us =)
  2. strawman, all I'm saying is Grigson's said these same things.
  3. not really. When GMs use the term BPA, they always mean according to their draft board. It's the fan that's misconstrued what that term refers to.
  4. Why? Everything he's said, Grigson's said before. A very good FA notwithstanding, this is the crucial period for Ballard as a GM. And to many others: Enough with those moronic "BPA? guess we're taking a qb" nonsense. It's best player available on our draft board, not mike mayock's. Let me put it in overly simplified terms: Everything is weighted. Need from 0 to 1. Player positional ability from 1-100. The combination of those will result in a weighted grade and ranked on our draft board. Let's say Watson is graded as a 90 on ability but on our need multiplier, it's a 0.5 (i.e. not needed). His final grade on our board will be 45. Now take some random edge rusher from xyz state. His ability is a 60, our need multiplier is a 0.9 (heavy need). His final grade will be a 54, and he will be graded higher on our board than Watson even though he's a 3rd day prospect. Obviously this is over simplified and there's many many more factors like leadership, injury history, potential, coachability, system fit, legal history and others but this is an example of how it works. When we say BPA, It's the best grade on OUR DRAFT BOARD. So stop with the nonsense please and thank you.
  5. Any notable free agents available next year?
  6. Did you check the video out? I love Kollmann's breakdowns, probably the best on the internet that you can get that's free
  7. Right, not all the scouts view the same player the same way. For example, Conley's report in the video belies what CBFL's scout feels regarding Conley's press ability and hand usage, and he used to be a scout as well.
  8. What do you think? To me all the others have one or more significant weaknesses that consign them to be a role player instead of a true 3-down back in the pro game. This is in no way or form to mean they will not be successful in the pros, I personally just think the value is not there.
  9. No thank you. The only RB worth a 1st round grade is Fournette and no one else.
  10. Listening to pagano, ballard and irsay, it looks like DB maybe of a higher priority than I thought the colts would anticipate, which is music to my ears. I have been of the opinion that there is more blue chip talent in the back 4 than the linebackers in this draft for a while now and honestly none of the pass rushers that I've seen mocked to us really pop out for me. (I would be thrilled if Foster falls to us, we need a stud ilb) So this being the premise, I thought to see which DB may realistically fall toward us. looking at the above link, it seems the following players will be unanimously picked in the top 10: Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore. This leaves us: Gareon Conley, Tre'davious White, Chidobe Awuze, who're projected to go around 10-20. (Couldn't find a decent scouting report video for awuzie so just linked his highlights) Who would you rather have us pick? I personally am a fan of Conley. Are there any unheralded prospects you think would merit a first round pick?
  11. Check out Brett Kollman's channel on youtube here: It's an absolute goldmine of information. Brett is the texan's (Blergh!) sbnation blog lead and this channel is something he does on the side with i guess an intention to make it full time at some point. It's full of high quality analysis and insight that would easily put NFL network and the like to shame. I've known about this for a couple of years and haven't quite seen any references to it yet here. Brett had gone awol for the past few months but recently started putting out videos again for some of the upcoming draft prospects, so I thought I'd share. Here's a sampler: Check it out fellow football fans! You'll be sure to learn a lot. P.S. Forgive him for being a texans fan
  12. Moncrief is not a fragile body. He's had 1 major injury in his career and that was last year. So throw that narrative out of the window. And dorsett is not a bust. He's being gravely misused here. So throw that out of the window as well.
  13. This was a brilliant move, out of left field and quite well done. I guess this means Romo to Texans gains some more weight?
  14. I don't believe this would be a good trade. We don't need two no. 1s.

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