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  1. Grigson outside of 2013 was an objectively good drafter. His free agency left much to be desired however, and in the end, is probably what cost him his job.
  2. I think he's been injured almost since he got here.
  3. no please. Good personality, but mediocre coach.
  4. The saints did something similar in Seattle in 2013. The league knew about it and did not press any accusations or levy punishment. This is a non-story.
  5. Friggin love it! Go get dem, youngins! #babyQBhater
  6. Glad he landed on his feet (not $$-wise, I know we're still paying him). Scouting's his strong suit, let him remain in the shadows where he doesn't have to interact with players.
  7. Hello all, if you're anything like me, you just can't get enough of news and analysis of our colts! So just here to share the sources I patronize and asking if you know of any more awesome sites because I just need more! Obviously apart from the official website and forum, Discussion boards: Otro Sites: Podcasts, Video/Audio: (Kent Sterling podcast) Youtube: Luke Diamond Edit: I'm not including the indystar, espn, herald bulletin and other guys as they fall under bleacher report in the above links. Anything else you guys use apart from the above?
  8. hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Thanks Big Hank, needed to start my day off with that!
  9. Found this comment from the owner of channel which is the youtube channel for all things USF. " Let me drop some knowledge here. Marlon Mack is a fluid, dynamic homer hitting tailback. I watched Mack from his first collegiate snap in 2014 through this past season from the press box. Mack tied the USF single game rushing record with 275 yards and four touchdowns in his first game ever as a true freshman. Three of the touchdowns were from 50+ yards (62, 60, 56). Look at the highlight below. I also want to comment on the style of offense and Mack’s ability to dominate the power run game. When Willie Taggart took over at USF the Bulls played power football, ground and pound. A scheme change in the spring of 2015 forced now Western Kentucky QB Mike White to transfer, and in came Quinton Flowers and the ‘Gulf Coast Offense’ (spread). Flowers started pulling down and running a ton as USF moved away from Power-I formations. Mack has the ability to standout regardless of offensive scheme. Anyone that only watches tape from 2016 is getting an extremely limited glimpse into Mack’s full skill set as a running back. Watch more tape boys, it never lies. " In those videos, you can clearly see Mack's vision between the tackles is quite good for those who were worried
  10. he absolutely isn't. The yardage stat is a little misleading because if you remember last season, the blown safety assignment that lead to Dorsett being wide open 50y down the field was wrongly (imo) put on Ramsey by PFF. So that 64 yd TD aside, the stat should read: 10/15 for 108 yards, 0 td 0 int, for a pretty high-rating. Which is still pretty good by Luck.
  11. hmm #noflyzone is already taken by the broncos so people over at reddit suggested #UnitedAirlines.
  12. Been saying it since year 1, we're not using him to his full potential, we feed him the ball in space. More underneath crossers and such. There's only so many times you can send a guy deep.
  13. If anyone missed it, here's the podcast recap. Interview starts at around 1:34:30 mark.
  14. Moncrief needs to stay healthy. If he does, he'll produce. Hell he had 7 tds last year despite missing quite a bit of time.
  15. I frequent NFL reddit quite frequently, and there was a thread for the AFC south asking which of the 4 teams had the best draft, and all 4 teams agree the Colts did. This is quite refreshing and a welcome change.

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