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  1. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    Brissett deserves better than a C+
  2. Not a Pagano fan, BUT

    no buts. He's horrendous and should be shown out of the door asap.
  3. Personally I think the Farley int was better, the skill level involved was superlative. To tip the ball over a taller and elite Jimmy Graham and control the bobbling ball and the subsequent toe-tip drill wasn't something I had seen for a long time. That being said, the Hooker one just had.. swag. The nonchalant one-hander and that NASTY stiff arm just made me giggle at a pitch that I did not know I was capable of. My dog actually looked up at me, the human dog-whistle. What do you think?
  4. Rashaan Melvin and Secondary

    Melvin is good depth to have. cb1 Davis slot Hairston cb2 Wilson will be my preferred line up. Melvin has moxy, we need more players like him.
  5. Some thoughts post browns

    1. Once Luck returns, I think we'll have the best 1-2 QB after new england. Can't think of another franchise with a better 1-2 situation, maybe bengals are close. I've been that impressed with Brissett in his 2 games. 2. How is it that TY goes berserk anytime he proclaims something to the media? Happened last year with chargers, now with browns, with the seahawks before that. It's puzzling. But he was magnificent today. Need this version of TY every week if we're gonna win this division. Speaking of which, 3. Jaguars annihilated the impressive ravens, Texans almost beat pats in fox, and titans beat the mighty seahawks. I'm nervous for our prospects in the division. We'll need to play well for 60 mins and that means.. 4. We need to step on the damn opponent's throats. Why in the hell should a whole fanbase nervously wait with bated breath whenever we have a lead? It's like no lead is safe with Pagano at the helm. Absolutely horrendous play calling in the 4th quarter. How many times are we going to lose playing not to lose before the coaches pull their heads out of their *? 5. Our defense looked good until down the stretch. Ballard promised a high turnover defense and so far with 4 picks in 3 games, we're on track. I think we had 8 from 16 last year. Hopefully the trend continues! Hooker with another pick, now has 2 in 2 started. Melvin with his 1st career pick soon followed it up with another. Hairston has locked up the slot position, and green's off the field, which is fantastic. Once Wilson and Davis come back, we'll actually have good CB play with depth. If and when geathers comes back, I can't wait to see a pairing of him and Hooker at the back end. With farley and butler backing that up, our safety corps are also impressive. 6. Our D-line was great today as well, but our LBs were anything but. Simon and Sheard played well, but our ilbs struggled mightily through the whole game I felt. We'll still need a legit pass rusher, and i'm not certain we'll have a high enough pick for Key or Landry. Who knows? Run defense was ok although the browns didn't run much given their deficit. Duke Johnson still slashed us and I'm disappointed we still struggle to cover nifty RBs. like riddick from last season, etc in space. 7. Didn't pay too much attention to the O-line, but Castanzo was good from what I saw. Vujnovich stepped on brissettt twice, that's bad. And bond took a step back from last 2 weeks. Mewhort needs to play better if he wants his big contract. Have no comments on haeg. 8. Moncrief played so so, apart from 2 big catches, didn't really notice him too much. Like mewhort, needs to step up if he wants his no.2 wr contract. Bray played well in PR and spot WR duty. They all blocked well for each other and for Gore from what I saw, so kudos to Lal and crew. 9. Turbo and Gore tried their best against an underrated browns front 7. But 92 yards at 2.5 a pop was disappointing. Not sure how they'll improve vs a ferocious seattle front 7, at their nest. We'll see. 10. Coaching was poor, as we have come to expect. 10 or 11 penalties, little to no half-time or in game adjustments, atrociously conservative play calling down the stretch. Sigh. But we somehow didn't snatch defeat from the mouth of victory, and so here we are! 1-2 tied for 2nd with the texans. Titans and Jags are tied for 1 with 2-1 records. 11. Rumours that Luck will be back at practice this week and ready for a week 6 appearance vs the titans! Let's see how that plays out.
  6. Colts Practice 8/28/17

    he's probably at the barber's.
  7. I suppose. From my point of view, he's gotten a DC, an OC, a GM & multiple position coaches replaced. The same problems from 2012 still remain to this day. Through the process of elimination, I can only conclude Chuck's to blame. All I see from the interviews is a person running out of excuses. Whatever. It's done. Winning changes everything. Let's hope for the best.
  8. Nothing's really going to make me feel better about Chuck, I just want the guy gone. I've seen what I've need to see in the past five years.
  9. 2017 Sack Leader

  10. TJ Green at CB

    I don't see it personally. But hey why not?
  11. Grigson outside of 2013 was an objectively good drafter. His free agency left much to be desired however, and in the end, is probably what cost him his job.
  12. Colts Training Camp 8/10/17 (Welcome Detroit)

    I think he's been injured almost since he got here.
  13. Jon Gruden..

    no please. Good personality, but mediocre coach.
  14. Colts Cheating???

    The saints did something similar in Seattle in 2013. The league knew about it and did not press any accusations or levy punishment. This is a non-story.
  15. Coach Mathis Mic'd up Friggin love it! Go get dem, youngins! #babyQBhater