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  1. Draft is the way to do it. With out new coaching hires, I'm sure a draft pick based off of blue-chip potential could work out very well. I'm also not throwing newsome to the dogs yet. Let's see what our LB coaches can do with him.
  2. fix oline through FA. target pass rushers and stud db through draft.
  3. Heh, thanks for pointing it out, I thought included his name. So, yes, Gore has been huge as well for us. Also I realized under 6th round draft picks, I wrote Moore and Robinson when I meant Herrera and Robinson.
  4. All that's fine and dandy, but when you're paying 10 mill or whatever the amount is for a receiver in the offseason, you expect the main contributions to be on the field.
  5. I'm going through our current roster. Draft: Dorsett - Can't evaluate yet, but has looked good in the games he played. Smith - Can't evaluate yet, potential is obviously there. Anderson - brilliant value signing. Hope he plays as well next season post recovery. Geathers - Has played very well. Coverage abilities could obviously use some work, but for a rookie, has done well in his snaps. Parry - Part of the DL's improvement this year. Play has suffered a bit after anderson went out, but fully expect him and anderson to shore up our DL for the future. Moore and Robinson - One's go
  6. they're both staying if only because there aren't better replacements out there.
  7. I'm sure they're laughing all the way to the bank. They aren't playing bad, to be honest, they're just not playing up to their contracts.
  8. Ironically happens with the best o line assembled around luck in the 4 years he has been here. Look, the o line is the 12th best in the league and gives him the 4th longest time to throw the ball according to pff. It also says Luck takes the 3rd longest time to get rid of the ball. I'm going to make a proclamation right here, right now that throughout Luck's career until he hits his mid 30s, no matter how good the O line is, people are going to say he has a bad o line. That's just the way he plays, and no coaching is going to get rid of the playmaker inside him. That's the reality all c
  9. On the same day, we lose our best player on offense and best player on defense... sigh
  10. Too many injuries to key players this season.. Luck with shoulder, Luck with Rib, Luck with kidney Boom herron, art jones, d'joun smith, phillip dorsett, henry anderson.. hobbled: toler, hilton, mathis, adams, irving, davis Not only us, but other teams too - steelers, chargers, etc.
  11. A perception has definitely changed from seasons past. We aren't a soft team. We aren't getting blown out by physical teams. Our run defense is good (bar saints game) and to quote pagano, "we can play with anybody". Didn't once during the season feel that we were not going to win because of talent level. Again, mistakes, play calling, penalties, & luck %ting the bed are the primary reasons for our record atm.
  12. SW1 I don't think that guy's actually talking about the Lions. It's just dubbed I believe
  13. you know, we get so tired of all the coach speak we hear in the interviews, but I really hope you don't have to hear that same nonsense when you're getting fired. "I'm sorry pep, you stuck to the process, you kept chopping wood, and you were a horseshoe guy, you coached for 60 mins and you didn't judge, but we need to let you go" I'd puke.
  14. Hmm, click on the link itself, not sure why, but it's blocked on this site.
  15. 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WpQ4PkYiRs' Anyone want to do one for Pep?
  16. Not really. look, I was counting on a lot of those drop backs, Luck had over 4 secs to throw. It's just bad play design for the most part. I guess we'll find out in the upcoming weeks.
  17. Simple formula: Start hasslebeck till midway through 4th quarter. If we are losing well into the 4th and get down into a huge hole, unleash Luck in the last 5 mins. Bring hasslebeck to the hospital and let him heal all the broken body parts over bye week. Win. Profit.
  18. We needed yesterday's win. Badly. Lose a close one next week as well..
  19. Grigson has been doing a fine job of building the team. Sure there are whiffs in FA, but you miss a few, it happens. People seem to forget it's year 4 of a rebuild, and that winning so many games early in Luck's career didn't allow us to rebuild from the ground up, instead getting caught between a win now and rebuild mentality. This season is a wake up call and I'm glad that it's showing our glaring weaknesses, instead of Luck masking everything again. Our O-Line is above average, but could use an upgrade at 1-2 spots. Defense has been solid - made to look terrible by our inept offens
  20. It's from season 1 in House of Cards. Great show for the first 2 seasons, 3rd was a bit of a let down. Sound familiar?
  21. lol spoiled fans. I'm going to go on a limb and say whoever we bring in to replace pags and grigs, we're going to regret even more. Everyone speaks as if there's a Bill belichick and ozzie newsome available to bring us the championship home next year. Get this: new gm and new coach will need another 2-3 years to bring in their players and their system. Another 2-3 years of luck's prime wasted. Isn't that what irsay wanted to avoid like the plague? Grigson and pagano have been doing a more than decent job. This is the best roster Luck's had and we only seem to be playing worse than previ
  22. I'm very optimistic for our season going forward, and here's why: The first half offensive blue print was perfect. We got yards and points. We only abandoned the run for some deep throws late in the game when pep (wrongly) felt we needed to go deep passing more to catch up on points. Pagano identified that they abandoned the run and that they need to stick with gore more and that's good. Also apart from maybe the falcons or steelers in our remaining schedule, no one else is going to average a ridiculous 3.5 points per drive like the pats do this season. There are also no more good defense
  23. So I have the habit of not only watching the Colts players' and coaches' interviews before game weekend, but also the interviews of the opposition team's players and coaches. This week in particular, if you go to the pats website and listen to all of their interviews, you'll notice each and every player and coach is able to name almost every colt player they'll go against and their tendencies (not that they reveal much) - speaks to me a lot about their attention to detail, they do this each and every week, and they talk about even fringe players. Admirable. Reason I'm bringing this up is
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