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  1. myic90

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    A reminder of a bygone era.
  2. myic90

    Analytics view on the Colts draft class

    Interestingly he's doubled down on each position group in the draft.. 2 mike/sam, 2 DE, 2 OL, 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and leornard to play will. It's almost like if one doesn't pan out, we have a back up
  3. I agree. vision is everything, and this guy is elusive as hell too! 7.1 ypc in sec with a average o line. Smooth pass catcher, I like this pick. Like people have mentioned before, shades of foster/forte.
  4. Didn't know who this guy was, but got to watch some film and snippets and I've got to say.. Wow, this guy has ridiculous bend.
  5. myic90

    2018 Colts Offensive Line

    nope lg is the easiest position on the line. you get the most help there. I'm not too surprised at the nelson to RG posts, I can see it very much and it'd maximize his value.
  6. myic90

    Getting DL evals from Big Q

    in his combine interview nelson said the best DL he's faced was sheldon day.
  7. myic90

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    Seahawks and Patriots have been the 2 most dominating teams in the past 6 years probably, and both of them have superior trenches and no name receivers besides Baldwin and Edelman. A good QB with a great line makes average receivers look like pro bowlers. Ballard did good.
  8. myic90

    any podcasts or youtube channel that you guys recommend?

    dan dakich & the ride with jmvand over at also upload their segments, and their colts related stuff is good, they have kevin bowen and venturi interviews which I try not to miss.
  9. I like Brandt. He's always believed Luck is the best QB in the league. We share similar sentiments, Kyle!
  10. myic90

    Rank The Colts IN AFC South

    We're last right now. Complete coaching overhaul, suspect QB future, young defense with potential, but we're bottom 3 in D at the moment. Suspect O-line. I know we had injuries, but so did the others. Texans assuming watson is legit get back mercilus and JJ watt and that's 3 of their 5 best players back. They retain their coaching staff, i don't predict vrabel gets his hc shot this year. Jags and titans advanced in their playoffs and their records are what they say they are. So yes we're last. Things can change quickly with a good draft, FA haul as the rams, vikings, jags all have shown. One thing's for sure, AFC South is no longer the weakest division in football. We're top 3 at worst next year.
  11. myic90

    Twitter Action on TY

    I love reggie as much as the next person around here, but he's not getting into the HoF. Hilton's been inconsistent, but he's won us a crap ton of games, and against good oppositions and you know it. WRs can only do so much if they don't get help from play calling and good QB play. There's one receiver who transcends play calling and QB play and that's Julio Jones. The rest need help. Should they be traded? Antonio Brown made a big fuss 2 weeks back and called out the play calling of the steelers, should they trade him? And are we hard pressed for cap? No, so it doesn't matter didly squat what he's getting paid. I just don't get the logic behind trading him. Someone, please explain it to me.
  12. myic90

    Twitter Action on TY

    Talks of trading off your 2nd best player and league leading receiver after 2 mediocre games is even more laughable. AJ Green has an almost identical stat line, and that too with his QB1, do you hear Bengals fans wanting to trade him?
  13. myic90

    Twitter Action on TY

    My god, this whole thread is a flaming example on why critical thinking needs to be a mandatory class in school.
  14. myic90

    Twitter Action on TY

    Peyton manning after 2005 said "I don't want to be a bad team mate but protection needs to be better" Should we have traded him off then?
  15. myic90

    Twitter Action on TY

    no shafty138, that's not a smart move at all. You don't trade away good players for a 50% chance of getting a good player from the draft, much less a pro bowler. And what money to free up? we're 20 million under cap. The point of drafting and free agency is getting good players on your roster. Not trade them away like the browns.