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  1. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    That's just false.
  2. Hankins Released

    I think it's time for Ballard Hallway Interview Pt 2
  3. Vea is absolutely a top 10 talent. However releasing one of our better players just to replace him with our top 10 pick seems incredibly pointless.
  4. Hankins Released

    We can only judge him by his actions. The trade was a good move, this is a terrible move. Not difficult to figure out. There's no inconsistency there.
  5. Hankins Released

    Suh goes against everything Ballard has said. But I'm done trying to figure out what he's thinking.
  6. Hankins Released

    One of our newly acquired picks now must be spent on a DT for no freaking reason.
  7. Hankins Released

    WHY? This makes absolutely no sense. Releasing one of our better players to create another gigantic hole.
  8. There is definitely a chance. If the Bills trade up like everyone assumes they will, then it could be 4 QBs and Barkley before us. Not likely, but possible.
  9. He's 4-3 all the way. Most project him to WILL but I think he'd make an excellent Tampa 2 MIKE. Might be in the minority on that one though.
  10. Call me crazy but I want Roquan now. There should be some valuable iOL in the second. Couldnt complain with Nelson though.
  11. No Saquon pains me but damn what a haul.
  12. But why would the Bills trade for 3 before they know who is going to be there? And it gives other teams a chance to get up to 2 and take a qb since they know the bills will. I don't think the trade can happen till we are on the clock. Edit: apparently I'm an *!
  13. Pugh to Cards