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  1. lol so your goal is to draft every prospect with character or injury issues. I'd go back to the drawing board.
  2. I wouldnt choose him but if Ballard likes him enough to take him,I could get on board with it. We'd be one man away from a ... gasp ... good offensive line
  3. Every player the Pats is good just because it's the Pats..Individually, and on different teams, they are nothing special. Butler would be a huge waste of a high pick. He would not be good here. As for Sherman HELL NO I cannot stand his arrogant ***
  4. He's 27. His supporting cast has been supplied by Ryan Grigson for his whole career.
  5. trades should be illegal in mock drafts
  6. Seems like a completely pointless article to me
  7. loll yeah...
  8. Did you seriously just mention Mingo as a reason we will be good
  9. Why do you think he chose those lyrics at that time? Picked them out of a hat maybe?
  10. Wait... so you want to draft a player that does not fill a need (exact same role as Geathers, them on the field together would be a disaster) js because you 'think' he'll be better? Would be a terrible pick.
  11. I'm also a proponent of trading up if you like a player enough. I want Fournette lol but I'll take Foster
  12. Ballard is seriously pissing me off.
  13. Haason Reddick Adoree Jackson Desmond King Forrest Lamp TJ Watt Maybe Takk but I'd prefer Watt Leonard Fournette (shut up let me dream) Notice how most of mine are Late 1st / Early 2nd kind of guys. I'd be very content if we could get any 2 of my list. Don't care how we do it.
  14. We need to be proactive here guys We gotta brainstorm sabotage ideas for Oakland.
  15. Peppers kinda seems redundant considering the role Geathers already plays.

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