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  1. I am. But the whole "we could have had Landon Collins!!" thing is annoying. Basically everyone wanted Malcom Brown. I'd say Collins was polarizing but even that is a stretch.
  2. This I agree with. The double standard is nonsensical and annoying. . This I don't really agree with. Calling it a violent attack is a stretch, he was clearly in no danger. And when you are so physically superior to someone, a full force punch in response to a slap is definitely excessive. Just because there is a double standard doesn't make it right, I'd say the same thing if he were doing it to a scrawny weakling of a man.
  3. Play Hankins where he belongs.
  4. ^To be fair, blasting someone in the face for pushing you is over the top no matter who it is. And while I do not feel bad for the girl, it does reveal something about Mixon's character that he would do that.
  5. I'd like to hear how Chud is so good. I'm listening.
  6. He had some fantastic first round selections that kept the team, and his reputation, afloat. But his drafts really fell off after that. He was not doing us any good for quite a few years.
  7. There is nothing to suggest Pagano is a good coach. I don't think he's as detrimental as many here do, but he's certainly not helping matters. The problem is I'm not sure we'd find anyone better. Just have to hope the Chris Ballard of coaches falls into our laps.
  8. hopefully not
  9. You opinion is invalid until you change your sig, what kind of * uses that here?
  10. Castonzo might be more important because he's a LT, but Kelly is the better player
  11. Exactly. I hate that argument.
  12. Yeah it was really disheartening.
  13. As if they'd keep us afloat anyway. Without a top notch QB this team is toast.
  14. Turbin is a good short yardage back, otherwise he is nowhere near Gore. He's not going anywhere.
  15. Chuck is seeming more and more irritated when talking to the media.

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