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  1. This. I know there are a million factors contributing to the final W-L (and improvement is never guaranteed), but we've fielded some human garbage the past couple years and wound up 8-8. This 2017 team is far from complete, but in no way do I see them as a lower caliber team than the 2015 and 2016 versions.
  2. Man they're really uninformed
  3. Expecting 9 or 10 wins. SoS is meaningless to me.
  4. It's one useless mini camp practice.
  5. Starting to worry about Luck. Tank gifs primed and ready.
  6. Jets. They're making sure if it. That roster is among the worst in recent memory. The Bears, 49ers, and Rams all make compelling cases though. As far as the Jags and Browns.. I'll believe they've improved when I see it.
  7. My god talk about being a drama queen. I am usually the one defending Irsay and Pagano from unwarranted criticism, but what I said was not unwarranted.
  8. "Youre gonna be another Eddie Reed for us" Edit: okay I'll elaborate. Ballard has specifically preached competition, not comparing young guys to HOFers, and not making big claims about how good someone is before they can prove it on the field. Pagano and Irsay have both said things that directly oppose that line of thinking.
  9. Ballard must be banging his head against the wall with some of the things Irsay and Pagano say
  10. Not really.
  11. I hadn't even really considered him missing regular season time. I've read webMD I know what I'm talking about.
  12. Does not compute
  13. Please god
  14. Times have changed.
  15. Kinda weird how the article bounces between obscure guys and pro bowlers. I mean Joe Thomas, really? If we're going with "pretty good players that casual fans don't know about", I'd say someone like Moncrief, Mewhort, Doyle, Langford, or Anderson. I don't think Spence is a great choice. If he was so good Tennessee would have retained him considering how thin they are at the position as well. Rattling off some arbitrary stat then saying "this got him noticed" is a pretty lame point to make considering we're desperate for ILBs and only gave him 1 yr / 2.5 mil. I'm thinking the author was struggling to come up with someone for us so he just went with Spence (who wasnt even on our roster last season)

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