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  1. But.. he has a highlight video..
  2. If we were to offer to loan TY or Gore to anyone who wants them for one season, is there a team in the world that would chose Gore?
  3. Well thinking about this sure was depressing.
  4. If he wanted to, absolutely.
  5. Just don't look too closely.
  6. This site for serious discussion. Stampede Blue for news and trolling. Madden for pretending we win the super bowl every year.
  7. Basically the same we've been talking about this offseason, but you can probably cross NT off the list and bump RB up a few spots. We'll also have a better idea of where we stand with Haeg and Clark.
  8. I did too. Before the skinny ones became fashionable.
  9. I think it was just one guy lol
  10. Lol I got the notification that he signed as I was reading this thread
  11. Gronk last year, now Brady. What in the hell are they thinking? Do they not realize that everyone hates the Patriots?
  12. I think we will be bottom 10. Ballard seems to have gotten us going in the right direction defensively, but we still have many stopgaps and rookies.
  13. Who you callin a banana? I'm a bucket.
  14. If I had wheels..
  15. This. I wouldn't say I'm a supporter but to judge him so harshly and conclusively with the bottom 5 roster he has had is unfair.

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