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  1. If Hooker falls to us @ 15 that would be crazy! Dude is a ball-hawk and could create a lot of extra possessions for our offense
  2. Bet you we don't sign Zach Brown
  3. I like the thread man but dont just make up facts that are not true. If the Texans don't find a QB then I think the Titans have the overall best put together team in the AFC South. As for those false facts, the Titans only scored above 40 once in 2016 not 3 games in a row and only averaged about 25 points/game which is not bad but not 30.
  4. No I understand the original intent of the thread and as the rest of the AFC South has gotten better the Colts have not which will hurt our playoff chances for a Super Bowl run with Luck, hence wasting away Luck's Career. I'm just looking at it from a different view point then what you are.
  5. That is a very valid point to and I agree with that statement but even the immediate success didn't get us very fair in the the end. All I want are faster starts and to not let up if we get an early lead on a team mentality wise. And as far as the margin of victory in the Super Bowl wins and losses by the Patriots, well isn't that what the Super Bowl is supposed to provide the fans. The two best teams battling it out to find out who the better team is that Sunday. Going back to 1995 there have been only 10 Super Bowl games that have been decided by double digits or more after 1995 you get into a long string of really crappy Super Bowl games:/
  6. But the really good teams don't let that be an excuse, where Pagano I think uses it way to much especially in the last two years. He also said he doesn't "believe its a mistake that the same teams always win" never stating any teams but one can only assume he is talking about New England, Green Bay, Seattle, Pittsburgh, the Colts for a number of years. That all comes down to how they draft, handle free agency, prepare for games, etc. Pagano and Co. with Grigson didn't always do the best of this stuff and we got away with it early in Lucks career but now the past has caught up with us as the Titans, Texans, and yes even the Jags are starting to form respectable football teams. People view this Division as a push over or an easy win where I don't necessarily see that anymore. Might not be the AFC West tough but it isn't the AFC South softness of the past.
  7. What facts have you brought other then stating record comparison? Since 2012 the colts have had 38 draft picks. 16 on the D and 22 on the O. Out of the 16 defensive players 6 of them are still on the team, 5 pending on what we do with Parry, that's great talent we occurred to build a champion style D. 7 or 8 of them never even made one start for us and only appeared on average in 5 games/player. The O-line has seen its fair share of players come in and go to only have 3/5 of it is figured out, all on the left side. We continue to have bust after bust 1st round draft picks that don't produce, the same can be said in FA's in overpaying marginal players or guys that have never seen the field due to injuries or players that are old slow and past their prime. Again a head coach that I think is slightly above average, but is heavily carried by his QB who also carries and sometimes drags down this team himself. Our team has been poorly managed and coached and just bc our division rivals haven't put it all together yet but right now have more overall potential makes be believe that we have wasted Lucks early career bc this was known as the easy division. All three of the other teams in the AFC South have built better teams then the Colts. The Texans have a number one D and the Jags have the sixth overall D, you improve the QB play on both teams and they are contending for the playoffs, same with the Titans who made a huge leap last year and I expect another leap this year. What did we have oh ya a 30th overall D, with the best overall offense in the AFC South but the if Luck gets injured we would be lucky to hold our head above water. The majority of the people inside this fan base are just to scared to admit that the other teams in the South are closing the gap or have closed the gap between them and the Colts.
  8. I think Campbell see them as a team on the rise and he wants to be a foundational piece to bring that winning culture to the team. Its a gamble on his part that may or may not win for him. Never once did he say that he doesn't Colts don't have s long history of winning.
  9. Well they kicked our butts the last two years and built a better D then what the Colts have built, just because their success hasn't been as good as our record doesn't mean they aren't getting better overall as a team. Watch them compete this year. It wouldn't surprise me if every team in the AFC South has the same division record next year with everyone splitting games with everyone even though I know that probably wouldn't happen. Anyways dude its my opinion that it relates to the topic, and its your opinion that it doesn't, but I feel like I made a valid points in my reasoning why it does where you really haven't besides being closed minded in how you look at something.
  10. Yet we went 8-8 the past two years...
  11. The relationship to this topic is in a viewpoint from "Winning" from a head coach perspective and a now rival player and "building a team" around Luck versus what other teams have done in the same time period since we drafted Luck. The article doesn't not state anything about the Colts or Luck but in MY opinion as we failed to build the team when the other teams in the AFC South have and this culture of winning is hard in the NFL that Pagano has brought to the Colts is wasting away lucks career. To many games under Pagano we have not been prepared by came out flat in the first half and get in a huge hole having to play comeback football or coast in the second half to loose a lead. In Campbells first quote he talks about that type of prep and how he wants to bring that to the Jags. As not having a coaching staff with the same philosophy (or maybe they do IDK) I feel it is valid to the related topic.
  12. I guess what I was trying to point out with the "Its hard to win in the NFL" mentality I view this as wasting away lucks career. Also as the Colts fail to build a D and just overall fail to put talent on both sides of the ball around luck I would say yes, yes it is on topic. Just have to read more between the lines, that's all.
  13. This is an interesting quote from Calais Campbell in an interview he did with why he went with the Jags. I want to point out his view on winning versus Pagano's view on "its hard to win football games in the NFL." How many times have we heard him say that since he became the head coach?? Any ways here it is. Also I'm gonna add in how he see the Jags and why we should not rule them out to compete in the AFC South and why I believe the AFC South isn't the weak division in the NFL anymore as the Jags and Titans are both increasing the talent. KLEMKO: How does a team go from winning free agency and making a big splash in the spring to winning games in the fall? CAMPBELL: To be a winner in the NFL, it’s about the way you prepare, the way you work. There’s a formula to it and it’s not hard; you’re going to lose games, but can you win the close games? Most of your season is made up of games that could go either way. That’s where you have to be prepared for any situation, and you have to execute. I don’t think it’s a mistake that the same teams always win. They have a belief that no matter what happens in a game, they’re not out of it. And they know not to relax when they’re winning. Couch Coughlin knows how to win. Coach Marrone has the right mind-set, and he’s someone I’m excited to play for. This team is so young, you can teach them how to win. KLEMKO: Chris Harris and a couple other guys tweeted out some criticism after your decision, suggesting you didn’t want to win a Super Bowl. Did you see that? CAMPBELL: I did. Everybody’s got their own opinion. I feel like the rest of the world doesn’t see Jacksonville the way I do. I think Jacksonville’s close. They lose 10 games last year by one score. I know how it goes with one-score games. We’re 13-3 in Arizona a year ago and won all those close games. Jacksonville is right there. We just have to find a way to win those games. They had the sixth overall defense last year and improved. Now we can get tighter, get some turnovers, and it’s a whole different ballgame. Here is the full interview, its interesting and worth the read:
  14. Maybe... Maybe not its just a different perspective on it. Either way actual full seasons with Pagano as the HC he went 11-5, 11-5, 8-8, 8-8 with a 3-3 playoff record. The dude is consistent none the least. I just can't give him credit for 2012 when I feel like that year should be credited towards BA.
  15. Ya well guess what in this scenario so do the pats. Its just asinine in my opinion, I get your thought process behind it but its extremely flawed. You have to look at the way bigger picture with more then one team in this entire trade proposal with all 4 teams involved. And you as the OP at least put some thought into the other teams rosters, just not ours when you you made this trade proposal so don't start with the "I worry about our roster not theirs" nonsense.

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