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  1. What should Ballard do?

    Trade down twice and get Nelson or Chubb if he falls lower then expected bc of the offensive push
  2. A late 4th or 5th round draft pick that could be a good pass rusher would be Hercules Mafa ata from WSU! The dude has lightning fast speed and worth a steal this late in the draft for what his value might be worth. He played on the Dline at WSU but is undersize for the NFL D-end or outside rush linebacker would be my guess for him in the NFL.
  3. Dave Borgonzi hired as LB coach

    Me too, to be honest. This forum can create some dumb topic and everyone and their mothers mother have to chime in and this one barely gets 10 replies especially since our LB core sucks.... Mind blowing Didn't they say that about our last DC Its not like our D was much better especially our linebackers
  4. Weather, wind, rain, snow, cold, heat.... that's the difference. even dome teams with retractable roofs can control what the outdoor teams cant by opening or closing the roof, even if the outdoor teams are playing on field turf or natural grass. Also fun fact Arizona is a dome team that plays on natural grass and not field turf.
  5. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    Yes this is the type of offensive scheme that I always wanted the colts to run at the beginning of games, and not have to rely on it bc they are down by 2 or 3 TDs.
  6. More for Frank Gore?

    I would rather see the team let him walk, and if he needs to be brought back due to injuries then that's when we bring him back.
  7. Anyone worried about inexperience?

    Just think of it this way. Our first game will be tough to prepare for bc there will be no tape on excactly what they will run with the colts.
  8. Anyone worried about inexperience?

    Just bc they are new doesn't mean they aren't good or cant do their job. They were hired for a reason. Ballard was a first time GM and what are your overall impression of him??
  9. What can a healthy Luck do in Reichs offense?

    I hope we run a lot of the uptempo and no huddle stuff with Reichs Offense with luck, I felt that when luck has played some of his best football and wanted to see more of it from the start of games just not when we are behind trying to catch up.
  10. How about a interim HC?

    If that's the case hire or go after next years potential HC candidates
  11. Nathaniel Hackett

    Romo would be interesting but i doubt that happens
  12. Jack Del Rio?

    I know it wasn't his best year in Oakland but its not like he got fired because of bad performance. It was because Gruden came out of retirements and it wasn't a well known secret that Oakland wanted to bring him back for a while now.
  13. Our coaching staff didn't know how to use Brissett that why he probably seem unwatchable. Hell our coaching staff didn't know how to use the majority of the players we had which made the colts hard to watch this past year.
  14. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    Win but not only Win. Win big don't settle for close games but instead have an attacking offense that puts lots of points on the board early and often then continue that throughout the game. Don't step off that gas pedal to the end zone. This will in return let our defense play fast hungry and aggressive.
  15. I wouldn't mind a trade back at 3 to 6 or 7 like some people suggested then another trade back to maybe 15 with AZ. Load up on picks and get players.