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  1. Is he talking about Pat in this one? lol
  2. The colts Secondary was called the No Fly Zone a couple of years ago
  3. I dont have a name for the Defense as a unite but hopefully the Colts Secondary will be the No Fly Zone again.
  4. What do people think of Matt Patricia as a possible HC candidate for Ballard, if Chuck is let go after next season?
  5. Technically we only passed on Tim Williams once.
  6. I also think it will be better but I also believe that the number of coverage sacks will increase significantly. I could see Simon and Sheard both getting 10+ sacks, as well as everyone else getting 1-2 sack more then they typically average bc of QB's holding the ball too long due to no one being opened downfield thanks to the improved secondary.
  7. Thanks Bluefire
  8. can you post that somewhere?
  9. On about the 5 min mark of this video Basham goes against Banner in this video you originally posted. Interesting since its our 3rd and first 4th round picks.
  10. Nice he can get after the QB and think he went under the radar this entire draft process
  11. LOL Tim Williams being BPA in the second round when he went only two pick in front of the colts in the third. Crystal ball must have been wrong. Dang
  12. Read my bold text. I know what Grigs was, and I added Dorsett bc he wasn't a first round talent and so far has been a bust for when picked. Grigs never filled this team with talent everyone knows that I was just making a comment between 2012 draft being exciting and this draft being exciting and trued to originally point out how if Ballard has really great success with his first draft he will be more humble and not get cocky.
  13. Ya, but he was cheap coming out of the CFL who never was supposed to play but really over produced. He wasn't drafted high like Dorsett, Green, Werner,and whoever else I might have missed. I realize people knew who these were then but value never played out when grigs took them and are/were projects. Also Adungo (sp) and I feel like Swoope just took up a spot on the roster when active when they should have never been on it. I was never high on Harrison either.
  14. I was just talking about comparison of their first draft each. I totally agree with your statement. I also fee like Grigs was so concern in finding a prospect that no one else new about to make him look good which I hated. Love not taking project players when you can get guys who can start and contribute right away.

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