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  1. Garrett Sickles! I accidentally watched tape on him thinking I clicked a Myles Garrett tape (b/c of name) and I was like damn. Even though he is pointed out each play I still thought he jumped out. Puts pressure on the QB forcing the QB to move up in the pocket into trouble or gets the sack himself. I think this guy could be a steal as an UDFA and add a few unexpected sacks if he gets signed by the Colts.
  2. Even tho its unlikely I would really like to see all 7-8 picks go to the defensive side of the ball (depending on trading back and gaining an extra pick). I doubt that will happen, but I would be really disappointed in this draft if its a balance split of 4 defensive 3 offensive, or 5 defensive 3 offensive. I think our offense can play with any defense in the league even with an old running back and young o-line, and if we had a D that can shut down teams I think we could make a deep run in the post season.
  3. If Malik Hooker falls I would absolutely love that pick. I think he will create an extra 6-8 extra possessions with INT's for whoever drafts him and countless others with pass deflections on 3rd down forcing punts.
  4. Not really, its typical Colts MO to win/loose to teams like that. We play to the level of our competition most games.
  5. That's a league wide thing for every team, not just the Colts.
  6. I always felt that with RG/CP that our roster was the bottom of the league, especially on D and with our O-line. We would be playing with rotational guys or second/third string players as starters at the start of the season versus waiting for injuries for these players making an appearance, with the last two seasons being the worst. With the turnover of midlevel FA idk if this is gonna change this season but I think the quality of the players acquired is far better then what RG ever put on the table for CP, and I defiantly think that the D will be huge overall improvement which should hopefully increase the number of games we win next season and make it to the playoffs again.
  7. That's the thing we would beat teams like San Fran, Denver, and Seattle one week then we would turn around and be blown out by teams like the Rams, Bills, and Jets the following week. I don't think he is the worst coach in the NFL but he can certainly coach dumb and be predictable to many times, especially after a big win.
  8. I just watched some videos on Rasul Douglas on Draft Breakdown and on first impression I would like to think that we could find a better corner in the draft. He made some nice plays but he is easily blocked by wr's and doesn't always engage in contact which leads to big plays bc he doesn't make a tackle when in position. I wanted to watch video on Anzalone but draft breakdown didn't have any video on him.
  9. Ya no kidding I thought the same thing. It was kinda a let down but oh well. I guess we will just have to wait one more week till we actually know who we get. They also had Margus Hunt starting on our D-line.
  10. Hey all! I have not seen anyone mention it yet so I thought I would bring it up. The Path To The Draft on NFL Network will be going inside the Colts War Room tomorrow night at 6. I am interested what these guys have to say since there is so much uncertainty in this years draft with Ballard, what he did in FA, and the needs we have or if we go BPA, OvsD, etc. Guess we will find out tomorrow night!
  11. That was like the only year our D was playing really solid down the stretch until we played the Patriots in the playoffs.
  12. I like how some people stated that his play wasn't against good competition. This is a great rebuttal against that argument and then I would like to add one more thing to it. Some of his other highlights were against divisional teams! Even if our division is good or not the Jags kinda have had our number the last two years so if he can make plays against them and his old team I'm all for it! Also that batted pick 6 he had probably was more athletic then any play we had on our D last year. I can't believe this guy was a waiver wire pickup off the Raven practice squad, Wow!
  13. If Hooker falls to us @ 15 that would be crazy! Dude is a ball-hawk and could create a lot of extra possessions for our offense
  14. Bet you we don't sign Zach Brown
  15. I like the thread man but dont just make up facts that are not true. If the Texans don't find a QB then I think the Titans have the overall best put together team in the AFC South. As for those false facts, the Titans only scored above 40 once in 2016 not 3 games in a row and only averaged about 25 points/game which is not bad but not 30.

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