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  1. The Ghost

    Again... I do not understand why they do not move TY around. Get him in motion, get him moving. This coaching staff is completely clueless.
  2. Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    I would bet it would be Chud for the interim. Honestly, I really have no idea who I want as HC next year. Nobody really excites me that much outside of Harbaugh. I do not hate McDaniels, but do not think he is a slam dunk.
  3. I honestly think the only thing missing from this whirlwind is more speculation. Good lord, what a mess!
  4. Report: Irsay spent 10 hours with Gruden in Texas.

    They have so much more to lose than Brad Wells. I think they more or less want to hear something from the Colts before they put it out there.
  5. Report: Irsay spent 10 hours with Gruden in Texas.

    I find the whole thing fascinating... I would love to hear more about it from a national type reporter. However, I do think where there is smoke, there is fire. With that said, it is a lot of obstacles in place to prevent Irsay from making this happen.
  6. What grade would you give to our 1st yr DC?

    I think it was ugly... as far as a grade goes, who knows. He surely was not dealt alot of talent to work with either.
  7. The thing that scares me about Gruden is how long he has been away from the game. That is the only reason I would be hesitant. I do not know how good of a coach he is, he won a SuperBowl with a team that Dungy's regime built... With that said, he has never had a QB of the caliber of Andrew Luck either, so that could be alot of it. Here is the thing, I do not think we are getting Gruden or Wade, but it sure is fun to think about it.
  8. Season ticket holders

    I generally go to at least 2 games a year. I will not spend a dime on going to a game next year unless there are changes made. Sure, that wont effect Irsay's dinner, but it will give me a peace of mind.
  9. 16 teamer, so ugh.. Need a flex play this week. .5 PPR Bilal Powell vs. Rams Will Fuller @ Jags Hunter Henry vs. Dolphins Ted Ginn vs. Chiefs
  10. We just got beat by Nick Foles

    Guys... its a process. We have to just keep chopping wood.
  11. 16 team league, so you will understand the poor options for the flex... If Antonio Gates does NOT play... would you start Hunter Henry or Dontrelle Inman in the flex?
  12. Ryan Grigson complaints (merge)

    I will probably get flamed for this... but I wonder if TY is a "real impact player".