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  1. That tweet followed with this from La Canfora: "McDaniels is a virtual lock to be the Colts next HC..."
  2. Jason La Canfora tweeted that the Colts are still heavy favorites for McDaniels.
  3. Swift kick in the nads right here. Man, if we freaking miss out on Josh McDaniels... FML!
  4. Spot on my thinking... the Giants really scare me. Maybe they have an agreement in place behind the scenes and we are freaking over nothing.
  5. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    Hopefully they did tell Nagy that so he took the Chicago job!
  6. Man, I surely hope we do not lose out on Josh McD. I hope there is a handshake agreement in place already.
  7. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    I hope you are spot on... even with the McDaniels/Richards combo.
  8. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Nobody mentioned anything at all about him getting the job, being the favorite or anything. I have a friend that is a diehard Pats fan that dreams good dreams about McDaniels, so I wanted to mess with him.
  9. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Is anyone good with photoshop? If so, can someone work up a picture of McDaniels in Colts coaching gear?
  10. Colts were 'all in on Nagy

    Taking that with a grain of salt. I just do not believe that.
  11. I think we will have an agreement with a coach by Friday of this week. Hopefully that coach will be Josh McDaniels.
  12. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    If Luck is not healthy or if he has a bunch of question marks relating to his health floating around... why on earth would a coach want this job? Honestly.
  13. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    The interview process started last night evidently.
  14. I, too, am worried about the whole KC connection. I absolutely agree that the GM/HC relationship has to be strong... However, I’m not passing on the best coach for the job because I knew a guy from previously working with him. That is not to say McDaniels is superior to Toub/Nagy, it’s just saying, that the specific connection should be far down the chart in importance, IMO.
  15. Just curious as to why you'd take "most of these options" over McDaniels?!