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    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    I find that a bit concerning though. Generally speaking you want to let your head coach choose his staff. Now in a sense I'm glad that it's not McDaniels staff per se but on the other hand that means that Ballard is in the habit of making major decisions about assistant coaches. Decisions I think should be left to the head coach.
  2. Valpo2004

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    Did not hear that before. Thanks for the update, it casts the play in a new light.
  3. Valpo2004

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    Well I would certainly want to know if he has a good reason. There are some good reasons for that. If his dad suddenly died and he had to take care of his mom or something (perhaps she was disabled) I could see that as a good reason. But if the reason is, I don't like it here or something like that, something he should have just stuck out then I'll pass.
  4. Valpo2004

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    Guy quit on his college team in the middle of the season?
  5. Valpo2004

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    Would like to see that topic. Outside of getting blown out by less talented teams there was also questionable decisions to start players who seemed to be less talented simply because they where the "vet" or had the bigger contract. And he seemed to refuse to adjust to the team he had. I'm thinking of during the 4th quarter in what would have been I think a game tying or game winning drive against the Broncos he let Joe Reitz go 1 on 1 against Von Miller. Now Reitz is a good man and was a decent backup. But 1 on 1 against Von Miller he's gonna give up some bad sacks and there is just no getting around that. You can talk about how it's his job all you want but if you are a coach and you are handing a guy a job that's too big for them to handle and don't give them help when you could then it's your fault.
  6. Valpo2004

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    That's another thing, I don't think the main problem with Pagano was motivation. I just don't think he adjusted well and often times he didn't prepare the team well. Far too many times the Colts got completely blown out by teams with less talent. 1 time maybe that's on the players but it happened so many times that I don't think you can look anywhere else but the coaching.
  7. Valpo2004

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    Dungy was the nice guy of all nice guys. Players said Dungy's version of chewing the team out was saying "Gentlemen, we can do better then this." I don't think being nice necessarily means one is a bad coach. Also as someone pointed out, you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. These are just clips of Reich that the Colts made public. If he started yelling at a player and getting in his face, they probably wouldn't put that in there anyways. And I also don't think that you necessarily have to yell at players and get in their face.
  8. Valpo2004

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    We could certainly use the help at CB.
  9. To be fair I think his twitter habit is what won him the reputation for being impulsive. But when it comes to football decisions he's actually one of the least impulsive guys in the NFL.
  10. Irsay has his issues but this line that he's impulsive is certainly not true when it comes to football decisions. In fact it's sort of the opposite. He took too long to let go of Grigson, took too long to let go of Pagano. Impulsive owners fire their coaches every 2 years or so, often in the middle of the season. That isn't Irsay. On the negative Irsay used to have a bad twitter habit but he seems to have cut that out. And of course he had problems with prescription drugs. But his football decisions have not been impulsive or insane. I actually admire Irsay's level of involvement with the Colts. He's not some distant far off owner that you never see and just comes in to fire the GM or coach and leaves. Irsay has an office at the Colts facility and by all appearences comes into work on a regular basis. And you see him in the war room on draft day. But at the same time he's not Jerry Jones. He hires other people to manage the football side Honestly I think the only thing that is really going to push Irsay away from the Colts is ill health or death. Guy likes the team too much. Its too important to him for him to just retire.
  11. Valpo2004

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    McDaniels berates players. . . odd usually when I see him on TV he's the one getting berated by Tom Brady.
  12. Valpo2004

    Question about Quenton

    Those two highlights show why Nelson was rated so highly. A lot of his run blocking gets on the highlight reel because let's face it that's more exciting then pass blocking. But pass blocking is obviously extremely important and Nelson is great at both.
  13. Valpo2004

    Question about Quenton

    First one looks like some sort of WWE move. Second one is great mental awareness. Luck should feel a lot more comfortable in the pocket with this man in front of him.
  14. Valpo2004

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    Not sure we should read too much into either. He was probably matched up against a tackle given his position. The Colts didn't draft anyone to play tackle, so anyone out there that he was matched up against was likely a UDFA or a guy there on a tryout basis. Either way their relative talent level is probably fairly low.
  15. If he is ready on day 1 of camp it will be a good thing. There is going to be a lot of rust for him to shake off. So he's going to need all the practice sessions he can get. Hopefully him and his receivers put in some extra work on their timing too.
  16. Valpo2004

    Why is Nelson listed as G/C on Colts Roster?

    I'm not sure the official listed positions of players on the OL necessarily has a great deal to do with where they actually play. The number thing actually makes a lot of sense.
  17. Was looking at pictures of the Colts rookie dinner. Picture #25 caught my eye. A person, looks to be a player with a Iowa Hawkeye shirt on. I wasn't aware of any players the Colts have from Iowa. Anyone know who it could be?
  18. Valpo2004

    Who do the Colts have from Iowa?

    Nevermind, I did a bit of research looks like it was Boone Myers who was getting a tryout at rookie camp. Completely missed that.
  19. Valpo2004

    Guards drafted

    I read this and I think this is awesome. . . we almost certainly got a lot better up front. We just drafted both of the 2017 AP first team All American guards in this draft. Listen I said before that I would have rather had Josh Jackson over Smith, but I can say this. Ballard is 100% committed to keeping Andrew Luck protected. Grigson never showed this level of commitment to protecting the franchise.
  20. Valpo2004

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    Ehh up until the 2016 season he had 4 yards per carry or better every season but 1. (And that season was 3.9) Also he put up 4 straight 1000+ yard seasons after his 2k season. 6 straight 1000+ yard seasons overall. His first 7 seasons he only missed 1 game. Chris Johnson wasn't bad. But he's a RB who have short careers anyways. On top of that players that rely a great deal on speed tend to fall off faster then those that don't. For an RB Chris Johnson had a pretty successful career. Don't get me wrong, at this point he's done. But I don't think the stats support your view that he was "always overrated".
  21. Valpo2004

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    I really so bad want to see a video of Luck throwing a football... And not hear that he has shoulder swelling a week later.
  22. Valpo2004

    Anyone realize this?

    Ultimately the cupboard is still pretty bare at most of the linebacker spots, RB (need a guy who can run between the tackles), WR2, and CB. Signing a couple of guys to solidify some spots so we where not forced to draft them and could have drafted elsewhere wouldn't have been a bad idea. Colts likely still are not a playoff team.
  23. Valpo2004

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    I really hate the player comparison thing anyway because they always go for well known players who have done extremely well. Every freaking pass catching back is compared to Darren Sproles.
  24. Valpo2004

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    I saw a video on this on my facebook page. Looked like Jack Mewhort was there acting as an equipment manager. Anyone know what's up with that? Either the Colts have an equipment manager that looks like Jack Mewhort or Mewhort is trying to prepare for a new career or something.
  25. Valpo2004

    Guards drafted

    No guarantee that anyone will, but you can do things to help ensure that they do. The best thing you can honestly do IMO is offer them an extension before their contract year is up. Everyone knows that they are just one play away from a bad injury harming their value or worse ending their careers. So guys with games left to play are likely to take the money for the security of it. Also franchise tags can help you ensure that they bargain with you.