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  1. So now we can have: Touchdown...Commercial...2 Point Conversion...Commercial...Extra Special Point...Commercial...Kick Off...Commercial (Shoot me)
  2. http://coltsauthority.com/2014-articles/colts-prospect-meeting-database.html So far: RB Duke Johnson Miami RB Tevin Coleman Indiana RB Ameer Abdullah Nebraska OG Jeremiah Poutasi Utah OC Reese Dismukes Auburn WR Dres Anderson Utah
  3. You might want to point out in your post or title that this is a hypothetical trade the Colts should pursue. That way people don't read this and think it's a done deal and we already traded for him.
  4. I haven't read through the whole thread, so maybe this has been mentioned, but do you think he purposefully missed the walkthrough so the Colts could cut him. Seems like something him and his agent might want. If he didn't get suspended then the Colts would have kept him for next year and he would have been buried on the bench all year.
  5. If it is Pats v Seahawks, then this might be the first Super Bowl in a long time that I don't even watch. I don't really hate either team, it's just boring to me to see teams that have already won it....unless its the Colts, of course. Any other combination of teams and I'll watch.
  6. We could potentially see a lot of Luck v Wilson super bowls.
  7. Agreed. Luck is maybe the only promising young quarterback in the AFC. Once Brady retires his main competition to get to SB's will be Roethlisberger (32 yrs), Rivers (33 yrs) and Flacco (30 yrs)
  8. Also http://aviewfrommyseat.com/team/Indianapolis+Colts/Lucas+Oil+Stadium/
  9. http://www.seatdata.com/html/nfl_colts/pick_section_nfl_colts.htm Also SeatGeek is a good site too.
  10. This is straight off of the Colts website. I don't know what WNDY is in Evansville. (click image to enlarge)
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