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  1. Since, like me - you are a fan of John Unitas - I'll relay a short story a family friend told me and my dad back in around 1968.  Seems he was member of very large civic club of some sort in southern Mississippi.  The club was doing some charity benefit (I don't remember what) and had invited Roman Gabriel (then with the Rams and a rival of the Colts in those days) to speak and sign a few footballs to be given away as prizes.  Apparently Gabriel agreed to do the event, but wanted a very large fee and extra money for each signed football - money the club couldn't afford.  As an option, they invited #19.  Unitas did the event for free and brought along a huge bag of signed balls.  I've never forgotten that story.

    1. JohnnyUnitas19


      That was the kind of man Johnny was! Great story!

  2. He should be cut today, and a practice squad player brought up.   He is so bad - anything would be better.

  3. Three of the most key games in Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts lore: '57 NFL Championship Game ... #19 - the greatest of the pre-ticky tack era: John Unitas '06 AFC Championship Game ... #18 - the greatest of the current, Arena League era: Peyton Manning '12 Week Five vs Packers ... #12 - just beginning to write his chapter in NFL history: Andrew Luck We are fortunate to be part of this (as observers, of course).
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