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  1. Please, Goodell - take the franchise away from Irsay.
  2. Week Six @ Houston. No matter what sort of twists and turns we try to put in the mix -- IMO, this is THE game for the season. Win, the Colts are in control. Lose - well.....
  3. My prediction: 25+ F bombs by the sophisticated head coach of the Houston gaggle. Book it. But, as far as this season goes...this game is for all the marbles, even if it just week six.
  4. Most of those (4?) looked to be coverage sacks. Only on one of the five did Andrew seem to take a stout hit.
  5. Playoffs? eh eh, Playoffs? Are you kidding me? (Channeling my inner Mora) :^)
  6. Shhhhh. They all gettin' paid, sir. Don't upset their little gravy train.
  7. I know it's long ago, but I remember a Colts team that had a bottom rung defense and very good offense, that was blown out in a late season game or two. Then, inexplicably, things clicked. Stranger things have happened. <putting away my "shoe" glasses now> Pops
  8. Pagano's methodology may be related to his experience with cancer. A life-altering experience like that tends to make a person more mellow and willing to realize each day is precious, so -- "take it easy, stop and smell the roses." An NFL head coach needs to be a butt-kicking, bridge-burning,take no prisoners ******* who DEMANDS his players "do their jobs."
  9. Need to start the game in no-huddle and be absolutely relentless.
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