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  1. Hurting a deal? They have players they want to move or NOT! Do you think a GM wouldn`t offer up the Player to everyone to get HIS best deal. And Irsay rattled the Market to get Starting Quality players offered to him. Guarantee you he is looking for more than ONE!
  2. Marshall, just getting rid of Poison in the lockerroom. Think T.O. V Davis came to camp not in shape. 2nd string because of a bad attitude. Do the Colts want to deal with this guy?
  3. He completed 44% of his passes beyond 11 yards in 2010. Doubt if his arm is as good as it was then, probably never will be. Sure was nice of him to take $26M from the Franchise to rehab! What a ....
  4. Link sucks IMO. Reitz is kicking butt, and he does have pretty good feet.
  5. I certainly don`t know that about McGlynn. We will see. That IS the one spot of concern. Justice played VERY WELL against the Steelers.
  6. On the other hand, He Just Announced He and Grigs are ready to deal to ANYONE with Starting Quality players. The Bank is Open! There is Some limit to the Available Resources (Salary Cap) so if you got some good Product that you might be needing/willing to make available at the 53 man cut, You just might want to see what you can get Today while we are Still IN THE MARKET! People think NOW, these are going to be Quality early in the Round draft picks. Value. Sharp! Shrewd! Very Good Positioning! Irsay, Grigson, Pagano are Loving it and IMO, think this Team is so close to Shocking the World!
  7. The locker room had to behave the way he wanted them to pre-game. Instead of being a standup guy and moving on, please Remember his Pouty Face when it did not go to his liking. He AND Polian were a WEIGHT on the Franchise. A whole New Happy Life now for Mr Irsay. jmo
  8. That was the GREAT Vince Young who thought he was on a "Dream Team". Clearly, He Was dreaming!
  9. just a thought. You can do some fast work on a muscle group in 60 days. If his triceps was coming back, wouldn`t it by now? I think it has been deteriorating for several years and what he has now is likely it. He looks to have lost some strength and grip. Also, in his first 5 years or so he threw LOTS of wobbly passes. IMO he improved on that considerably and threw a tighter spiral. That is why he threw such a str8 ball. IMO. He didn`t use TOUCH like Brees does so often because his ball would go wobbly and bump up his INT`s. He had 100 INT`s through his first 5 years. I hope he qualifies for his next guaranteed $40M.
  10. If these guys have long healthy careers, it might one day be graded against some of the best drafts ever. Andrew is going to make LOTS of players LOOK GOOD!
  11. Whalen was a big surprise. As Collie leaves, he steps in? Not a starter just depth. Freeney is not following the ball and just getting stuck out there. Give me a taller, younger guy. I don`t think Dwight has the exposion he still needs and is just not a tackler. Have a lot of respect for him as a Team player, sure would be nice if someone else REALLY wanted him, but I wouldn`t be disappointed if they cut him considering what I think he will contribute this season.
  12. After what Manning did to the Colts and Irsay, taking $26M from the salary Cap just to rehab, good riddance. Denver is welcome to take 85-90% of his arm, wobbly passes and INT`s galore. I do like the Stadium and SB win.
  13. RGIII is fast but NOT an Ellusive runner it has been said. Great arm, smart, quick release so it should become very good. Deserves at least 4 reg season games before we have a decent idea where he is at. In the meantime the Colts need to kick his butt! !
  14. I will trust our staff to make the right decision with Avery and the young receiver corp. We seem loaded.
  15. Peyton thru 17 Int`s in 2010. Completed 44% of his passes beyond 11 yards. His arm is worse now, trouble throwing to his left, and think of all the outdoor games. The Colts have the better QB starting Game 1. JMO
  16. Ya, I`m just saying he didn`t like Thomas that well. The Rams wanted to and did run the ball a lot. Pitt might give our secondary a real work out. I guess i hope so, gotta be tried sometime.
  17. Good point, Andrews is 100% sure he will make a full recovery. And then the short, fat guys knee blows out again. So then... our general knowledge about knees and football makes us look wiser than...
  18. I LOVE the trade because Pagano`s Genious is secondaries. Trust him 100% in this area.
  19. Don`t know, he is raw but has Elite speed. Stashing him sounds Great to me. With so many injuries, NFL Rosters are just not big enough.
  20. Addison looked very promising. With so many injuries 53 man roster is too small.
  21. Why cut Chapman? Do you think most 3-4 teams keep 2 NT`s and 4 ends or YOUR idea of 3 NT`s and 3 ends? Cosby looks GOOD, on the practice squad or K Adams who they seem to like SO FAR, Hit the road Whalen. I do agree they will do something with Chapman. He probably should not play this year. Better for a big boy like that to have 12 months or more to get that knee right. We are in NO HURRY.
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