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  1. We out rushed Miami. Didn`t feel like it. Castonzo had problems again today. Powers has reminded me of Lacy the last two games. He fell in the draft because of a lack of speed. I thought he was better than this. He is on probation. Avery, Hilton, & Allen were so good. The trust is certainly coming along with the accuracy. Got scary good this quick?? Yow! Justice played well and that Sowell kid came in for him and really got into his man. I was impressed with what I saw. Nice. McGlynn didn`t stick out like last week, their tackles were BAD Men. Not sure what future Angerer has if they go after him in the passing game. The TD play looked ugly. With us being so weak at corner, we are hanging in there. We ran 17 more plays is one reason. Andrew on 3rd down was amazing.
  2. Available Cap $$$ Always goes first to retaining your own players. And they will expect Market Value. Our guys were on TV a lot and got a lot of attention. Tho Dallas Clark could pass catch, he only had 3 above average seasons. And he couldn`t block at all. I believe his big contract made him the highest paid TE. Addai made one Pro Bowl. They name them early and he had most of his yardage by the 10th week of the season. He always showed promise but was best as a pass blocker for $tat$, then as a dump off receiver, then as a runner. Brackett became pretty decent on what was typically bad defenses. He got his $5M+ contract - Only out of respect for good service. Freeney is still here because pass rush is so important and they needed some Box Office stars around, especially after the big SHOCK. We will still build thru the draft, you have to. Grigsons draft looks rock solid to me, much thanks to drafting at the FRONT of each round. For next season we must add a couple studs on defense as we build the Monster.
  3. Ballard and Carter are keepers. Miami had some Wild Hogs stuffing the middle, give them credit. I see a dependable running game in our future. And Oh how well that will complement Andrews/the Colts passing game. I have been down on Andrews accuracy before the last two games. My how that has improved, leading his receivers!!!! Sweet!!! Give him consistently good time to throw.... Do you think he and Reggie KNEW that TD was there to be had? More of that timing to come with ALL the receivers as they grow together! BA`s Offense is starting to grow on me. !
  4. Say what you want but I think it starts at the top. MR. Irsay has come a long way personally. Cleaning house was Bold and the right plan He found an Indiana man out of Many to choose from in Grigson. I think he chose wisely. And Coach Pagano has just the right Passion & Leadership for the Moment. And it just goes on down regarding the choices of New people that are in this Organization and on the TEAM. Winners with Great attitudes. What a beating they take to compete at this level though. Go Colts!
  5. We have watched a clear progression and his last two games have been very good. IF the Colts win 10 games and Andrew keeps playing at a very high level he will get MVP consideration. This IS NOT supposed to be happening!
  6. A Big Deal if we can keep it going on the ground against a stout Miami D. Good Luck to the men up front, this test could prove a real trend. It has been a long time for our opponents to have to game plan for the Colts ground game. Andrew, Coach, & BA are savoring for that day. Me too!
  7. Bunch of doodoo here talking up D Brown. The guy has been pitifull reading his blocking. His success has been at running wide or hitting a gaping hole on occasion. I have watched him crash up into his line for no gain with nice holes just to his side SO MANY times it Gags me. NO VISION. And of course he couldn`t get on the field that much in prior seasons because he was Dangerously POOR at pass blocking. I agree we haven`t had good run blocking since ?, as HOF pass yardage was demanded in the past. Donald sat on the bench recently and watched two backs READ their blocking. It was a real pleasure seeing our backs do that. He ran mostly straight ahead last game, little reading required, and we were getting good push and creating decent creases and one HUGE gap for him. Our other two backs would have got those yards much the same. Brown is OK at best, and very replaceable IMO. McGlynn was Excellent last game. NOTHING Marginal about it.
  8. I will try to forget much of the above crud. Links pass blocking had been mostly scary poor until the last two games. His run blocking was mediocre at best also. Running successfully the last two games helped hide his lack of pass blocking ability. Clearly the run blocking has looked better against two very mediocre teams. McGlynn`s good run blocking sticks out. Link has been OK too. The coach commended Reitz for just going out there at TE when we were shorthanded and with no practice. And he did get some nice push the few plays he was in. It is clear that Reitz will start, even if he is less than 100%, due to Link`s injury. All is opinion, but Reitz looked MUCH better than Link in All Phases before the injury. Reitz was pancaking people just like he did last Sunday. A Better Run & Pass blocker than Link without ? Some Real Jokers here! On Donald Browns long run it was a gaping hole anyone could hit. Again, against a mediocre defense. The best thing was that under lots of Duress, Andrew was Accurate on some critical throws. Not been the case so much of the time.
  9. I recall Lefedge looking LOST & not fast enough last season. Time will tell. Think we all look forward to someone better than Zib out there. But we have about 10 of those.
  10. Manning went 3-13 and got Edgerin as a result. Our mediocre record beating mediocre teams is not good!
  11. You BUILD through the DRAFT! I`m looking at our RECENT draft history and LOVE IT! Manning 3-13 = Edgerin James (Ring of Honor) This is a 2-5 caliber Team with sloppy wins over very mediocre teams. We should/need to be drafting in the top 5. Elite players help make the TEAM ELITE. Signing $10Million free agents is a road littered in failure. No matter of course, it takes its own course, and I think we are in very good hands.
  12. You are FUNNY! All the teams with $7Million in cap space are lining up to get this ALL-PRO you think. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. Our Off tackles got abused yesterday. Olson was BAD, Link has shown a little better the last 2 weeks. Reitz will do better when he is ready. Those were NOT good defenses we played against the last two weeks by any means. We won without playing that well against an average to below avg. team. On the road was sure nice tho. Andrew was actually pretty accurate. About time. No pass rush made our CB`s look terrible. Ya, their QB was laughing at us.
  14. Agree about Browns "garbage time yardage" last season, not forgetting how his 80 yard run added greatly to his YPC. And NOT forgetting his terrible pass blocking either. In the past MOST of his yards come from running wide as he showed NO Vision for inside running. I do think his style and speed could be best used in the second half when the D has some wear on their legs. Its early, I look forward to a sound running game. REMEMBER, that running game was the REAL MVP in our SB Win. Hard to pic six a Run! :dancing:
  15. He was torching our corners at will. I remember that pic. His receivers were getting so wide open I too was laughing/in disbelief.
  16. This D is set up for the backers to make plays. Wouldn`t say our lineman have been doing a very good job, so Freeman had better be making tackles with all these RB`s coming thru. I don`t see Freeman crashing a lot of plays. Overhyped now IMO. But is athletic, and the D HAD/HAS a lot to learn about playing together. Give him a - Promising grade.
  17. Freeman is getting overhyped. He is making some plays. Including a couple nice stops yesterday after a 12 and a 13 yd gain. Cato June was a pro-bowler ONCE. Definitely looking forward to Chapman making our LB`s better.
  18. Angerer`s play will determine his future. No problem with letting him work his way back. He needs for that foot to get 100%.
  19. Ballard sees the holes, Brown often just runs into the lineman not seeing the holes, and goes down when he is touched. Has ALWAYS gotten his yards running outside or thru BIG holes. Watching from the sidelines looks to have been good for Donald.
  20. Lots of mediocre teams on the schedule this year.
  21. Brown maybe learned how to look for the hole after watching Ballard. And Ballard wore them down the 1st half. A good plan.
  22. Think everyone knows that play having watched Freeney be a FREE 5+ yards anytime you needed it.
  23. Safety we all suspect, will be a target for next year. Kind of a waste to spend time naming names of who will be available come FA time. Not that I don`t feel a tinge of excitement thinking about a better roster for next season. We have every reason to believe the Monster is coming!
  24. It will be great to see him in the dogfight. This is a true (NT) position for him and any playing time this season will be good for him. I hope the same for Reitz. I thought he and Castonzo played well together in their brief pre-season op. If Reitz IS UP TO IT, just one less draft pick/free agent we would need. Cause we MUST get the O-Line up to a very high level right Colts fans? We just got a tiny taste watching that UNDERSIZED tackling machine Angerer. That guy sees the game in real time and moves on it. He is better than we can fully appreciate. He and Chap should go very well together. Go Colts!
  25. Donald Brown is terrible at reading blocking and cutting between the tackles. He often runs into the line moving TOWARDS a tackler. We saw two guys reading blocks last weekend. Tired of excuses for Luck missing loads of open receivers. Few of his passes are on target. Just a guestimate but I would say 75-80% are behind his target. Very few lead the receiver properly to give them the best chance for yards after the catch. Our receivers are making some EXCELLENT grabs of his many off target throws is why his completion % is as high as it is. And yes this is just 6 games with everybody learning together, but I am really surprised Andrew is throwing so many really bad short passes to very open receivers.
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