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  1. Gonna close this thead, there's already a thread on this
  2. Can't wait to see him back on the field
  3. LaRon Landry, Andrew Jackson and Xavier Nixon for those who can't see the tweet
  4. Just gonna shut this down, doesn't have anything to do with Colts Football. Feel free to message a moderator if anyone feels like they have an issue with the website, and we can have a discussion about the issue.
  5. Everyone who should've made it, made it, that's good
  6. Finally I get to see if my blind faith in him will be paid back!
  7. It appears the Colts also pick up his 2 year contract too, so they keep him next year also
  8. I mean, Shipley was rated as one of the top rated center when he was started at the beginning of the year, per pff
  9. Who needs a Quarterback? This is a running team Rolling bowling ball of butcher knives
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