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  1. And he doesn't yell at refs when losing. Talk about real drama.
  2. So when they win, they are lucky. When they lose, its poor decision. Extremely accurate analysis, yet again !
  3. More towards Andy Dalton when people say he hasn't won and really its about trusting. If Jerome Hill didn't fumble, they will be taking kneel and win the game. Cant directly blame Marvin for that.
  4. Chiefs are the threat for Broncos this year. That pass rush with deep secondary is lethal. Pats will be lucky to win that game.
  5. Don't worry. The Brady crap will happen in this forum even after they are dead.
  6. I don't know how NE will score 27 with that KC defense. Time will tell.
  7. You are yet to show me the post. {Mod edited content- No personal shots no matter how mildly intended}
  8. I am now realizing message board doesn't monitor if posters take medication. All I am saying is your original post claiming I said something earlier is wrong. Prove it. But no, you have nothing to prove nor admit it and continue to type your non sense. To the topic, I believe KC has a good chance to beat NE.
  9. Reply to this post. when I did I say earlier?. Show me that post. Stop dancing around this. Show me the post where you think I said I don't believe KC will not win without Maclin.
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