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  1. I see a Lot of people saying things like " Brisset is not that good !" I would just like to remind those people of something-- When Peyton Manning had been our starting quarterback for less than 2 years, he was not so great either ! He set a new team record for most interceptions thrown in a year !! It takes some time to acquire enough poise, experience and confidence to become really good . I think he is doing quite well considering his time in the Driver Seat ! If JB sits another year in the Starting Quarterback position, and shows no additional improvement, perhaps it will be time to think about replacing him. But to replace him now simply puts us right back where we started, by having to break in a new quarterback from scratch again !! Sadly we seem to have gotten spoiled by having a true great like manning for so many years !! many of us need to remember what it was like before Peyton came along !! Give JB the time needed to show if he can step up !
  2. I agree mostly, but think that the Bucs will be held to about 17 points while the Colts will get another FG to make the final score Colts 27 Bucs 17. Maybe just wishful thinking , but I try to be an optimist !
  3. OK, I am just going to say it out loud.. Does anyone else think that maybe we should sacrifice a goat to the football gods ?!
  4. I think that he is doing very well, considering how and when he got here . Literally he was sitting home one day , not really expecting to play at all in the immediate future .. Then Luck drops his bombshell, and the next day he is told, " Suit up !! You are our starting quarterback next Sunday !" Honestly I was surprised that he managed to even get moderately familiar with the playbook in that short a time ! Yes he has had his problems. But he keeps trying, and he gets a little better each game. Even when we lose, he gains a little more experience . Plus I remember back in the " Dim Times " when we were trying to play with QBs like Harbaugh and even ( crossing myself ) Jeff George !! Jacoby has problems that he is working to overcome, but compared to Harbaugh and George, I believe JB has a bright future. So lets support him for now and not cast him aside when troubles arise , like we did with another QB named MANNING ! I think we all remember what happened when we got rid of Peyton, right ??
  5. Any day that has a BIRD in it is a Good day !! Therefore Beowulf and I are in a good mood. We are very confident about Sunday. In fact we are feeling good about our chances to get into the play-offs !! GO COLTS !!!
  6. Thorolf


    In an attempt to bribe the Football Gods, Beowulf the Quaker Parrot has promise to give up pretzels for a week if TY leads us to victory this Thursday !
  7. Considering that we have been subjected to massive Quarter Back trauma by Luck, have a major number of our top players injured, and have a kicker who has constantly shifted from Pro-Bowl quality one week, to sub Rookie performance level in the very next week , I would say that we are doing VERY well ! I am not blind, and would therefore not be surprised if we failed to make the play-offs . But I really think that we have a good chance to show our quality this year !
  8. It just makes sense that Jacoby will have some problems. After all, he has not really been the starter for very many games. Look at how Peyton was in his first couple of years. he set team records for interceptions ! But maturity smoothed him out ! I think Jacoby can do that too, as long as he can stay healthy !!
  9. I am a bit sticious. I make it a point to take a drink of beer right before every COLTS play. I don't think it really helps the COLTS, but it makes me happier as the game goes on. That makes losses easier to take, and wins Fantastic ! Either way, I WIN ! My parrot , Beowulf, YELLS at the screen when the COLTS make a big play ! I think his sticion has more effect than mine !
  10. All season I have heard how we are never going to stand a chance ! Every person in the entire country said that we could never beat the Chiefs! But we DID ! many other games had us down and out even before the game started. But we have managed to keep winning ! I refuse to give up on the Colts, as so many of you seem to be doing ! And if I turn out to be wrong, it won't be because the players couldn't find anyone who had confidence in them !!
  11. They are missing Big Ben, which is going to have them at least a little out of step . In addition I don't think they have much if any experience against our new Quarterback, which gives us another slight edge. I also believe that our team mates are highly motivated and confident, having come off some recent wins. Lastly I don't think they have much experience dealing with Reich , which is another nice thought ! I believe that it will be a close game, but I think we will come away with the WIN !!! Yay !!!! Chip !!! ( Sorry. That is what my parrot Beowulf yells when the Colts score !! )
  12. Beowulf ( My Quaker Parrot, number 1.8 ) and I have been rabid Colts fans since the day the Colts arrived in Indy. If I could stay dedicated through so many lean years, I sure am not going to ,lose faith now !
  13. Okay, maybe I am just too much of an amateur .I admit it was a bad play. But " The worst play in the history of the NFL ?!" I think back to when the Saints were caught trying to intentionally maim and cripple opposing quarterbacks ( WITH a $50,000 BOUNTY if they succeeded )! I think back to blatant obviously intentional facemasks !I think back to Superbowls being lost by "The best kicker in the NFL" missing a 29 yard field goal ! I remember a "hidden ball play that resulted in a touchdown, but it was disallowed because the play was SO GOOD that the Umpires has blown the ball dead, thinking it was at the bottom of a pile ! I think back to games where I saw quarterbacks left in the game, when they obviously had nothing more to give ( and proved it ) ! I recall a game where the ball was thrown to a running back , who stood there, arms wide, and made NO ATTEMPT to catch the ball. Later he said " I am a RUNNING back ! I don't CATCH footballs !" So , like I said, maybe an just to inexperienced, but it does not seem to me that this was "The worst play in the history of the NFL !"
  14. I started watching the Chiefs to see what was going on in the background. In just a single quarter I saw the chiefs commit blatant face masks twice and one block in the back ! None of these was called , although the Colts were called for a block in the back in that same quarter . I know that many here do not agree with me, but I am thoroughly convinced that many Refs are paid off !! That is the only possible reason for such bad calls, especially when the bad calls are all made against one team ! If it were simply bad calling, we should be seeing these calls against both teams! Plus, please remember that there are huge amounts of money riding on Not which team wins, but What the point spread may be !! This is confirmed by the fact that the bad calls increase in number as the game starts to wind down ! Some , or perhaps even all, of the Refs are trying to keep the point spread down, which wins some people BIG money !!
  15. I saw him starting to go down hill last year. When I mentioned it here I was castigated and berated as though I had criticized the Lord God !! Now we see how far he has fallen. He cost us this game ! he had THREE chances to win the game for us! he failed every time! It is time to find a new kicker! Missing two field goals and a simple point-after in one game is something you would expect from a first year rookie !! Vinatieri was a giant in the past, but he is PAST HIS PRIME, and will continue to let us down !!
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