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  1. Guess I spoke too soon. Cap projects to be closer to $180. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/19/salary-cap-could-be-in-the-range-of-180-million/
  2. I have heard reports for a few weeks now that the cap will be flat and be at $195 for the reasons you stated. I think with the vaccine now here, the owners see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting the fans back next season.
  3. Saints are in full rebuild mode. Word is they will resign Winston for cheap next year and then reset the cap for the future.
  4. He really is unreal. He just brings the moxie, the swag, the belief. It has never been just about his play on the field but how he fuels the whole team to believe they can win. Their defense has not been good for the last half of the season then all of a sudden yesterday they look like the '85 Bears. It's like he has pixie dust or something to make guys buy in and win.
  5. Not contrarian at all. Right now Bills and Bucs are the hotter teams. They are on the longest win streaks and playing champ style football.
  6. This thread may become moot next week if Tampa wins. Brady will have settled it and taken Brees and Rodgers out of the playoffs. LOL
  7. He converted over 50% of third and fourth downs for the game which kept all their drives alive. He also threw 2 Tds and rushed for the 3rd. He also scored TDs on every turnover, every short field which is what put the game away. He did quite a bit including audibling into multiple runs all night given the Saints were playing 2 safeties deep. He absolutely roasted the WFT which was the second best pass defense in the leagued.
  8. Very impressive for Brady to get this team to the champ game in season one. Their defense completely humiliated Brees. What a performance by White. Brady scored on every short field. Hard to believe he will be playing next week to get to his 10th SB. Unreal. I am very happy for Arians and Mike Evans and David. All good guys that deserve this.
  9. I would not say that. Unitas changed the game way more than Manning. And also Montana with the West coach offense that is a part of every NFL offense now. No QB that I am aware of plays the Indy offense at all.
  10. Would love a Bills/Browns AFCCG. Two losing franchise playing to go to the Bowl. Would be happy no matter who won. Report today is Taysom Hill will not play. He hurt his leg last week. That is big for the Saints in terms of short yardage and red zone. I still think the game will be close with the Bucs pulling away at the end. Brady and Rodgers would be epic in the NFCCG most likely in the snow.
  11. I know for the conference champ games they alternate every year between the 3 and 6:30 slots. I believe the AFC gets the 6:30 this year as the Packers/Niners had it last year. I would imagine that if the Chiefs did get to choose this year for the divisional round, they would have picked the Saturday slot to give the Browns one less day to prepare/rest.
  12. It was not mundane for me. I loved watching them crater and Bill turning into an excuse machine. So much for Do Your Job this season.
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