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  1. For sure. It is always the transcendent player. No system works without great players running them.
  2. What on earth are the Patriots doing? They must be punting on this season like they did last year.
  3. Max Kellerman said today that luck is the residue of design. I liked that. I had a friend say to me once on the soccer field when a player's kick hit the crossbar that she was unlucky. My friend said, no that's skill. A better kick, just a little lower and it is a goal.
  4. I just read some of the excepts from the Wickersham book, boy does it paint Bill in a horrible light. Apparently Kraft called him a butt hole (euphemism inserted for family forum). LOL
  5. Rams treated that game like it was the SB. Did you see McVay jumping up and down on the sidleline? Good win for them. I still thought Stafford was shaky as the Bucs had a couple of picks they flat out dropped but overall their team is a force. I am excited to see how they match up vs the rest of the teams in the West.
  6. Speaking of the Mannings - did anyone catch Peyton and Eli talking about the cheating at Foxboro? It was hilarious. I was kind of wondering if Brady asked Peyton to do it to get under Bill's skin before the match up Sunday.
  7. He is not playing for the money. Football is his ultimate passion. If it was about money, he probably would have retired years ago.
  8. I really think the Niners are more of a threat than the Rams but time will tell.
  9. If anyone has the will to do it, it's him.
  10. I just about had it. Missed on Pats/Jets but had the other two. LOL
  11. My two upsets: Panthers beat Saints Jets beat Pats - not sure if that is an upset actually. LOL I also think the Colts have a punchers chance vs the Rams. Not sold on Stafford yet.
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