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  1. Yeah, I would assume that would be the position given Cam really does not look all that good. I think Stidham may end up with playing time this year if things continue to go south. That would not be a bad thing to see what you have him before next off-season.
  2. 2 games in the win column behind the Bills so 1.5 games. Miami is ahead of you too by half a game. 3 of the next 4 are Niners, Ravens, Bills. Pretty much have to go 2-1 with a one of the 2 wins being the Bills to stay in the mix.
  3. The Patriots are currently third in the East behind the Bills AND Dolphins. You can really see the lack of offensive talent now that Brady is gone. Cam is holding the ball and taking sacks and throwing picks. Their offense is 25th in scoring. They were 7th last year. I think it is going to be a rebuild for some time there. They don't have a franchise QB and their poor drafting the last few years has caught up with them. A QB like Brady covers up a lot of warts. It is the Bills division as long as they have Allen and he continues to progress like he has this season. We will see how
  4. Statement game from the Bucs. They really punched the Packers in the mouth. Suh got in Rodgers head. He was not the same after that pick six. Brady calmly iced the game in the third quarter. Also no penalties. If they can play clean like that they will be very tough to beat. Also, Bears are in first place at 5-1. Strange season!
  5. They got the second test on one player. They are awaiting a second test on another player.
  6. I agree. Right now Vrabel might be the best HC in the league.
  7. It has somewhat just because of the travel involved. Also, stadiums that do have some fans give an emotional edge to the home team. Not the same as before but still a bump. Bucs are also 2-0 at home this year.
  8. Titans coast I think unless Crennell has the Texans amped up. Browns/Steelers will be awesome. Not sure who wins. GB/TB should be a shoot out. If the Bucs receivers are healthy I give them a slight edge given the game is in Tampa with fans.
  9. Titans look like one of the best teams in football. Solid offense, defense and STs. Great coaching too.
  10. 3 teams are all 3-2. Should be a great race to the end. The Saints really look to be in trouble with their D and now Thomas having issues on the team and getting suspended. I think Carolina pushes Tampa for the division.
  11. Don't let the media ruin your enjoyment of Mahomes. He is a rare talent who is a leader and humble. It is the media that likes to crown guys once they step on the field and accomplish anything. Mahomes has a looong way to go to catch Peyton, Montana and Brady.
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