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  1. The league did not find anything on the football operations side BUT the Pats deserved the punishment for sheer stupidity given their history.
  2. The more I look at the deal, it is a huge win for the Chiefs. They have him locked up for 12 years and they hold all the cards to cut him at any point if he does not perform well or gets injured. Mahomes may really hate this deal if Reid is not his coach past the next few years.
  3. So this is how far NE fans have fallen now? Have to pump your chest on a Colts board?
  4. Bill obviously does not agree with you given he signed broken down Cam on the cheap.
  5. Dynasty is officially over with this massive deal.
  6. 2009 seems like a hundred years ago.
  7. Michel is a JAG. Newton hasn't been a dual threat for 3 seasons. Defenses will stack the box and force Newton who has been a very inaccurate passer throughout his career to throw into tight windows to receivers who were 32nd in the league last year at getting separation. It is going to be a beautiful dumpster fire in NE.
  8. Really does not matter either way whether you think they deserved it or not. Roger has handed out the most severe penalties of any commish. That was the overall point.
  9. When Roger was hired his directive from the owners was to clean up the league and be the heavy hand. If you look at Roger's tenure compared to other commish's his penalties have been way over the top - See Saints bountygate, Dallas/Redskins punishments for going over the cap in an uncapped year and the Pats deflating footballs. And those are the team ones, it would take too long to list his player punishments. It really can't be denied so like I said cheating is cheating regardless of penalty which is always subjected to the commish discretion.
  10. Cheating is cheating regardless of the penalties. Since Roger became comish the penalties have gotten out of hand for every team caught.
  11. Plenty of teams have been caught cheating more than once. Just about every team in the league. Do some google searches.
  12. I guess finishing better than the Colts is now the high bar for the mighty Pats.
  13. I am not sure what to tell you. JB was drafted in 4 years ago. He has started two full seasons for the Colts and he has been awful.
  14. Wait. Weren't you the one telling me that Stidham was the starter? That Bill was high on him and he was the guy? Now on June 28 he gets a broken down, beaten up Cam?
  15. They will get a third round comp for Brady.
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