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  1. I don't know what the Packers are waiting for. This is the best time to trade Rodgers coming off his MVP season. They will get a haul and a half for him and they already have his replacement in Love.
  2. My worry is that the two best QBs are going to the AFC - Jags and Jets. I know most don't think much of either org but Lawrence is an org changer type prospect and the Jets finally made a smart hire at HC. I think both teams could turn it around fast.
  3. McDaniels is very overrated. He was terrible with Newton forcing him to try to run a hybrid of the Brady offense. I think the bigger issue for NE is Bill has never been an offensive guy and now without the cornerstone QB they are flailing. I do think they try to get one of the 5 QBs because they have to do. Bill had no succession plan after Brady which has now made them a mediocre team.
  4. What's interesting if not ironic, both of their successors have been among the most injured QBs in the NFL. Poor Luck retired at 29. Not sure how much longer Jimmy will even be in the league. Goes to show you how much availability means in the NFL and how easy it is to take it for granted when you have a QB that plays all 16 every season. The Saints are about to learn this this year. Brees was another ironman.
  5. Yeah. Very odd considering Bill was watching him play and practice every day and there was no decline. I don't want to start any fireworks but I thought it was a mistake that the Colts released Manning. I just believe transcendent players should finish their careers where they started. I would never bet against Manning or Brady. Ever.
  6. Maybe the biggest brain far of Bill's career. Jimmy has basically been an injury bust while Brady has continued to win SBs in his 40s. I really wonder what Bill must have been thinking as Brady comes back from 28-3 down in the SB after going 11-1. Why on earth you would want to change him at that point is just head scratching. And now here he is graveling to get Jimmy back and the guy barely ever stays on the field.
  7. This has been quite the off-season for Mr. Licht. All 22 starters back + Brown + Giovanni. I can't ever remember a team doing this even back before FA/cap. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/28/buccaneers-sign-antonio-brown/
  8. Yeah. That is today's NFL. Mahomes mega deal really kicks in next year when his cap hit is 40 mil+. Plus, given his style of play, they probably have 3 years before he really starts to break down.
  9. Yikes is right. That is always the risk when you trade for a player with one year left. Brown is for sure going to fleece KC to keep him.
  10. Strange trade. I think this is an over reaction to the SB. They could have gotten a quality LT in the draft at 31 but they didn't want to risk at all. Crazy price to pay for a guy with one year left on his deal.
  11. Pretty cool if it happens. What a story it would be.
  12. Win totals are very low. There are 17 games. I think the good teams records will be better than last year. I can see the Bills winning 13 or 14. The Chiefs I think win at least 14. Same with the Bucs. I think they have divisional winners right for the most part though just the win totals are really low.
  13. It's amazing how mediocre the QBs are in the NFC South now that Brady showed up.
  14. I have had massages done for over 25 years. I have had about 4 people massage me over that time as when I have found someone I like, I stick with them. BTW, I am not an athlete just someone who has struggled with muscle issues my whole life. When I read this story, it makes me cringe. I cannot image doing that to someone. It seems so bizarre. The person there is trying to help you feel better and you take advantage for your own pleasure. Not sure if it is some type of fetish or what but man it makes my stomach turn.
  15. Watson wants to go to Miami but I doubt Texans trade him there. Carolina is offering a huge haul as well. That being said, I think Watson may be out of football for some time.
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