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  1. Ballard said before last year's draft that he was aware this coming draft is stacked at WR, too. I won't be shocked if we went WR or DB, either. However, with rumors circulating that AC is considering retirement, LT may become our #1 concern. Fortunately, this draft is pretty stacked with OL. Personally, after Burrows, I don't consider any of the QBs in this draft to be sure fire franchise QBs and think we'd be reaching on pretty much all of them at 13. Fromm or Love, IMO, may develop and could be worth the 34th or 44th pick (if they fell that far), but are in no way worth reaching for at 13. Prior to Tua's hip, I thought he would not pan out in the NFL (very few 'Bama QBs do, plus Tua is 6'1" and IMO relies onhis legs too much). I think he'll return to NCAA next year based on reports, but regardless, he's got braces on both his knees and coming off the same injury that ended Bo Jackson's career - I don't think he's gonna be anything too special on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see what Ballard and Reich decide to do this offseason. IMO, there are no long term answers at QB in FA and drafting one from this class is pretty risky considering we have gaping holes across the board. We certainly need to address WR and TE on offense. If Castanzo hangs them up, we certainly need to address OT (I think we need to address Glowinski on OL as well). Frankly, if we don't get those areas addressed it won't really matter who our QB is as very few QBs are going to thrive with the talent on this offense (especially if we lose someone like TY to injury again). We also have glaring holes in the secondary and the DL. Again, as I have said in previous threads, I don't think Jacoby is the long-term answer at QB. Having said that, we still had a very legitimate shot to win the AFC South last year up until week 15. We got the injury bug worse than any other team in the south. We lost at least 3 games due to poor kicking. If we address those other needs and stay healthy, I think Jacoby can lead us to the AFC South title next year without a doubt (I wouldn't expect us to go to NE, Baltimore, KC and win big playoff games per se, but we can at least get to the dance). May not be the popular opinion, but with what looks to be available at QB this offseason and with all the other needs this team has, as of right now, I'd rather just accept Jacoby coming back for one more year (with the FO giving Kelly a fair shot to take his spot in camp) and fill needs at other positions and address the long term QB situation in 2021.
  2. I still think Turay's loss was big. Without him, Houston was the only DL who could pressure teh QB regardless of if we played a good OL or a bad OL. Even if Turay was neutralized by all the good LTs, his presence still could have impacted some games vs. mediocre LTs, without him we had nobody besides Houston on the DL to do anything to even put an ounce of fear into opposing QBs or o-coordinators. And yes, very rarely do mobile QBs have a long lasting impact in the NFL (Randall Cunningham was above average for a while, Vick was good for a while aside from his suspensions, but then you have guys like RGIII, Kaepernick, etc. etc. who either had injury issues from scrambling too much or who had teams figure out how to keep them in the pocket and make them average). Lamar and Mahommes may be rare instances, but both of them have elite or next-to-elite arms and can throw from anywhere on the field, including in the pocket when need be.
  3. I agree about being in no man's land for picking a QB with where we're slotted. I honestly don't know that Dalton is a big enough improvement over Brissett to warrant signing him. I think Carr could be a major improvement, but again, not sure the FO is going to want to give big $ to Carr when we've got Jacoby under a decent salary next year and would also have a fairly big chunk of cash invested in a young guy (assuming we draft a QB in rd 1 or 2). Though, I guess that's the nice thing about having the cap space Ballard's got set up.
  4. Maybe Derrick Brown (IDL - Auburn) but probably not. More likely would be AJ Epenesa (EDGE, Iowa), Yetor Gross-Matos (EDGE, PSU), Javon Kinlaw (IDL, S. carolina), Curtis Weaver (EDGE, Boise State) or K'Lavon Chaisson (EDGE, LSU), though I think we could trade back and take them closer to pick 20. A few possible WRs are CeeDee Lamb (WR, OKLA), Tee Higgins (WR, Clemson), Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama), Henry Ruggs III (WR, Alabama), or Lavinska Shenault (WR, Colorado). Kind of doubt Lamb or Jeudy will be there at 13, and think we could drop back a few slots to get most of the others. A few possible DBs are Grant Delpit (S, LSU -- not sure we need a S, but the dude is a stud), Kristian Fulton (CB, LSU), CJ Henderson (CB, Florida).. again, we could maybe trade back a couple picks for any of these three. Pretty solid OL talent in round 1 as well (I don't know we need a 1st rounder, but I'd really like to see us upgrade Glowinski). After Burrows, I don't see any QBs being a long-term franchise QB. I have my doubts that any of them could beat out Jacoby. I'm somewhat expecting us to trade back in round 1 to get an additional 2nd round pick. With the way this draft is stacked, I think we can really improve our WRs, DL and secondary with 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. Don't think Tua's going to translate into the pros, TBH. I don't even think he'll wind up entering the draft this year, anyway. And I don't see Herbert as a sure fire upgrade to Brissett. I'd personally rather see us fill holes in other areas of the roster than waste a pick on a mediocre QB. Aside from Burrow, I don't think any QB in this draft is a sure shot franchise guy. No. We're in far worse position if we take a mediocre QB in the draft and avoid filling holes at other glaring needs than we are if we keep the mediocre Brissett and build around him for a year before either signing a top end FA or trying to get a franchise guy (we're unlikely to have the #1 pick next year, but aside from Burrow this year the only other franchise QB I'm seeing in college is T. Lawerence from Clemson and he's not going to be eligible 'til next year). Maybe a guy like Fromm will fall to the 34th or 44th pick, but I don't see anyone after Burrows (going #1) being worthy of a first round pick at QB in this draft. He showed his flashes. He didn't play much. He definitely seemed to be improving but he couldn't stay healthy. He was drafted as a project pick anyway. His major issue is going to be staying healthy next year, but I think Reich will figure out a way to make him a threat in the offense (maybe not just as a WR but as a multi-faceted threat who lines up all over the place). I don't think Love, Tua or Fromm are worth 13. I don't think Tua's going to pan out in the NFL, I didn't think so before he got injured either. Love or Fromm may be worth the 44th pick, but IMO they're certainly not worthy of the 13th.
  5. Hentges went undrafted for a reason. We can only keep 53 on the active roster, it was either try to stash him on the PS or try to keep him and likely lose someone else who we'd have to try to stash on the PS. We started the season fairly deep at TE, so it made perfect sense for Ballard to try to stash Hentges on the PS (rather than keep 5 TEs on the 53 and losing a OL/LB/DB/etc. to another team). I'm sure we'll address TE this offseason (frankly, we'll have to with Ebron entering free agency). I think guys like Hentges and Travis are very replaceable with other undrafted free agents or free agent signings. I know Reich likes to have a 2 TE scheme available to him, so I'd bet if we don't resign Ebron we'll seriously look at signing a fairly high-profile TE or addressing the position in the first half of the draft rather than going to UDFA route. For the record, Hentges has 8 receptions all year (4 of which came in week 17 and 2 in week 16 after the Redskins' season was done). It's not like he went on and drastically improved one of the worst teams in the league. Ballard said before the draft something like "You know you're doing a good job as GM when guys you cut between 75 and 53 man rosters go play on other teams." Ballard is doing a way better job in this regard than Grigson (who was keeping garbage guys on the 53 for his ego's sake, e.g., Adongo). We had several players who we had to cut or move to the PS who wound up on other teams' 53 man rosters. This is actually a good thing, a clear indicator that Ballard is building a deep/competitive roster (unfortunately, injuries screwed some of that up this year, but it is better than it's been in the recent past with Grigs ahead of the ship). Off the top of my head, Hentges, Cain, Ross and Jackson Barton all were moved from our 53 to our PS and claimed by another team and stuck around there. I'm probably missing a few... but that is a good sign. Luck was able to mask deficiencies at other positions better than almost any QB in the league (if not better than everyone). That said, the injuries to the WR and TEs this year left Brissett with worse options than Luck ever had to deal with at any point of his pro career.
  6. And the defense did the offense a lot of favors.... it goes both ways (well 3 ways, and our STs other than week 16 when Hines broke off 2 TD returns didn't give the O or the D any favors either). Injuries took their toll after a pretty fast start, unfortunately and most of our losses were a result of losing all 3 phases of the game. Nobody should get a pass, but I don't think the season was as bad as a lot make it out to be (given injuries, Luck's retirement, Vinny's issues, etc. this season could've probably been a lot worse). We simply don't have a very good secondary. I have some faith in Ya-Sin and Tell developing into pretty good CBs. Desir (while he may have been battling injury) was very disappointing and Wilson took a big step back from the progress he seemed to be making last year. I appreciate what Moore does for this team and the effort he puts in, but I don't think he's an elite CB if you look NFL wide. He's above average and plays on a group that's probably below average overall. That said, I am having a hard time thinking of another team in the NFL where he'd be the clear cut 'best' corner back. Therefore, I don't think he's an 'elite' NFL talent. Turay's injury was a huge impact. Other than Houston, he was the only guy on the DL who at least posed a threat to pressure the opposing QB. He had a small sample size and you're right he only really thrived against subpar opposing tackles, but he was making clear strides from his rookie year and he at least posed a threat of getting to a QB. I think Stewart made a huge leap on the DL this year and think he should be a building block for the future. That said, I agree with most of your post -- it seems like Sheard, Autry and Hunt all took steps back this year and I don't know if Lewis took a step back because I don't think he ever looked very good in the NFL to begin with. Benagu was a project pick from the start, so I'd like too see how he develops with another year in the NFL. Otherwise, we desperately need another rusher and a big guy in the middle. Yet, somehow we had one of the most effective defensive schemes against KC all regular season this year. After that game, I thought we were legit superbowl contenders and would easily wrap up the AFC South. Injuries, missed kicks, shaky play all over the board wound up ruining the season in the end. I don't think everything's broken. The team obviously has some glaring holes to address this offseason. I, for one, am going to be very interested in how Ballard uses his salary cap and how we approach things with the draft, etc. There is (IMO) no reason why the Colts shouldn't be legit contenders next season and very little reason why we can't (if healthy) win the AFC South again. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's going to require Ballard to spend some of his cap on FAs and not rely solely on the draft. Seems like on D we're pretty well set at LB. Our secondary (especially our CBs) needs at least one more very solid player and our DL needs probably at least 3 very solid additions. We need to address WR, TE and RG on offense (IMO) and potentially QB (I just don't see a clear cut better option than Brissett this off-season with the exception of an unexpected return by Luck). Long story short, I think we're in much better hands with Ballard and Reich than we were with Grigson and Pagano. It'll be interesting to see how this offseason turns out. Part of me doesn't want Ballard to change his approach (i.e., build through the draft and coaching/player development) too much, but part of me wants to see a significant chunk of the $130+ million cap space go to some heavy hitters in the free agent market.
  7. We also have a very weak pass rush (maybe a healthy Turay changes that?) and are banged up pretty bad in the secondary (plus we lack skill guys at CB). Our offense also sputtered out most of the 2nd half of the season, meaning other teams can play very conservatively against us when they've got the ball. I have faith in Hooker, I think he needs a better supporting cast and he'll be fine.
  8. At least 3 games this year we can blame almost solely on the kicker. Another 2-3 games are mainly on the kicker. That's 5 games on the kicker. We win 3 of those games and we're a 10-6 team instead of a 7-9 team. That would put us atop the division, or at worst in a wildcard position based on the way the standings turned out. So, I do think Jacoby is a good enough QB to win the AFC South (whether we could go into the playoffs and beat Baltimore or NE is another question, but I think he played well enough this year to win the AFC South). Also, to his credit, his WR/TE corp was garbage most of the season. Frankly, I don't see many options out there this offseason (aside from Luck coming out of retirement), which will put us in a better position than we would be with Brissett. We have some other glaring holes on this team (WR depth and skill, TE depth and skill, DB depth and skill, DL depth and skill, improvement at RG though our overall OL depth is solid, a reliable kicker, etc.) which I think we can fix and still have a very good shot to win the AFC South with Jacoby behind center next year. Not saying he's 'the future', but I certainly think he's decent enough to get us the divisional title. As for games lost by our K, Week 1 - lost 30-24 to Chargers -- Vinatieri missed 2 FGs and 1 XP (7 points on the board, we lost by 6), Week 9 - lost 26-24 to Steelers (with Hoyer getting most of snaps) -- Vinatieri missed a FG and an XP (4 points on the board, we lost by 2), Week 14 - lost 38-35 to TB - McLaughlin missed a FG (left 3 points on board, lost by 3) And those where the K had a major influence, Week 4 - lost 31-24 to OAK -- Vinny missed 1 FG (3 points on board, lost by 6 -- OAK had a pick 6 which killed us, but the way that game was managed could have been slightly different if we didn't miss a very makeable FG) Week 10 - lost to 16-12 to MIA -- Vinny missed an XP (1 point on board, lost by 4 -- another game where management was likely altered due to the K, if we're down 3 tying the game with a FG is a different beast than winning with a TD -- *Note: Hoyer played this game and threw 3 INTs) Week 13 - lost 31-17 to TEN - Vinny missed 3 FGs (9 points on the board, lost by 14 -- most certainly influenced the way this game was managed as with an additional 9 points, it's a 1 score game). Even if we won the first two games I mentioned and tied TB (which is what the case would be had we just not lost the points to missed kicks), we would've had a good enough record to make the playoffs. Win all 3 of them and we're the AFC south champs. Add one or two of the 'major influenced by K' games and we win the AFC south, as well. A lot of people on here have debated in the past whether TY is a true #1 WR or not. I tend to think he's more of a 1b type, though I go back and forth. Regardless, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's a legit #1. He missed 6 games. We won only 1 of those games (so 6 of our 7 wins came with TY in the line-up). Funchess was the only other WR on this roster who was a drafted player when the season started and he got hurt week 1. Jacoby was playing with a bunch of undrafted guys for a very good chunk of the season. Ebron was the only drafted TE on this roster and he missed the last 1/4 of the season. There were literally games when the highest drafted skill guy on the O was 4th round pick, Nyheim Hines (who was drafted ~40 spots earlier than Mack was a year before him). This is probably a Ballard issue, though I can't fault him for not being able to predict that Funchess, Ebron and TY would all miss significant time to injury. Many people thought that our WR/TE group was the strong suite of this team going into the season (with unrealistic expectations for Cain, decent expectations from Reece Fountain, big expectations from Funchess and Ebron and normal expectations from TY). Unfortunately, Cain didn't pan out, Fountain and Funchess missed most of the season. TY and Ebron missed significant chunks of time (and at least in TY's case, some games he was obviously not 100% when he played). Again, not saying Brissett is the long-term answer at QB. However, he had one of the worst WR/TE groups in the NFL for a good chunk of the season (in large part due to injury). I don't care who your QB is, but when Zach Pascal is your WR #1, Doyle is your TE #1 (as a receiver), and your other options to throw to are Mo Alie-Cox, Chester Rogers, and some dudes off the street... you're not going to get elite level QB play from more than 1-3 QBs in the league (maybe Brees, Rodgers, Brady could make that crew look good? maybe Wilson? but those are just maybes). Due to lack of talent likely available come our draft pick, lack of solid FA QBs (looks like our options may be Eli, Rivers, Bridgewater, and Carr -- with Rivers being the only sure-fire upgrade to Jacoby there, IMO and that's a stretch given age), and a very serious need for upgrades to other positions (WR, TE, DL, RG, K, DB), I don't mind us sticking with Jacoby for one more year and seeing how he does if surrounded by better talent.
  9. Reich (and every other coach in the league) is not going to bash his players publicly. Our franchise QB, Luck, retired 2 weeks before the season. We had no other options this year. There is no sense (or good) in the head coach coming out and saying to the media "Our QB is trash, we don't have faith in him, etc." -- of course he's going to give the guy under center praise to the public and the media. Who did we have that was a better option? Hoyer was unimpressive when given the chance. Pretty obvious the coaches don't think Chad Kelly was ready to come in and outperform Brissett. Reich's a very solid coach. He got dealt a bad hand (with Luck retiring and with injuries to Funchess, TY, Ebron, etc. etc. etc. etc.). There is absolutely nothing good that would have came out of him going to the media and bashing on our starting QB. Not saying Brissett is our long-term answer at QB. However, his season should have an asterisk next to it (IMO). Funchess was our 'big name' FA signing, he had a great TD catch in week 1 and missed the rest of the season to injury. TY missed several games and played in several games where he was obviously hobbling. Ebron seemed to digress this year and missed several games. There were literally games this year where every active TE and WR on our roster were undrafted free agents. We need to get deeper at WR and TE in the off-season, regardless of if we make a QB change. Very few QBs in the NFL would thrive with the weapons Brissett was given for several weeks. Ballard, Reich, Irsay all could not have predicted Luck's retirement. None of them could have predicted Funchess missing 15.5 games. None of them could have predicted TY being hurt for a good chunk of the season. None of them could have predicted Ebron being hurt for the last 1/4 of the season. None of them could have predicted all the defensive injuries. Fact of the matter is, our team was a joke just 2 years ago. Ballard has done a very nice job on the start of the rebuild, despite several very difficult challenges. We need more depth in many areas and more skill in other areas. The fact that our franchise QB retired 2 weeks prior to the season, that our best remaining O player (TY) missed significant injury time, that our biggest FA signing (at least on O) missed 15.5 games to injury, our best young pass rusher (Turay) missed over half the season to injury, our pro-bowl TE missed 1/4 or more of the season to injury, etc. etc. is not all on the coaches and GM. The fact that we were not mathematically eliminated until week 16 with all that went wrong should probably be a sign of encouragement which we should have for our coaches. I think most teams would've thrown in the towel and declared the season a dumpster fire in week 3 of preseason, we barely missed the playoffs.
  10. Glenn also showed up to at least a couple of training camps overweight/out of shape. Q leads this whole offense by example and he's done so since the day he stepped in here as a rookie. Very bad comparison. In terms of who I have appreciated this year: (1) Big Q, (2) Kelly, (3) Castonzo, (4) Smith -- I think Glow is the weak link on the OL, but the other 4 have come in and balled out week after week with little recognition, despite some unfortunate circumstances which have surrounded the team (especially the offense with injury, retirement, etc.). (5) Leonard -- dude continues to be a leader of this team at a very young age, makes clutch plays, doesn't complain, fires up his teammates, and is still growing as a football player which is pretty scary considering he has a good shot at earning his second 1st team all-pro in as many years. (6) K. Willis -- very good job as a rookie, improves almost every week, I expect he's our long term SS and we won't be seeing much of Geathers in Indy after this year or next. (7) M. Mack -- he's improved a lot this year. If he stays healthy, I think we've got our RB for the next 4-5 years. (8) Reich -- a lot went wrong this year from Luck retiring, to Vinny missing kicks, to guys getting hurt, etc.. he, IMO, still has full control of this locker room, he takes every loss on him (even though a couple, IMO, were on the team's oldest vet missing kicks), and despite the very unforeseen circumstances this year, he had this team in a chance to win the AFC South/make the playoffs until a week ago -- I'm sure glad we have him instead of that traitor from New England.
  11. I somewhat wonder if part of the reason Andrew retired was not only due to his health, but to the way the organization treated him. Obviously, many of us have heard horror stories about Grigson (Pat McAfee helped make them famous), but if I'm Andrew and have suffered a lacerated kidney, multiple concussions, and am still not seeing my OL improve I'd be pretty upset. Then with the shoulder injury, I have to go to a foreign country to see my own specialist because what the team doctors are telling me isn't helping my pain subside, isn't helping my throwing motion get better, isn't improving arm strength, etc... and my own specialist fixes my shoulder (granted it took a long, excruciating process), I'd be a bit questionable about what the Colts organization really thinks of me. Then, I get what team doctors tell me is a mild calf strain and it isn't healing after almost 9 months (an injury which should heal on a pro athlete my age in a few weeks), and I have a specialist look at it and found out it was misdiagnosed, instead I have a potentially very serious ankle injury involving my bones and which could potentially lead to a torn achilles, etc. Frankly, I'd have a hard time trusting the organization after what Andrew went through in his first ~5 years here. In a ddition to misdiagnosed injuries, the way the media and organization handled Luck's health issues with the public had to be pretty frustrating (possibly culminating with the owner suggesting Luck's injuries were 'all in his head'). I doubt Luck will come back to the NFL. If he does, I'd hope it'd be with the Colts. However, I could very well see a scenario where Luck thinks he has been wronged by the organization and if he came back, he'd come back in a different uniform. TBH, I hope not. I'm not convinced there are any QBs in this draft who could come in and take Jacoby's job from day 1. I'm not even convinced any QBs in this draft are bonafide franchise QBs. We have plenty of other needs to address on this team, and I (for one) will be disappointed if we start forcing picks looking for our next franchise QB if the GM/FO/Coaching Staff don't think there's the exact right guy in this draft to fit that role.
  12. I think a lot of this depends on how some of our guys bounce back from injury and how the FO evaluates their development. I'd rank WR #1: As the OP said, TY's seemingly slowing down. I think Campbell can be a very good player for us, but I don't think he's a #1, I think he's more built to be a dynamic guy who plays mostly in the slot but can be used to run reverses, line up occasionally outside, and just cause headaches to the opposing D-Coordinator due to his speed/athleticism. I thought Campbell showed signs of improvement as he got more time, but unfortunately, every time that happened he wound up getting hurt. Personally, I think we need a big WR who can be a very solid #1b or 2 to TY (maybe Funchess is that guy, and maybe we can bring him back cheap since he missed the whole year w/ injury?). I think Pascal is developing nicely, and M. Johnson may turn out to be a nice #3 WR. I think Dulin may still have some room to improve, but I think we've seen the ceiling on most of our other WRs (Rogers, Williams, Inman). Maybe 'Reece Fountain comes back fully healthy and gives us a legit weapon... otherwise, I think we desperately need to add at least one legit 1b/2 WR this offseason. #2 - CB: I think Ya-Sin will be solid with another year to develop. Moore is solid (IMO moreso at slot than outside) but has trouble staying healthy it seems. I think we wound up overpaying Desir after he had a decent year last year, he didn't really impress me this year. Wilson seemed like his growth is stunted. I think Tell can be a decent player, but unless we upgrade here, I think CB is our weakest link in the secondary. #3 - TE: It sounds like Ebron may not be coming back (he struggled with drops again this year). Doyle's a solid blocker and a good #2 TE. I think Alie-Cox is a solid #3TE, but it'd be really nice to have a true #1 TE and I don't know that Ebron is the guy there (if he even comes back). #4 - Interior DL: I guess this depends on Turay. He was really coming along on the edge, but got hurt. I think he can be our long-term guy there, if he's healthy. If that's the case, I think we need to add one more bull to the IDL (if not, edge may be a bigger issue). #5 - QB: I think Brissett would play better with better weapons (why I listed WR and TE higher than QB). I'm not convinced Brissett is the long-term franchise QB, but I think he played well enough this year to give us a legit chance at winning the AFC South. Had Vinny not missed those kicks and had Brissett had a few more weapons around him, I think he's a good enough QB to get us to the top of our division. Not saying we shouldn't be looking for an upgrade here, but I think his play improves greatly with this season under his belt and improved weapons around him.
  13. Probably the new guy: https://www.colts.com/news/briean-boddy-calhoun-rolan-milligan-roster-moves
  14. Ya, I can't remember if he missed any time within games before he missed full games. If so, he may be even higher than his current 9.5/game. He's one of the best LBers in the league, for sure. Read an article somewhere earlier with a quote from 'Flus. Sounds like 'Flus thinks he is really a better player and playing smarter this year rather than just relying on athleticism. If we add another piece or two to the DL this off-season, it should free him up from blockers even more. I think he's already a top 3-5 LB in the league, but with a little more help around him and another year of experience, I think the sky's the limit for The Maniac.
  15. I think he's improved. He's got 104 tackles in 11 games (9.5 tackles per game) compared to last year 163 tackles in 15 games (10.8 tackles per game).... IMO, that's not really a drop off due to decrease in his ability, I think it's a slight drop off due to teams running away from him. He's the only player in the NFL with 100+ tackles and 5 or more sacks (he had 7 sacks in 16 games last year, so 5 sacks in 11 games is pretty good, perhaps better than last year). He's got 4 interceptions (one pick 6 that he took ~80 yards), whereas he only had 2 last year. IMO, he's seeing the field better this year and has become more of a 'football player' than the 'athlete' he was last year. He is certainly a team leader. He is also pretty good at making big plays in big situations. He has 2 forced fumbles, which I think should've been 3 (the one vs. DeShawn Watson, which could have totally changed the game and perhaps the trajectory of our season). Here's a cool video where the ESPN crew ranks him (all in the top 5, some in the top 3 in terms of best LBs in the NFL). https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/28291347
  16. I'd consider Carr. Mayfield's kind of an over-hyped punk, if you ask me.
  17. Well maybe we should be thankful we've got Brissett instead of those guys.
  18. He certainly seems to be keeping himself in shape... but I guess when you have $27 mil just sitting around and don't have to sit at a desk all day, keeping in good shape isn't too hard. Irsay did make it clear that if Andrew ever wants to come back to Indy, we'd welcome him with open arms. I doubt he comes back, but it does strike me a little odd that he seems to frequent the facility and workout with his old teammates. You'd think with his money, he could build a gym in his basement or go to a private gym somewhere around Indy. I don't think he still has a 'contract.' He retired. They let him keep his signing bonus, but I don't think he is under any sort of binding contract if he does come back to Indy. I could be wrong, but I'd think they'd have to renegotiate a new contract all together.
  19. They are a top 10 offense in the league and have weapons all over the place. They also have arguably the greatest QB of all-time under center. Sure, you want to stop Thomas (and Brees and their whole offense).... there's a reason why Thomas has so many receptions, they do a great job of scheming to get him open and he's a great WR. If our sole focus was to shut him down, they would've picked us apart elsewhere. Marvin has had the record for 17 years and he played in a much different era in terms of the passing game and how physical defenders can play. This record would likely be broken if Thomas played a team other than the Colts yesterday and keeps his pace up the next two games. This won't be the last time this record is broken in most of our life times.
  20. Is there a better option that JB right now at QB? No, there's not. He hasn't been great, but he hasn't been as bad as some people make him out to be (just looking at a JB thread earlier, back on 10/27/2019 many were saying he is our sure-fire franchise QB). JB's playing with a bunch of undrafted WRs and TEs (he got TY back last night, but they obviously either weren't on the same page or TY was a step slow), and his play has seemingly dropped off in the past several weeks. Regardless, replacing him with Hoyer does nothing for increasing the competition on this team. It may be nice to get at taste of C. Kelly now that we're eliminated, but it's not like we're going to sign someone off the street (unless A. Luck was healthy again) and see an improvement in QB play or competition at the QB level. Maybe we held on the AV too long (maybe he held on too long)... but again, the available kickers out there are available kickers for a reason. The 9ers signed our current kicker after an injury to Robbie Gould and then waived him after he missed a game winner in OT (which allowed the Seahawks to surpass the 9ers for first place in the NFC West and may allow the Seahawks to wind up atop the entire NFC with a 1 seed in the playoffs).... I don't think for one second that Frank has lost this team, nor do I think FR and CB are not trying to be a competitive team. This season has been a weird year, starting with Luck's retirement right before the season started and then we've had a plethora of injuries to key players. Other than last night, we've been competitive in every single game playing with a group of scrubs at WR and dealing with injuries all over the board.
  21. I think Rigo has the leg and we have a couple very good STers (mainly Odum). I think part of the kicking game earlier in the year was Adam's knee or something to do with him (though there were a few bad snaps). But yea... outside of a few elite K's and a few elite P's (I don't think Rigo's leg is that far off from being near that group), every ST unit in the league is essentially back-ups. You'll get a guy like Matthew Slater every once in a while who is just a stud gunner and non-return guy on STs, and you'll get a guy like Devin Hester once in a while who is a once in a generation return guy. Otherwise, every ST unit in the league should be fairly even when it comes to talent. The fact our unit has been so bad throughout the year, to me, suggests we are being out-coached in that phase.
  22. The only way this record doesn't get broken is if the Saints clinch 1st place in the NFC next week and rest their starters week 17, IMO. Even so, if he has 7 catches next week, I'd be Payton will play Thomas for a quarter and get him the record in week 17. I really don't think the Colts and their coaching staff care about old records. Their job is to win games, and before last night we hadn't been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I think the last thing on their mind in game planning was 'let's protect a 17 year old record and tank the game.' We got crushed in all phases last night, and part of that was we didn't have a DB who could stop any of their WRs. Also has the most accurate QB of all time and plays in a league where DBs can't hardly touch WRs. If you remember, it was after Ty Law mugged Marvin all game in the playoffs that Polian complained to the league in the off-season, at which point, rule changes were made to give the WRs more space. The rules have since gotten more and more favorable for both WRs and QBs and less favorable for defensive players. I'm actually surprised it took this long for someone to come this close to breaking Marv's record (I thought AB would do it in Pittsburgh before he went haywire). Unless rule changes are made to allow DBs to play physical with WRs, I imagine this is a record that gets broken several times over the next couple of decades.
  23. No, I haven't... but he has prototypical size for a G (in fact, he's listed on the team's website as a G). He has played very well at RT. What @Myles said, I agree with. Regardless, I think that just about everyone can agree that Glowinski is the weakest link on our OL (which is a pretty darn good OL). If we want to take the next step on OL, we need to improve the RG position. Right now, we don't have a right tackle better than Smith.. that said, if we did bring in another T who was better than Glowinski is at RG and afford the opportunity to move Smith to RG, I think our OL would be significantly improved.
  24. I guess the argument against you here is that Kelly has done a lot of bone-headed (albeit not gang-related Hernandez bad) stuff off the field. He moved around from Clemson (where he was getting playing time as a freshman) due to conduct detrimental to the team, then went to community college and then to Ole Miss where he had 2 good years. Kelly also tore his ACL and meniscus his senior year, an injury bad enough to keep him from participating in the combine. He was also arrested in 2014 for getting in a fight w/ bouncers at a night club. I don't think teams doubted that Kelly had pretty good talent coming out of college. I think they had a huge red flag on him for his off-field incidents, plus he was coming off a major knee injury. Not saying he would've been a first rounder or anything, but the guy showed a lot of signs of being a punk and had a major injury to boot. My guess is, if he didn't get kicked off Clemson and stayed healthy, he would've been picked a little higher in the draft.
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