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  1. Idk. It’s a common known fact in fantasy football that rookie WRs are basically worthless for about the first half of the season. Rookie RBs tending to come out the gate running (pun intended). I know Mack is there but it sounds like they will both be given an equal load to start with and I think Taylor will be a serious contributor early on
  2. I agree. That field position is extremely important and you can tell Ballard values it
  3. Nice to have that returner depth in case Hines’ returning woes resurface
  4. Oh absolutely. Pittman and Taylor have extremely good interview skills and seem very intelligent. Haven’t heard much of the others. Yea it’s nice to have somebody without a huge drop asterisk next to them. Loved Ebron but it killed us too many times
  5. What traits pop out to you as you watch our draft picks? I love this draft more and more I watch tape Pittman Jr. - Hands. He has hands of glue and catches the ball with such strength Taylor - Physicality. He runs powerful. Falls forward when tackled to pick up extra yards. Great trait to have especially blended with the speed he has Blackmon - Range. He was all over the field and in the right place at the right time. Can’t wait to see him healthy Eason - Arm strength. Kind of a given. He’s also ultra accurate when he’s comfortable now let’s make sure we keep him as comfortable as possible Haven't watch enough tape on the other players to make a judgement
  6. I think Pittman is better in almost every aspect. But they play similar. Pittman is a better version of moncrief who many of us had doing great things with this team. So I’m very excited
  7. I might get crucified for this but I see a peak Donte Moncrief in him. If he could become the player Moncrief failed to become, that’d be amazing
  8. I get people not liking the Blackmon pick and I didn’t at first either. But god his tape is GOOOD. If he can bounce back from the injury, which ACL tears haven’t been as severe in today’s medical world, he could be a stud for us
  9. The only vet swapping numbers is Walker and he's still very young and hardly considered a vet. Houston wore 50 up until last year and Rhodes' number is being used by Hooker.
  10. No problem. I appreciate you doing this. Love the trade up to snag Love right before the Pats. I was a believer of grabbing him at 13 to sit behind Rivers before the Buckner trade. If we can still get him, I'd be thrilled. Also a big fan of Justin Jefferson. Him in the 2nd would be an amazing pick. I do think the likelihood that Mims, Jefferson, and Higgins all 3 make it that late is not likely but who knows. I would be happy with any one of them with our first pick in the 2nd.
  11. I agree. Doesn't seem like a Ballard guy. His name is carrying him more than his work ethic and production.
  12. I love this draft. Very nicely done. My only issue is Moss. Not a believer in him, would probably go defense with that pick. It would be surprising seeing Ballard not pick a defensive player until the 5th but the way he's played free agency, I definitely wouldn't rule it out. Our 1st 2 picks alone make this draft a win in my eyes though.
  13. Injury concerns worry me but I think being back with a competent QB, he could flourish. I’ve seen countless plays where he is wide open, even in the end zone, and Trubisky doesn’t even glance at him
  14. Gotta take into account that Florida doesn’t charge income tax. So that 17M is more appealing than our 17M in terms of money. But if he truly values playing with a contender like he says and isn’t just chasing money, I think he’s a great grab at 17M
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