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  1. Lewis was on IR for a toe injury wasn’t he?
  2. Agreed. 8 months to a year and with a rookie not practicing with the team all year, shouldn’t take significant snaps in December/January.
  3. TheMose

    The FA Predictions Game

    C.J. Moseley tagged by the Ravens Suh
  4. Guys if I remember correctly, Jaylon Smith was also projected to be a high first rounder too. Like top 5. I see Simmons dropping a bit more.
  5. Just think we have a line and offense great enough to bring a great out of retirement. Man this is an amazing signing!
  6. TheMose

    Colts hire OL and TE Coaches

    Not sure how I like either signing. But I trust Ballard and Reich
  7. TheMose

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Rams 31 Pats -7
  8. TheMose

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Yea don't think we will see many people going for the Pats in this forum. Lol
  9. TheMose

    Free Agent Radar

    Posted this and got super busy so I haven't been able to keep up with it. Lol. I would love either Humphries or Tyrell Williams. Collins is wishful thinking but it would be ideal. Clowney and Clark are also improbable so I'll go with a more realistic Dee Ford or Trey Flowers (NE is cheap). And put me in the minority here, but I want Bell. I love Marlon Mack but Bell is a generational talent and a game changer. I know it's expensive, I know it may be out of Ballard's norm but a player like Bell hasn't been available to Ballard before so we have no idea what his mentality is for this situation.
  10. Unfortunately, all of our focus is now on the offseason! So which free agents are on y'alls radars? I'm guessing we looks for a veteran receiver and interior lineman.
  11. TheMose

    Half Season Eval

    Half way through the season, do you see this year as a success so far or failure. And state your case for your decision. I stand firmly in the Success category due to the upward trend of our team with the young talent and dynamic playmakers on both sides, the trenches, and the front office and coaching
  12. TheMose

    Breakout Candidate for Week 4

    Love this. Walker has been great. The duo of Leonard and Walker is definitely one of our strong suits when it was projected to be one of our weaker positions.
  13. TheMose

    Breakout Candidate for Week 4

    Hopefully Mack returns and lights a fire. He was one I was considering but worried he may be on a snap count if he plays.
  14. TheMose

    Breakout Candidate for Week 4

    I almost never trust Wednesday injury reports. We will see throughout the week before I worry. But definitely monitoring it.
  15. Who is your Breakout Candidate for Week 4? A player who has been stagnant or noneffective that you project to have a good/great week against the Texans and get the ball rolling for the rest of the season. I'm going to say Hooker. While he has been good, he's searching for his first pick as a ball hawk. And I don't love Watson's decision making. He had some of the most interceptable throws last year and continues to make bad decisions.