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  1. Achilles surgeries and rehab have made tremendous progress in the past decade. Look at Emmanuel Sanders being ready for OTAs and preseason after a December injury. I never understood why people assume the worst when they have the bare minimum information about the patient. I rather trust the people that actually have the inside knowledge. Especially the doctors that no doubt gave Ballard a positive prognosis
  2. to be fair, I didn't ask for a a first round pick either. lol
  3. Lets see if that Orangutan from a few drafts ago is still unsigned
  4. Totally fair. I think the tackle we pick is already in a very good position to succeed.
  5. Knew I would get that reaction here. lol. I wouldn't hate the pick but I'm just not as into him as the rest of this forum
  6. Basham is another I really like. Would be happy to land him. I'm not too high on Radunz though
  7. I wouldn't say brick hands but he has had a problem with drops. It's more of him in his head too much trying to figure out what to do when he catches the ball. I chalk it up to immaturity and inexperience. Nothing our coaches cant fix
  8. From the 2021 draft, who is that one prospect you would be thrilled to get? Make it realistic. I too would love Kyle Pitts or Trevor Lawrence. lol. I'm going to go with somebody that I have a bit of a bias for. Rondale Moore. I'm a Purdue guy so obviously I want to draft the kid but he's an absolute specimen that would be electric for our offense and special teams.
  9. Only way Pitts drops that far is if its released that he was the Zodiac Killer all this time
  10. Why did that upset you so much? I put out some information about a player's injury. Chill out and let people discuss. That's kinda what we are all here for.
  11. Yea I saw that report. I think he may have been trying to boost his trade value or something. Quick google search shows 26% of the players that suffered an achilles tear did not play in the NFL again, and of those who did, it took an average of 9 months. So maybe October, maybe later, maybe never plays again. Terrible injury.
  12. Eric Fisher is most likely out for most of the year. If anything, a 2 year deal would make the most sense. A buy low on an injured player
  13. This is the most Ballard signing I have ever seen
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