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  1. Injury concerns worry me but I think being back with a competent QB, he could flourish. I’ve seen countless plays where he is wide open, even in the end zone, and Trubisky doesn’t even glance at him
  2. Gotta take into account that Florida doesn’t charge income tax. So that 17M is more appealing than our 17M in terms of money. But if he truly values playing with a contender like he says and isn’t just chasing money, I think he’s a great grab at 17M
  3. 4 consecutive years of 1000+ yards would be an asset in my eyes.
  4. Yea he hasn't acted his age at all. Especially his quick recovery from a torn achilles. He's doing very impressive things for is age
  5. I lean that way too. I'm really praying for Tee Higgins to fall to us at 34 but I doubt that happens and thats the main reason I didn't list him. But this year is stacked at the position so I'm sure we will land a great WR in the 2nd. Wishful thinking but me too
  6. I'm definitely out on Gordon if it's that high
  7. Who would you prefer we acquired to fill our need at WR?
  8. I think you mean Raekwon Davis. Rashaan Evans was drafted by the titans. But I agree. I think we can get him a bit later and we do have Alabama's former DL coach so there's a connection there
  9. I think the double team DeFo will command will make the rest of the line instantly better. And Lewis was a 2nd round pick and has shown flashes. I think he could have a breakout year with the help of DeFo. But I can also see us adding a rookie with one of the picks you mentioned. Rotation is a big part of the line and it doesn't hurt to add more talent in the trenches. Either way, man am I happy DeFo is here
  10. He recently spent a high pick on Lewis and is looking for him to take a step up this year. And I really like Autry and have been impressed by Grover's development. Thats not to say Ballard doesn't still want to upgrade but I'm completely fine with the group we have now with DeFo added.
  11. I agree. Definitely a stretch but Ballard and Reich see something in this kid so that makes me feel a little better about him. I don't see him being the QB of the future but who knows
  12. https://nfltraderumors.co/redskins-colts-packers-interested-in-veteran-te-delanie-walker/
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