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  1. No he was definitely struggling too. He obviously wasn't confident in his decision making and was running exactly where he was told the hole was going to be instead of where it actually opened. Not atypical for a rookie, of course
  2. you called the man Trent Richardson. Don't be surprised to see Colts fans celebrating how wrong you were. lol
  3. Come on, man. Just take the L, we are all wrong sometimes. The fact is, you came around and saw how good he can be. You should be happy to be proven wrong.
  4. Hines is easily a top 5 RB2. The duo of him and JT is going to be absolutely lethal for years
  5. best thing to happen to Taylor
  6. Taylor is far more talented than Mack. And I'm a big fan of Mack. Just completely different caliber of players.
  7. Jonathan Taylor 600 yards but somehow still gets less carries than Wilkins
  8. Just to play devils advocate, Blackmon didn't have a very good game. But that's just reaching for something to complain about
  9. Wow, I guess I never thought about how long hes been out. Thats crazy. Good for him
  10. First Ballot Hall of Famer Trent Richardson*
  11. Make a trade with Andrew Luck's wife to get his rights
  12. The beauty of that past game was Wilkins got 1 carry and Hines got 0. I know the running game wasn't in the game script due to being down so much but its nice for the coaches to realize when we desperately need points, JT is the one that needs to be in the game.
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