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  1. The beauty of that past game was Wilkins got 1 carry and Hines got 0. I know the running game wasn't in the game script due to being down so much but its nice for the coaches to realize when we desperately need points, JT is the one that needs to be in the game.
  2. Andrew Luck . . . . Oh wait, thats not until next year
  3. Rivers is on pace to be sacked 10 times this season. 2 games out of 3 without a sack
  4. I think you guys are misinterpreting what he said. He's saying to trade Wentz and sign Rivers this offseason if he continues to succeed this season. Still not a very good plan
  5. Thats because he is a back up. He was 7-7 last year, thats about what I expect from a back up. (I'm not counting the Pittsburgh game because he left during the 2nd, but heck, he was winning that game) He went 5-2 before getting injured and coming back to play with an injury. He is overpaid but his contract is off the books next year so who cares what we pay him. We aren't hurting for cap this season. He has had success running this offense and thats the type of player I want to step in for my starter if need be.
  6. This is a complete non issue. This is what you want from your players. Would you rather a player have the mindset that they aren't good enough to play competitively in the league? Come on now
  7. Why would we want a team to take JB off our hands?
  8. JB is an ideal backup but with an overpaid salary. The guy thinks he can be a starter, what is wrong with that? I rather have a player that has confidence in himself. He finished his time as a starter with us at .500 last season. That's basically what I would expect from a backup.
  9. With Trey Burton returning to practice, do you see us running more 2 TE formations with our current depth at WR? Also, who is your favorite WR to see an increased workload? Pascal would probably be the obvious answer but Fountain was rumored for a breakout before an early injury last year.
  10. Anybody know when his jersey number retirement ceremony is?
  11. Colts Fans: "We dominated yesterday! Let's celebrate that victory!" This Forum: "Not on my watch"
  12. I think the entire world underestimated the Jags. And looking back at it, I honestly don't know why. Their offense looks good on paper and people viewed them as the worst in the league for some reason. Minshew is a very effective passer and won Rookie of the Week several times before the front office foolishly benched him to save face for an ugly Foles contract. Their receivers are great with solid depth and a talented rookie. The running game was ineffective with an underwhelming Fournette so its not a huge surprise that they got better with him out of the picture and their
  13. Dang, looks like I gave the Vikings too much credit
  14. Indy is going to like whatever fits their lead back best. It's his 2nd game. The coaches and him will adapt to allow him to reach his maximum potential. I don't really care what you think he left on the field, I care about with he walked away from the field with and that's a W.
  15. This is the issue with looking at bottom line stats and using them to judge a player. JT controlled this game. Picked up short yardage plays to get the 1st down when needed and was the reason we dominated time of possession. 100 yards and a TD in his 2nd game and 1st game as the lead back, color me impressed and excited to see this young man's bright future
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