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  1. Texans won't be picking, as they traded their pick to the Browns in the trade to move up for Watson.
  2. lmao, this is true comedy right here first of all, the team that ballard inherited is mostly the team that grigson built which you see playing before you now, he barely had any pieces to work with besides last years draft, who are still young and inexperienced. Ballard is a completely different GM that Grigson was, therefore is going to things differently. And if you aren't impressed with what Ballard did in his first year given what he had, then you obviously were expecting something that most fans were not. Secondly, injuries and being a plain bust are completely different. Injuri
  3. why is everyone so negative here, whatever the case they always look for the bad things. JB has had 2 weeks to learn an entire playbook, and today he played pretty well figuring those circumstances. there were many improvements, the young secondary looks promising, and the o-line, while it didn't do great, was awful. As a fan of a subpar team, you guys can't be constantly by looking at the negatives, every team has them.
  4. also in cutting castanzo, we would lose a lot of valuable experience, which once again no one else on the line has
  5. what do you get when the majority of our best players on both sides are out with injuries and we have a qb who doesn't know the playbook as well and a whole slew of other problems? this game. I am in no way stressed about this game, our defense looked good, and our secondary kept the Cardinals receivers under control. What lost us the game was not the refs or anything, it was our lack of experience. Most of our starters in the secondary and some on the line are young and haven't had to deal with that in the NFL yet. Now if this was a game with a fully healthy team, yes I would be stressed beca
  6. lol the typically lose a game, find someone to blame, then suggests that we cut/trade said player cause he had a bad day. now yes, castanzo isnt what he was a few years ago, but he has been Lucks' trusty tackle for years, and seeing as there is no viable player at his position on the open market, on the team or able to be traded for, it makes no sense for the Colts to do anything with him. and for those who say that we should switch clark or haeg over to his position, who takes over for the spots that are open when they are moved, obviously, this is the lineup that the staff feel gives us the
  7. Quick question on the o-line. Why aren't we running with the same lineup as the end of last year? From what I saw against the team towards the end of the year looked promising with Haeg and Clark at RG and RT respectfully, but then against the Rams this past sunday, it seemed that Good was at RT and Mewhort was at RG.
  8. https://twitter.com/Colts/status/845294906239266817 Colts released Art Jones
  9. Don't think he'll sign with JAX, they are stacked on d-line, where they have players that don't even their scheme. Probably wouldn't even start.
  10. Ballard said to expect the Colts not to be big players in FA. Expect the Colts be not be big players in FA as long as Ballards in town.
  11. that is a te going up against clowney, who did the same thing to tackles throughout the league... allen was meant for helping block, not all by himself.
  12. Overall, very pleased by this. The only thing that worries is that with Parry's status currently unknown, who would be the NT?
  13. If it weren't for his recent felonies, then maybe, not at CB though. He was pretty bad last year, and like it has been said before, you don't get better as you age. But if the criminal stuff went away and he made the move to safety, still maybe, wouldn't hurt to get another veteran to go along with Adams if he is resigned.
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