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  1. Maybe those fans from Plainfield, Greenwood, and so on are season ticket holders. For the first five years (as a lottery season ticket holder) I was a Redskin fan (from childhood). So, there is that possibility.
  2. I see it a little different than you (not crooked at all). TY has been injured often the last couple years. The injury is to his neck, and he quite possibly could be done. He was a FA last off season, and returned to the colts on a one deal year. What team is going to give him an offer? They could have done that during FA. We moved on from Marvin, Reggie and possibly Hilton at this time. I could see him get legitimately cut, and return to wait out his neck injury on IR. Depending on how long it takes him recover ... It may be "that" time. Love him to death, but I love Reggie, and Marvin as much.
  3. I expected TY to be cut, and placed on IR. He doesn't have to pass through waivers.
  4. Agree ... They have drafted well, along with the FA moves. Also getting Lawrence, they are building a good football team. AFCS is going to be a tuff division going forward. Won't be anything like the Peyton years.
  5. A rookie forth round draft pick replaced Tony Romo.
  6. Another thought is that Wentz may prefer a clean break from previous teammates. Or not.
  7. Well, I guess I just learned Luck has been retired (welcome me to reality). Who would have thunk it? How about this? ... A team offers the Colts a 2nd round pick for the rights to Andrews contract. Who would it be? (Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones do not count, and Al Davis is dead) ... I'm going to go with the Saints. The Saints for many reasons I am sure you are already familiar with. Would a team give anything to acquire the rights to Andrew Lucks contract? Gronk was retired, no?
  8. I'm one that believes TY could have a much better season than the last two. 2019 he had a lot of injuries, and 2020 started out very slow having PR prefer taller receivers. I thought they were getting better as the season went on.
  9. Well at least "one" poster understood the thread. What would it take to trade his rights? I would say a 6th round pick, and if he did un-retire, then a 1st for that coming season. What would a team lose in a gamble. No dead ex girlfriends horse to abuse here. Just a simple question. What could a retired Andrew Luck be worth. Nothing? Unless a team thought the issue was with the Colts, who put a lot of pressure on Andrew to play the season he never made it back. Maybe he soured on the organization. I could see why.
  10. Would any team give the Colts a draft pick to obtain the rights to Luck? Maybe a team believes they could compel Andrew to return as their starting QB, or would gamble a pick just in case he un-retires ... certainly one team would offer a 7th round pick. Wouldn't they?
  11. Colts contact with Wentz is allowed with permission from the Eagles. No different than a team giving a player permission to contact (or the players agent contact) other teams seeking a trade.
  12. My profit lady went into her cave, and rolled the bones. The bone scatter tells her the Bills, the Bengals, and the Steelers all win in overtime. The Colts take a 27 point lead into the 4th quarter, and the spirit of Josh Scobee kicks a 375 yard field goal to win as time expires in regulation … Colts 25 – Jaguars 27. I know what you are thinking (no need to say it)… but the bones of Josh Scobee don’t lie.
  13. I can't recall if it was Polian or Dungy that said (Paraphrasing) "Players make their biggest jump in capabilities during their 2nd year" ... So I am holding out hope for Rock Ya-Sin. After Brees went 29/30 and could have easily been 30/30 it was quite evident we need secondary help ... badly! Chris Harris will most likely be available ... Maybe a bit past his prime though.
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