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  1. I can't recall if it was Polian or Dungy that said (Paraphrasing) "Players make their biggest jump in capabilities during their 2nd year" ... So I am holding out hope for Rock Ya-Sin. After Brees went 29/30 and could have easily been 30/30 it was quite evident we need secondary help ... badly! Chris Harris will most likely be available ... Maybe a bit past his prime though.
  2. The loss that stood out the most to me was the Chargers loss ... Missed 3 kicks that would have won the game without going into overtime. But, yeah, how do you lose to the Dolphins?
  3. Well after getting hit and flung on top of the cart, he was in bad position to hit the brakes ... There was also a red whatever stuck under the brake peddle. The guy hustling to stop it knew exactly what to do. I wonder if he lost his job, or at least cart driving privileges.
  4. Ballard has had some misses, and Grigson had some good picks (Like TY). Every GM has bad picks, and poor FA choices. It doesn't require hitting on every pick to be a good GM, but over time they do need to build a competitive team, with or without a great QB. Can the Colts upgrade the QB position by building a better team around JB, or will it require a QB change. I'm not sure I have a good feel for which direction will be best ... Other than the status quo isn't going to cut it.
  5. I have no doubt more than 80% of us believed the Chiefs would win that game. I didn't make a prediction, but had I done so? Crow would be on the menu. Great for the other 20% that drink the kool-aide 24/7
  6. Those are like machinist type numbers. Dulin is 71-21/64" tall, and Campbell is 73-49/64" tall. Is that on grass, or pavement? AM, or PM?
  7. With several injuries that will both affect the Defense, as well as the Offense ... What winning O/D strategy will the Colts employ against the Raiders? Break it down. (You guys are better than I am at this) Offense Heavy run without TY? Short Passes to the TE-RB with zone blocking? HELP! Defense Focus on defending the Run, or Pass? And the Last Option. Just win the D*** Game, we are better than the Raiders.
  8. I'm not one to think CK can be better than JB ... But, Hoyer is another story. Who here thinks Hoyer can lead the Colts to a playoff, or big game win? I don't know if CK can, but I have zero confidence in Hoyer. I guess I am allowed to have my own opinion? Look at Hoyers history, is that supposed to give us hope?
  9. Best Taco this side of The Wall.
  10. If Hoyer is on the field, it's pretty much already over. I don't think Hoyer can teach Brisset anything we would want him to learn. Did they try to get a 7th? I didn't see that.
  11. I thought Elway was a fool to cut Kelly. Mr. Irrelevant won the backup position out of camp, and would likely had replaced Keenum halfway through Denvers 2018 season. Reich doing Jim Kelly (ex-teamate) a favor by bringing Chad in with the Colts may be an absolute steal.
  12. I wouldn't be shocked if Gruden trades Carr to the Colts.
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