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  1. Defense has done a great job of timely turnovers. If that continues, I believe they can finish in the top 5 ... I really hope so, because we just haven't had one of "those" defenses in awhile. It's been fun to watch, even the Jaguars game (If only we didn't have our own turnovers on offense). The Bears game will give us a better idea of where the defense stands.
  2. I think you have Dan Quinn confused with Gus Bradley as the Jaguars coach. Probably because of their previous defensive coaching in Seattle.
  3. If only they would have kept Campbell, Ramsey, NGOway (I'm not going to try) Bouye, Fournette ... we would be way ahead.
  4. Another Covid symptom ... I forgot how it feels in the middle of a game with the score tied. Scary. To the person that stole my anti-depressants ... I hope you're happy now.
  5. Just get us out of this game with a win ... I expect them to get better on turf.
  6. Mistakes, and bad play calls are keeping the Jags in the game. Ugh
  7. This is one of those ... Ballard knows best moments.
  8. I at first read your post wrong (T.J.) ... At first I thought, I remember E.G. Green, the WR that came in with Jerome Pathon and Peyton Freaking Manning. What I remember most about him was that fractured leg. It was one of those that looked like he had an extra joint where one isn't located. So was there really a guy named T.J. Green that ran a 4.34 forty time? I don't recall him. :)~ ...
  9. I think one of the QB's are going to get "dinged", and start the season stashed on the PUP, or IR list.
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