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  1. I would say the Children's Museum is a must for kids of that age. As far as I am aware, it is still the largest and best of it's kind in the nation. As mentioned above the NCAA Hall of Champions is cool if your kids are into sports at all. While not super big, the Indianapolis Zoo is still very nice as well.


    As far as restaurants go, if you like Steak you are in luck. St. Elmo's and Harry and Izzy's are two Indy staples, but they aren't cheap.


    'The Slippery Noodle Inn' is a historic Pub/Restaurant right near the Stadium and is kind of the official tailgate hub of the Colts on gameday. It's one of the oldest restaurants in Indy and allegedly haunted. 




    Just Southeast of downtown in Fountain Square (about a 5 minute Uber ride from downtown) are two of my favorite restaurants. 'La Margarita' for Tacos and 'Kuma's Corner' for burgers.




  2. 21 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    I would be shocked if Luck isn’t throwing some routes to receivers even if he isn’t fully practicing.

    The throwing session Saturday looked like a guy that could be practicing at the very least in individual drills. With that said, we aren't privy to how sore he was after that.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:




    1.  The regular season hasn't even started yet.  There's a chance he'll actually play all 16 games, or at least a majority of them, and lead this team to the playoffs again, where a healthy Andrew Luck is the scariest thing another team can imagine.


    2.  You don't know Andrew Luck and have NO IDEA what is going through his head right now, nor how committed he is to being on the field for his team.


    3.  Your opinion has no basis in reality.  It's complete conjecture.


    4.  With all due respect, take your ridiculous opinion and shove it.


    5.  Once the Colts start winning this year, enjoy the hole you crawl into when things are going well.  :highfive2:




    He's a child, logic is wasted on him.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Superman said:


    I am opinionated. And so what? Are you making a point?


    It's ironic that you'd say I'm going out of my way to defend Luck. I'm not defending him, because he doesn't need defending. I'm simply calling out your ridiculous take, because I'm tired of seeing it spammed in every thread.


    You're not tougher than Andrew Luck because you bowled a 220 with a sore back, or because you played hockey, or because you rushed for four TDs for Polk High in the city championship game. It doesn't matter what injuries you've endured or played through, because you are not in the NFL.


    What you appear to be is resentful of professional athletes who make a bunch of money, driven by biases and unreasonable expectations. You appear to be the kind of poster who shows up and states a bunch of baseless and unfounded nonsense when things look rough, then disappears when you're proven wrong. You appear to be trolling, posting outrageous drivel, then slinking away when it blows up in your face.


    You're becoming (have become?) a caricature, a typical naysayer who points fingers when the team loses, then disappears when the team wins. Be better. You have knowledge, but you dismiss anything that doesn't support your already determined viewpoint, and you refuse to acknowledge when you're wrong, even when it's painfully obvious to everyone else.


    So yes, I am opinionated, and in my opinion, your way of posting lowers the quality of this board. And that's a shame because you could very easily be way more credible than you are, and with your supposed experience and background, that would be a great asset to this place (especially on this topic). Instead, you're obsessed with taking potshots and harping on everything the team does that you disagree with. And it's beyond tiresome at this point.


    Again, be better.



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  5. 29 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    Friendly Reminder from TigerTown     

       There is more to life than the health of AL



    Watching the Colts is a hobby, not life or death. No need to get angry or depressed about complete strangers playing a kid's game.

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  6. 27 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    It sure does sound like he was injured during that KC game.



    JMV said on his show yesterday that he was told the issue initially happened late last season and that he re-aggravated it in Spring Conditioning. 


    When you think back to the end of last season, he didn't look the same the second half of the Houston playoff game and the entire KC game. Some people said it was his shoulder but I think if you look at it, he was not setting his feet and following through so I always thought it was just tired legs.


    The only thing I can think of is in the Houston game (and I can't remember if it was late first half or early second), Luck scrambles to escape Clowney and slides prior to the first down. To me it looked like an awkward slide where he got his knee brace caught in the turf and it kind looked like it hurt him.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, SouthernIndianaNDFan said:

    So, apparently Richard Sherman had bone spurs in the same area following the 17/18 season (when he had the Achilles injury, and had surgery to remove the spurs. It was a 4-6 week recovery timeframe. If that was the case, wouldn't they have just had the surgery then and he would already be recovered from it? If so, they need to have that crap now so he can play soon. 

    According to the info about this injury on the Googles.com, surgery is not recommended until 6-12 months after the injury until the bone growth is fully matured otherwise it can return.




    Seems like just a playing with pain issue as it says you can return to action with this ailment provided there are no deficiencies in strength or flexibility in the affected muscle. Strengthening sounds exactly like what Reich said Luck was focusing on.

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  8. They're both top 7 QB's. Wilson has accomplised more and is an electric scrambler but I believe Luck is a more skilled passer. In reality though it is not an apples to apples comparison.


    They were drafted into much different circumstances. Luck to a horrible roster and Wilson to one of the top rosters of the last decade. They don't even have remotely similar play styles. In fact I doubt either guy would succeed playing the other's style.


    They're both really good, they're just really good at completely different things and their offensive systems have been tailored accordingly.


    Also, the take that Luck can't beat elite QB's is a laughably bad one. First off, he has. 3-1 against Manning (including the playoffs and both years Denver went to the SB). 2-0 against Rogers. 1-0 against Wilson in the year Seattle won the SB. Etc., etc. So he hasnt beaten NE, few QB's have. Also, Luck is not required to play defense against said QB's. 

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  9. 1. Tight press coverage against an injured TY and the rest of the WR's that were nothing to brag about.

    2. Calculated pressure on the weak links of the O-line in Glowinski and Smith.

    3. Play action and misdirection that got the Colts' LB's moving in the wrong direction and consistently out of position.

    4. The starting safeties were Geathers and JJ Wilcox/Odum.

    5. Luck played poorly.


    All in all, KC scouted and exploited the Colts' weaknesses really well and the Colts didn't execute on their end. Recipe for a loss nearly all of the time.

  10. I was surprised that his blocking abilities were actually pretty darn good last year. If he adds more polished route running he will be a very valuable 3 down asset. I was upset that we didnt keep Hewitt, who I thought was an unsung hero last year but if Mo and Doyle can both be that complete tight end to compliment Ebron, that will be huge. Then perhaps Hale Hydra (or whatever the kid from Alabama's name is) can develop on the PS into that Hewitt h-back role.

  11. 10 hours ago, shastamasta said:


    Well he got $10M+/year for his three FA years. Could be as much as $12M...though no idea what it would take to get there.

    While we don't know what the breakdown of how he will be paid and his cap hits yet, if he's signed through 2023 at a total of 34 million and a max of 40 million that averages 6.8 to 8 million per year. Just saying that if they waited until he was up, he likely would have received more.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:

    Don't know why we are doing this other than to catch up to the cap floor.  Kenny Moore had this year and an RFA year left.  Put a 2nd round tender on him and you are paying him like 3 or 4 million for that year.



    Paying the guys now to avoid the market inflation of the future is my guess. 2 years from now he would probably command 10 million+ due to inflation and the market being re-set.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Superman said:


    "Today's generation..." when steroids have been in rampant use since the '50s. Baseball players were using amphetamines as a performance enhancer -- "greenies" -- after the war.  Let's stop blaming everything on "today's generation."


    It's true that a lot of this steroid/PED stuff is a symptom of people wanting to take shortcuts, and/or get better and more results than they could naturally achieve. But it's also true that PEDs have been overly stigmatized in the last 30 years. People do a lot of different things to enhance their personal performance, inside sports and separate from sports. But only in sports is it considered "cheating." 


    I'm not saying it should be okay to take steroids or other banned PEDs; if you play in a pro sports league, you have to follow the rules, bottom line. But I do think the conversation about PEDs needs to evolve beyond 'that guy took steroids, he's a cheater.' 

    I wasn't just referring to steroids. Everything is instant today. Streaming, one day shipping, smart phones etc. People don't wait for anything anymore. Technically in my early 30's I still consider myself part of "today's generation". I will say though having been around gyms and sports organizations for most of my life I am noticing more steroid use in younger kids than ever before.

  14. 3 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:


    Well, after that quote from Bremer, looks like he's already practicing for playing that way!  :lol:

    Yep, and even though I saw him ride his bike to the Indy 500, I couldn't confirm he wasn't pedaling with his hands. LOL.

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  15. 42 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:


    Both of you are assuming he'll be back for training camp. I don't buy that until it happens. Not saying he'll miss regular-season games, but this seems like a lingering injury that could hurt the whole team and I'm getting frustrated.

    Then lets go ahead and start the "Will Andrew Luck ever walk again" thread.

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  16. 40 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I didn't mind OTA's too much, now I'm upset. Campbell, Funchess, Fountain and (eventually) Cain NEED this time with Luck and he's going to be out another week minimum for training camp. Secondary can't even play against an actual NFL QB. I expect us to be rusty out of the gate again. :( 


    BTW, thanks for the updates @CR91!

    Why are you upset? Nothing you can do about it. While not ideal for Luck to miss, OTA's and mini camp are just drills in shells, they can't even put pads on yet. As long as he's full go by training camp, that will be fine. That's when practice is actually translatable.

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  17. 3 minutes ago, JPFolks said:

    Sorry if my question wasn't clear.  I was saying that just because he had lost weight, that shouldn't cause him to lose muscle tone etc. if he is still working out.  Usually when I go up and down in weight, I am gaining muscle tone, switch out fat for muscle.  Certainly not as drastic as the range of weight discussed here.  You were talking about the difficulty of GAINING weight and I was thinking lose of muscle while LOSING weight.  Sorry for any confusion. 

    No worries. Yeah i don't think he lost all that weight intentionally, I think it was probably a lot of atrophy because of his condition. But I don't really know.

  18. 7 minutes ago, JPFolks said:

    Did he have cancer or something similar? (Not sure as the underlying condition was not discussed in Scott's post).  Even in the worst scenarios players still understand the rules.  If you want to be in the league, you should directly let the NFL know what you are doing so there's never a surprise discovery during drug testing.  I've heard (not here on this post) endless extreme scenarios to explain bad drug test results.  (Like Mathis's story for example).  People still know what they are doing. 


    There's big business in cheating.  If regular people could make millions of dollars by cheating at their job I am guessing it would be far more rampant than it appears in the NFL.  

    Not sure, but I'm not condoning it's use and not even suggesting he needed them medically. I was just responding to you as to why he would take them to gain weight. No doctor is going to prescribe testosterone (steroids) unless his natural levels were at a dangerously low amount. So more than likely he just wanted to take a shortcut to getting his strength and mass back and got popped for it.


    Steroids and PED use are extremely prevalent nowadays. They're kind of the epidemic that no one talks about with athletes, hollywood actors and even just people at your local gyms. Today's generation wants instant results with less work.

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