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  1. you're correct, he would have to be out of high school for 3 years which would make the 2021 draft the year he could enter. So in that case, Colts need to stick with Brisset untel 2021 ..... To be able to get Lawrence would make the Colts a one lucky franchise lol. and being drafted by a team who is a good QB away from being a Championship caliber team. I'm willing to sit around watching them play 9-7 ball for a season and then 4-12 ball the next year to draft him ...... As far as 2020 draft crop of QB's goes, I like all three, but I think Tua and Herbertt will go 1 and 2 in the dr
  2. I don't know man, I am hoping Trevor Lawrence says he will enter the draft next year, and if not the colts hold off until the following year when he does. I think Sunshine will be the next big QB to come out of the draft.
  3. I honestly don't think he is. I am not saying he is a bad QB, BUT I do not think he is a franchise QB. And I hope he proves me wrong, because if not then the Colts need to start thinking about drafting a QB. In a way I wish Trevor Lawrence would say he is entering the 2020 NFL Draft and the Colts have the first pick lol. BUT then I also want Brisset to go out there throw for 4,000 yards and 40 TD's and leading the Colts to a 12-4 record and winning the division and home field through out the playoffs.
  4. I say ride the season with Brisset, give him a chance with an improved team. When he played the season two years ago, the team was still in "rebuild". BUT as OP stated, a good foundation was built in Indy in the last two years. the O-line is a lot better than it was when the last time Brisset was the starter for the season. If he doesn't pan out, cool. at least he was given a shot to prove himself. BUT if we are to draft a new franchise QB, I'd like to see the colts get Trevor Lawrence aka "Sunshine" from Clemson when ever he may enter the draft. Hoping this spring lol.
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2832517-nfl-trade-rumors-seahawks-frank-clark-linked-to-chiefs-jets-colts There is some talk the Colts may be interested in Seahawks DE Frank Clark, but is he really worth giving up a 1st rounder for? He was franchise tagged after the season. IF a first rounder is what it will take, the only way I say pull the trigger on this is doing a sign and trade deal. Let Ballard negotiate a contract extension before finalizing the trade. 36 sacks in 3 years is not to shabby. So first rounder for a 25 yr old DE or no? What does everyone thing?
  6. I voted that we win 10 games. and the likely loss being @ KC..... I think we lose to LAC, KC, NOLA, Pittsburgh, @ Tennessee, AND a team everyone would expect the colts to win. Maybe Denver or one against JAX. 10-6 overall and 4-2 in the division with losses at TN and at JAX (I don't think we will be playing for anything the final game of the season and Reich rests his starters)
  7. can blame Grigson for that. He tore this team apart starting in year 2. He was made to look like a great GM his first year because guys like Luck, Fleener, Allen and Hilton fell right into his lap. after that with poor signings, bad trades etc. Ballard has performed a miracle in two years as the colts GM.
  8. spot on...…. But it's true, I think if Ballard was the GM the year luck was drafted. the colts would prob have a super bowl in the Luck era. BUT also could be said, would we have TY Hilton or would he have drafted defense in the second round? would he have traded for Vontae Davis? we all know he would not have wasted a first rounder on the AAFL leading rusher in TD's Trent Richardson …..but it's all hypothetical. in the end though, can't go wrong with facts that you provided. well said!
  9. or the cowboys, they like their trouble makers lol
  10. This was fun..... Round 1 Pick 26: Baker, Deandre, CB, Georgia (A) Round 2 Pick 2: Harry, NKeal, WR, Arizona State (A) Round 2 Pick 27: Allen, Zach, DE, Boston College (A-) Round 3 Pick 25: Coney, Te'von, ILB, Notre Dame (A) Round 4 Pick 27: Hanks, Terrill, OLB, New Mexico State (A+) Round 4 Pick 33 (COMP): Evans, Bobby, OT, Oklahoma (A+) Round 5 Pick 26: Gaines, Greg, DT, Washington (A+) Round 6 Pick 26: Boykin, Miles, WR, Notre Dame (A+) Round 7 Pick 26: Love, Bryce, RB, Stanford (A+)
  11. he was alright for the broncos, but he never really got a shot in Denver. I think he could be good in the Colts defense, and given a fair amount of playing time in Indy. Hope we sign him. prefer him over Lynch.
  12. well it sure makes the decision of going for a DB in the first round, or trading out of first round to get more picks easier lol. I Think the D-line is set. maybe add another DT.
  13. we didn't sign Ajayi or Lynch, Unless I missed something
  14. I don't see Ballard trading up. He values his picks way to much to trade them. If he trades a pick at all, I think it will be to move down the board to obtain more picks. BUT I rather see the colts take someone like Deandre Baker Corner from UGA or Byron Murphy CB from Washington. and then go get Zack Allen DE from BC or Jaylon Ferguson DE from LA-Tech early in the second round although I am pretty happy with the defensive line. I mean heck, they held almost every RB that they faced this last year to under 100 yards. But still wouldn't hurt to get a DE in the draft.
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