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    <p>My name is Jaggededge, and I am a private Indiana Sports Memorabilia Collector. I am a Colts and Pacers fan but I collect all things that represent Indianapolis or Indiana sports, and so much more. My collection trends toward unique or one of a kind items. I also have a science fiction collection, a political collection and an autographed music memorabilia collection. One of the benefits of sports memorabilia collecting is sometimes it puts me in direct contact with lots of current and past professional players, which is a bonus. I have been collecting for over a decade. I also enjoy attending events in various supportive gear or aliases, to cheer my team on. I enjoy meeting new fans as well.</p><p>
    When I am not collecting memorabilia, or attending and watching games I usually am writing a sports blog or commenting on such things at other locations as well as periodically on this site. I look forward to meeting as many interesting people as possible. I cherish reading great blogs, checking out cool photos and weighing in on whatever is clever, when it comes to the Colts.</p>

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  1. Next upcoming blog teaser: "Broken Colts"- The Dallas- Brackett- Addai Chronicles.

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    2. MIColtsFan


      I'll be interested to see what you dig up...been so quite. I know Bullitt was outright cut March 13th, but Addai was released and getting looks from the Broncos late March is was reported, then what? not a peep regarding Clark since release either.

    3. Coltman51


      Bullitt didn't play long but was great IMO, a great replacement for Sanders, ufortunately plagues with injury like Sanders as well

    4. BrentMc11


      Coltman51: A safety with chronic shoulder problems is like a pitcher with elbow tendonitis. It never completely goes away!!

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