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  1. We're a good team. Period. I won't be the least bit surprised if we take down the Bills
  2. I was listening to NFL Radio this morning and the relationship with Wentz and Petersen is beyond repair. Wentz had already lost the locker room and Petersen has too. Philly would have to eat much of the contract but they would look to get significant draft choices. I'm not convinced Wentz is worth the draft capital. We still have an incomplete team. I don't like our QB situation at all
  3. Wentz played well for Frank. People are really down on him but Philly and Doug Petersen are a complete dumpster fire. I have always liked PR but getting 2-3 1st downs per game by the QB extends drives. We really could use that dynamic
  4. No only that but the Cover 2 we run demands a very good Edge rusher
  5. WOW. We let Big Ben off the hook. Eberflus should have been in his face hitting him
  6. Ebeflus is starting to get roasted by the national media. He got exposed on Sunday for a plain vanilla defense when Ben got it going. I thought losing Wills hurt and he had to bring in Wilson. Eberflus has no trust in his CBs. He also getting little pass rush from Houston, Touray, Muhammad. He's going to have to bring some LBs and they have to get to the QB. He has to take more chances instead of depending upon turnovers when the offense is struggling But this is also where Reich has to be better with offensive adjustments - especially in the 2nd half. The offense has to com
  7. Ding, ding ding. We have a winner.
  8. That soft zone could allow Ben to get his rhythm if there isn't much pressure
  9. Probably because Lydell was a Baltimore Colt
  10. Well Trey Burton completely whiffed on the block leaving two Texans sitting in the hole. But why is Trey Burton trapping on that play? Poor design in my opinion.
  11. Taylor is still learning.Taylor has 10 games under his belt. I think watching from the sidelines more than he wanted the last couple of games may have also helped him.
  12. You're right about Lamar's overall performance. But he got going at the right time and the defense let him get to the edges in that 3rd Q. Adjustments to come if we play them again for sure. But the offense has to do its part too and not leave our defense on the field for damn near an entire quarter
  13. Pittman looked big and fast last night. I would like to see Reich and Rathman get Taylor right going into December. Blackmon has been critical to solidifying the secondary. This is looking like another very good draft for Ballard
  14. No to mention, if he gets hurt, Hines and Wilkins won't close the gap.
  15. I think the forgotten WR is Pascal. I thought he and Rivers showed some chemistry. I haven't seen enough of Dulin.
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