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  1. This is all that we can do. Didn't we learn this from last season?
  2. Mack was on the sideline with his helmet and chinstrap buckled. That to me said he was willing and able.
  3. Its a long season. I think we're built for the long haul. But are stars have to be healthy and that's not a reflection on our depth. We don't have a Top 5 QB that can hide offensive and defensive weaknesses. We need Mack, Leonard, TY, and Hooker back - although #37 can ball. That was the good news from yesterday.
  4. Isn't the old adage, you build from the middle....Okereke is going to be good. The instincts are there but the experience is not. I wonder if Speed should get some snaps at the WILL or can Okereke move there - I don't recall him playing much there during the preseason.
  5. I agree with this. JB7 has started 21-22 games in his career. 17 of them with a terrible team and even then he had a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. I get that this Forum has very knowledgeable fans who like to debate the game and players. Sure he needs to read things more quickly, look off Safeties and know when to take risks. Reich has JB trending in the right direction -with the game on the line, Reich put the ball in JB's hands. That's showing a lot of trust that the kid is ready.
  6. I can see how you came to this. Sometimes he's better off ignoring that the question is stupid or repetitive, give an answer and move on. I do think that arrogant is the wrong descriptor. If he was arrogant he'd be much more likely to want to talk about himself. He talks about "we, we, we".
  7. Williams practiced today but Mack did not. Could be Wilkins and Williams sharing carries and Hines getting few too. Have to be able to run at the Falcon's front and LBs.
  8. I don't expect Leonard to make it onto the field this week. I'm also concerned about Mack. He did not practice today either. Hope this is a precaution.
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