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  1. Coverage was good most of the game. The browns receivers were just making great plays
  2. A win on the road with no turnovers against a top 5 D not enough?
  3. Our o-line makes the big bucks for going against guys like Mack
  4. Gonna be a tough one on the road. Will be our biggest test so far in the season. Getting a W would make a huge statement for us
  5. Just throwing 300 lb grown men around like it's nothing!
  6. Definitely his best game of his career
  7. So fortunate Pittman played this game. He carried us that drive
  8. That failed 4the down conversion killed our momentum.
  9. I hope guys are just knocking some rust off...
  10. Gonna be the FedEx ground player of the week for many weeks.
  11. Only thing stopping us is ourselves. Gotta stay consistent week in and week out.
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