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  1. Good luck Colts...I think you're gonna need it.

  2. Chatrooms open for TNF!!

  3. Chat's Open

    1. Blackhawk4


      We have cookies

    2. southwest1


      Did someone say cookies? chocolate chip or peanut butter? Not those kind of cookies...Bummer, I hate being disappointed man. LOL!

  4. Chat room is open

  5. Chat room's open for anyone who wants to talk some football

  6. Chat room is open now

  7. Chat room's open for the game!

  8. Well....now we need a FS and a Center....

    1. ColtsBTM12
    2. CR91


      And another pass rusher

  9. Wow. How pathetic. Now Peyton's legacy is cemented, unfortunately, as a failure. Whether he deserves it or not.

  10. Well, that really went about how I thought it would. Great season for the Colts, but they just weren't ready to go into Foxboro and beat Belichick. A lot of people (Colts fans) forget that we're only 2 years removed from losing a legend, gutting the team, and producing a 2-14 season. Luck, as great as he is, is only in his 2nd year in the NFL. The future is bright!

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    2. Indygal1218


      Fans are an impatient lot. The Colts have a good, developing group. Even Peyton took about 5 years before he became a world beater.

    3. MIColtsFan


      exactly.. pretty incredible season all things considered

    4. southwest1


      In the words of Manfred Mann, "I'm blinded by the light" of INDY's promising football future.

  11. Marques Colston, what the HECK?!

    1. bestQBever


      yeah?! wth was that?

    2. snkdy


      hahah so stupid

  12. Yes!!! the Game's Saturday night! I'll get to see this one, too!

    1. Nadine


      you are our good luck charm holden

  13. Yeah, I don't work Saturday! I'll actually be able to join the chatroom and watch the game! woooo!

    1. southwest1


      Nice! Put your feet up, kick back, & watch the blue horseshoe get down to business baby. Yeah! :)

    2. shecolt


      I just want to thank you, Holden, for continuing to moderate chat. I know it isn't easy. So, you deserve a big round of applause!

  14. and down goes Bama. Congratulations to FSU on winning the National championship, lol

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    2. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      That all depends on Winston. Will he be charged?

    3. Synthetic


      I find it very strange that the case on Winston came out at this time.

    4. MIColtsFan


      bummer Michigan didn't ruin Ohio's record!!!!! wwwaahhhh! so close

  15. Taking that back. Mannings been great this last drive. Questioning the Broncos gameplan now...

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