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  1. They will have to activate him regardless, if they think he can come back in a few weeks.
  2. Yes, I think we can check a box at the RB position for the Colts next to Marlon Mack's name.
  3. He's not getting better protection, he's better at directing his linemen. He is in "good command" like they like to say.
  4. I was watching the defense during Luck's first season. Not a lot of talent but that team played together.
  5. Stephen Morris, no doubt. He is the only of the 3 that looks like a QB on the field.
  6. I think they should just let the rookie, Bond play while Schwenke comes back, and possibly beyond that if he plays well.
  7. He signed up as a contributor to 1070 AM site, for now.
  8. To me as a non-expert this looks like a bad idea. I mean, the guy is a converted wide receiver drafted based on mostly physical traits and potential, a little clueless last year at safety, then makes some progress towards this year, and now you ask him to play corner instead of continuing to develop him as a safety. Corner means mainly pass coverage, exactly his deficiency last year and probably still this year.
  9. Impressed is too much to say but the following passed my eye test: 1) On offense, Clark, Banner, Natson, Williams, Pope, Wroblewsky 2) On deffense, Woods, McGill, Edwards, Spence, Sheard, Simon, Jackson, Hooker, Wilson, Hairston, George, Ayers. 3) Special teams, Locke I didn't include established guys like Vinatieri, Davis
  10. Ok, now I understand why they didn't play Morris. He's not in that good of a shape either.
  11. Walker is not good. He should have thrown that pass to Howard a lot better.
  12. I liked Wilson despite some struggles in coverage. I liked how he sticks to the receiver and his game at the line of scrimmage and in run support. I happily take his play for the first preseason game. Contrast him with D'joun Smith first few games when he was totally clueless of what was going on.
  13. This was overall a satisfying first half of the first preseason game for me, as far as the defense. I enjoyed both the rookies and veterans The problem is that Colts don't have a backup QB that is good enough to give the rest of the offense meaningful reps. I'd like to see Morris for the rest of the game, perhaps he can replicate last preseason performance.
  14. Yes, but no way they can keep 3 kickers on the roster during the regular season.
  15. Yes, it's a generally bad idea. I like seeing Caroline's pretty face but not during the game.
  16. As far as the kickers situation I rather sacrifice some extra yardage on kickoff for some good punts. That means I'd keep Locke over Sanchez.
  17. What a stupid idea these sideline interviews are. You can't see the game because they ask Darius some irrelevant questions and they want us to see his shoes.
  18. Well, his PR skills certainly didn't help him. Pagano was better at that.
  19. Grigson had success short term because of good first draft combined with a few low cost complementary free agents. Then he started missing on the draft picks and rely on the free agents that are typically only solution short term. When these FA's effectiveness fizzled as expected he had no draft picks for long term success. His initial success blinded him.
  20. I'd like to watch all the new guys, rookies and free agents, and see how they move and if they pass the eye test.
  21. Nice words, but I don't believe anything they say. We'll see at the end of the year.
  22. I thought the most interesting remark he made was that current young players don't know how to deal with failure. As a personal note I would add that this extends beyond football.
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