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  1. I never experienced more pain than when being forced to watch lots of Manning commercials during the playoffs following a Colts elimination.
  2. Jack Del Rio va fi noul Broncos D Coordinator
  3. Polian said Colts got back to playing Dungy defense, which means straight up Tampa 2, nothing fancy.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that AJ Edds was placed on IR by the Dolphins in 2010 with a torn ACL or something similar.
  5. I remember somebody saying that Colts started stunting the DL during the playoffs the year they won the Superbowl and that helped with stopping the run. I don't know if that's true and if it is I don't understand how that affected the run defense positively.
  6. I feel for Taj Smith especially since I read the side story about his family. I hope he did not get seriously injured in the game and he can keep his hopes alive, even if doesn't make the Colts roster.
  7. Probably James didn't play because he already made the team. I don't think Brooks makes it, I am not sure about Gilreath either. It depends what they think about his abilities as a receiver, not just as punt returner. I rather see Taj Smith making it. Allegedly Caldwell told him this game was his resume. It now depends how bothered the coaches were by his 2 drops. Also, I don't see Donald Brown cut , he's got one more year in his contract. Gonzo may get cut but only if they think his injury is going to sideline him over a long period of time.
  8. The roster page does not even list all the players. The depth chart has a wide receiver who is on waived/injury list. I also noticed that safety Michael Hamlin is listed as waived (instead of signed) in the updates section. I usually use this web page that updates the roster and the depth chart daily. http://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/
  9. Nice post, a lot of effort. Something made me smile though, how did you determine the logarithmic improvement in AC's game? I mean, not linear, not cubic polynomial, but logarithmic
  10. Beekman was cut today. I believe the OL is pretty much set to the one that started the Packers game.
  11. They can keep White on PUP for the first 6 weeks and give one roster spot to either Gilreath or Brooks, or Taj.
  12. Giving douzer's post above in which he listed the rotations I am not surprised the Colts did not win any of the two games. It shows one more time what they use the preseason games for.
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