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  1. I like this guy, what the Colts need, a good route runner with excellent hands.
  2. I really liked him against the Patriots, the game in 2017 in which Cutler played well and Miami won.
  3. There is a 11 min video on Youtube with someone breaking down his plays. He looks really fast, shows good effort, and knows where the QB or RB is and gets off the block nicely and goes after them.
  4. Ha, ha, amusing how the guys most people were talking about are already gone, Norwell, Robinson, Hitchens.
  5. Why doesn’t Carolina pay Norwell, short of cash? Does anybody know?
  6. I never care how much the Colts spend, not my money, but I do care that they get good players. If they spend all the cap money and get 2 good players and a few other good teammates then I’m happy. However, I’m always nervous about free agents, constantly asking myself, “if they are so good why don’t they get paid by their current teams?” It seems to me that with the cap nowadays going up every year (doubling the last 10 years) every team should be able to keep their good free agents if they think they are worth keeping. For example, can someone explain why guys like Norwell or
  7. I’m a big Polian fan and enjoy listening to him a lot, but lately he’s been annoying me as he is very subjective when he talks about his players as opposed to current players. I even heard him saying, among other things that “there is no Cato June” on current Colts roster. Common now, Cato June? That guy clearly had his moments but let’s not forget how frustrated the fans were with him as he was just a traffic cone in the path of Jaguars running backs. And yes, it bothers me that he won’t even acknowledge Hooker, so much less Geathers as talented players the Colts have on their rost
  8. Did Colts meet with Edmunds, the linebacker? I think he is really good, and they can draft him if they have to trade down.
  9. You can’t take a guard in the first round, not a game changer no matter how good.
  10. This is the guy I want Colts to draft somehow, some way. Playing with one hand made him special, adding extra desire and drive to succeed.
  11. He may be wide receivers coach, what he was before becoming OC.
  12. Who’s Vinitari? OK JK My answer is no, just another 2 year contract with an easy out after 1 year.
  13. I believe he was on the Colts’ Dungy or Caldwell staff if I remember correctly.
  14. I wonder if he said to Ballard when he was offered the job, “Well Chris I got bad news man.....Just kidding”
  15. I’m so happy for this, the only choice of the possible 3 that takes away the bitter taste left by the Josh McDaniels debacle. And how about that! The Colts are now led by a former pastor. Looking forward to watching those post game prayers in the locker room
  16. Agree %100 with what you said, but that doesn’t mean the ignorance should impede upon freedom of speech and ruin peoples’ pleasure of having a harmless conversation with their friends.
  17. Exactly, plus the word “reich” simply means “realm”
  18. Nothing to do with the Nazis, that would be The 3rd Reich. The 2nd Reich refers to the German Empire under the rule of Otto von Bismark.
  19. I hope Irsay steps in and convinces Ballard to name Reich as the next coach. I don’t want a rah-rah construction worker, another Pagano or worse.
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