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And They Talked About The Super Bowl



'My Heart and My Mind Were Arguing Last Night...And They Talked About the Super Bowl'

I sent an e-mail out a few days ago about the Super Bowl. And no, it wasn't to the players and coaches involved, telling them to make it more entertaining than the Pro Bowl was. :) The e-mail went out to my Grandfather. He and I have been matching wits on Super Bowl winners for some 8 odd years. To put it bluntly, my all time record stinks. In 8 years of picks I am 3-5. I have never gone on a winning 'streak', unless 1-0 counts. This year I determined to win. Just like I did in 2010, when I lost...

So, I put the debate between Giants/Patriots to my two best debaters, my Heart---and my Mind. My Mind started off the debate.

"Now listen here, Heart," he said, "The Patriots are a fantastic team. They have fantastic players. They have fantastic coaches. And besides, Tom Brady is too good to pick against. He is a future Hall of Famer for sure. He's already got 3 Super Bowl victories under his belt. The Patriots have got this."

My Heart replied, "Yes, Mind, but Eli and the Giants are a good team, too." (That is pretty much the extent of my Heart's football knowledge) "They're in Indy, Peyton is watching, and Eli wouldn't let his brother's team's biggest rivals win the Super Bowl in their home stadium!"

My Mind didn't waste any time with his response. "Is that all you can come up with, Heart? You, as usual, are basing your opinion on feelings, emotions, and not on what really counts---hard facts! Let's face it, the Patriots are too hard to stop. They have the best tight-end tandem in football today, and 3 top-tier recievers. Their running game can't be ignored either, weak as it may be."

It was at that point that I stepped in and told my Mind to remember that the Giants beat the Patriots once this year and stopped all of those weapons. My Mind was ready for that one though, and jumped right back in the middle of things.

"Yes, but it came down to who had the ball last. Eli and the Giants were able to drive down and score at the end, and if Brady and Co. had time, they would've kept it going. The Super Bowl that these guys fought in years ago is the same way. The Giants were able to score at the end and win simply because the Patriots just didn't have enough time to respond."

My Heart came back with, "True, but do you really think that Eli can lose with everything that is going on in Indy these days? And with his legacy as a 2 time Super Bowl winner at stake? I don't think so. Besides, Eli and the Giants seem to ooze with a wherewithal these days that the Patriots just don't have. It took the Patriots a simple game vs. Denver and a missed FG vs. the Ravens to get here, while the Giants knocked off the two highest seeds in the NFC and held the Falcons to 2 total points."

My Mind didn't have much of an answer for that, but the debate continued on. Most of it, after that point, was a shouting match and really wouldn't be profitable to place in this blog. I will, however, lay out the main points that were discussed.

My Mind says: Patriots

1. Tom Brady

2. Recieving Core

3. Bill Belichick

4. Giant's D is not like it was in 2008

My Heart says: Giants

1. More Playmakers than 2008

2. Solid Run Game

3. Eli to Cruz

4. The Peyton Circus

In the end, like it always is, the decision was up to me to pick who I thought would win. This time, I went with my Heart. I picked the Giants. And even though I couldn't see my Grandfather, I could almost hear him laughing as he read my choice. He is already chalking up his record at 6-3. And he may be right. Who knows? But my Mind and my Heart agreed on one thing last night, and that was that Super Bowl 46 is going to be special, fun, and extremely entertaining. I know I'll enjoy it, and hope you all do as well. Until next week!


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