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The Great Escape



blog-0752425001367816126.jpgThe great escape, that is what I like to refer to the NFL as.. I am a die hard Colts fan through and through, I practically bleed blue.. I also have a debilitating illness. 75 percent of my day is spent in pain or some form of agony.. I recently filed for disability and was told that I act entirely to pleasant to be in the sort of pain I describe.. So much so in fact I was denied disability at my first hearing.. I have always turned my heart to God and football. These things keep me sane.. They make me happy! My faith has made me smile in spite of hardship and adversary. I will continue to smile and keep my head held high, because I am not a victim. Life is what we make it. Thanks so much to the Indianapolis Colts, and the entire NFL. You provide me with several months of distraction and help me to be able to fit in.. During football season I am not a sick person.. I am a football fan. We all our fans. Yell, Scream, GO COLTS!!
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Its amazing to me how much the Colts mean to so many and help us all through life`s hardships at times. This website gives me an out to relax and "escape" as you put it from the daily grind too. Hang in there and don`t stop applying for disability and keep up that enthusiasm..the Colts need ya! GO COLTS!

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Pretty excited, I have a second opinion clause that I can choose.  My doc is recommending me to the Monti Group.  They are a group of docs that try specifically to get people on Medicaid, and/or disability.  Fingers crossed.  Not the end of the game for me, just 3rd and long~!~

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