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New Jerseys



Does anyone else agree with me when I say it would be nice to see the Colts in some redefined new jersey... Still love the originals, but some new fits would be nice... GO COLTS!!!


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No, I don't agree,maybe you were not around for the blue pants disaster, but this is a classy look and does not need any change.

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part me wants to change, and part me wants the uniforms to stay the same.

The uniforms have the traditional vibe going, like Green Bay, San Francisco,

and the Giants. I guess in the best case scenario, we could have an alternative

uniform for special games, like in Madden. . 

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A nice dark blue jersey and bring back the grey pants w/ A Dark Blue stripe, A modern colts blue stripe and a white stripe.  White socks with the 2 thin blue stripes...  Maybe move the shoes to the side of the helmet.

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Blue helmet with a white horse shoe would be different. Think of the marketing. Just as long as they don't have anything as stupid looking as the Steelers has with the jail time uniforms or the Jets NY Titans uniforms. Just awful. But something new would ne nice, maybe bring back the original bucking colts with the helmet. That would be cool.

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