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Bryian Banks for Falcons



Bryian Banks just got out of prison and already the atlanta falcons are after him. it is said he has sign a contract with them and will compete on a place for the roster. will he make it  ?

thats a good question and only time will tell. but im sure there is a long list of nfl teams that will want him . he is very athletic and can run the 40 mile dash in just under 5 sec. thats fast!

he will be a great LB and i think the only thing that will stop him for being a star is the mental side of the game. after spending five years in prison his mind may not be in the right place.

in my mind. he could be a big star. lets wait and see.


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He was out last year and tried out for a few teams including Seattle but didn't make the cut.  Have been following him since story came out a year ago.  Sure he has been working hard this last year and glad that Atlanta or someone has signed him and giving him a shot at his dream.  Hope that he can make it and get to play.

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