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How And When Did I Become A Colts Fan?



blog-0919459001326160440.jpgEveryone loves winners, and even though the Colts were always favorite to win a game, they always managed to exit early in the playoffs which was always a huge upset, at least for me. But with the Colts, and Payton Manning it is different; it is more then just winning, It is the style in how they do it. It reminds me of that 93, 94 Cowboy team that I use to love watching play when I was younger. Troy Aikman going long to number 88 for a touchdown. But it was just the excitement of the game itself. Payton Manning by far is the most exciting player in the NFL hands down. When I first saw him play I instantly made up my mind, and I told myself as long as he plays I am a die hard Colts fan. He takes it to another level, I mean he is the KING of comebacks no question ask. Just look at what happen last year when they were down by three possesions or two I think to the Patriots, I cant recall because I turned the TV Off very upset at the playing. But, I had put a bet on them with a guy at work, I show up to work, and he hands me 30 dollars, I tell him ha ha very funny cause I thought he was throwing it in my face, so I gave it back to him. And he didn't know why I was giving it back to him, and then he ask me why, and I told him because we had lost, and he lid my eyes and made my day when he told me the Colts had put up a comeback in the final four minutes of the game to win, to win, against the Patriots, that almost never happens to Bill Bellichick, if anyone knows how to keep the lead it is him, but no we had won. Has anyone ever noticed that he scores right before the half almost every time. He runs the offense all by himself, and if the defense makes a mistake he will catch it and make you pay. He has his eyes and ears on everything every possesion. If he is in hurry up offense if you try and substitude a player and the fat line men is not getting off the field fast enough, he will snap it and get a flag thrown. I mean you does that? tell me who? The year they won the Super Bowl, he threw a hillmary in the first play to Marvin Harrison for a touchdown, in the Super Bowl, can you believe that. Now I see multiple teams in the regular season trying to mimic that, no one, let me tell you no one ever throws a hillmary in the first play of any game, but that is his mentally, expect the unexpected. LET ME TELL EVERYONE OUT THERE who will read this, HE IS SOMETHING ELSE. HE IS A MACHINE MENTALLY. If I were the Colts I would stop settleling for just being a good team with him, and settle on making him and that team one of the greatest teams of all time. And I would invest heavily in his talent, and not let him go to waste. Get a good running back, stack up the defense, and lets put the Colts on top of the rest along side of the Steelers, Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots, and 49ners. I have been Manninized.


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