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If I Was A Gm For The Colts




Today, 02:47 PM

If I was a GM, I would have left everything the way it was exept my first round pick, I would have traded that pick to other teams that need a quaterback, and are willing to give up some of there free agents. The question still remains. How much is Andrew Luck worth to a team who needs a quaterback slot filled in? I trade my pick, and build around Payton Manning, and Dwight Freeney/ Mathis. Everyone knows that before Payton had his surgery he was the man, and he is back. Just ask yourself one question; does Payton Manning have 5 years left on him. "I say Heck Ya." And in those 5 years a lot can happen; like another top quarterback prospect will come along just like they do every year. I cannot stress it enough that the Media including the once who are suck up by the Marketing of players take one player, and blow him up to be this once in a lifetime opportunity, and everyone falls into that mentally. NO one knows if Andrew Luck will even be good in the NFL, this is not College, these guys are Pros. Perfect example "Matt Lenard." and "Mark Sanchez." I mean especially Mark Sanchez. The Market invested heavily in him, and still does, and yet he will never be good. If you watch him play, he cannot read a Defense. Another Perfect example would be our favorite guy: Micheal Vick. He admitted that till this day he still cannot read a defense, and depends heavily on his running ability. I am not saying that is not a good thing, but I will not ever make him more than what he is. IF WE BUILD A POWER HOUSE AROUND PAYTON MANNING LIKE THEY DID FOR JOHN ELWAY WE CAN BE BACK AT THE SUPERBOLW SPOT IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS AT LEAST 2 MORE TIMES, AND TO ME THAT IS A WISER INVESTMENT THAN GAMBLING ON A PROSPECT. BECAUSE MORE PROSPECTS WILL COME EVERY YEAR PROBABLY EVEN BETTER THEN Adrew Luck. Look what happen to the Denver Broncs they became a legacy like the Cowboys, Steelers, and Patriots who all hold back to back titles withing 5 years.


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