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Can a Horse Shoe and good Luck beat Manning in the post season?



"It is indeed tough to lose while carrying a horse shoe on one's helmet and having a lot of Luck for good measure."- Jaggededge.

Greetings all!

I did a blog awhile back called, "Looking Forward To The Day That 'Luck' Runs Out For The Colts."


It was my first blog on this site. The blog was more of a play on words and it was tongue in cheek at the time. However, at this time the title of that blog may hold a very ominous overtone or meaning for Luck and the Colts. Since writing that blog, I have been busy and have yet to blog since then, that is until now. Although at that time I promised to follow that blog up with other enticing ones,I let myself and others down due to my time constraints. Therefore, here is a heartfelt apology and a quaint attempt to bring something of relevance to the table for you all to ponder.

I think we all know the reality is becoming more and more probable with each win that Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts will draw Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the post season. I know where the Colts faithful stand, but my question is how will you feel at the end of the game for the loser whomever that might be? Are we ready to bury the proverbial hatchet past after these two meet in battle if it is the Football Gods call, or will we cringe every time these two draw each other in future games as we look for a game of oneupmanship? I am throwing this out here to take a fan pulse.

I think the fans here will be in an emotional, torn and difficult state of mind when and if this day comes. Thoughts on how you will feel on this day? Also, who do you think wins this battle? The Lucky young frisky Colts or the Broncos that are well manned by Manning?

I could see a scenario where Luck could run out yet again for the Colts or another upset stomach special for the Broncos as they are Orange-crushed, at home. Thoughts? Opinions? Feedback? The virtual floor is yours......



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I do not want to think about this. Just a moderator perspective.

I don't want to face Manning. But, if that's how it is, I'm behind our Colts.

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Agreed, I don't wanna face the mastermind either! But if the Colts were to pull it off, I think it would hurt Manning a whole lot less then if the Broncos lost to another AFC team.. I dunno

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