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Any Plans for Thanksgiving!?



Hey would love to hear of your plans for Thanksgiving. As we call it Turkey Day! Gobble! Gobble! As just will have fourteen of us in the family. As my brother and his wife and their three children will go to her parents for Thanksgiving in the afternoon. And then will come over here with my sister and her husband and four children. And my parents as we always do. In the evenings this year around. Due to going over my brother's in laws. Would love to hear of your plans for Turkey Day? Happy Thanksgiving!

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going out to eat with most of my family. I think about 30 of them. Then 'pie fest' at my mom's house!

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Cooking dinner for the family, as usual. ;) This year's Thanksgiving is bittersweet for us. It is the first Thanksgiving for our newest grandaughter, and then two days later we will be honoring her "other" grandfather at a Memorial Service ( he passed away last week). Trying to focus on being thankful that he lived long enough to see and hold his first grandchild.

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