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Hurricane from Miami.....



  • A lot of predictions, a lot of smack talk. Battle of the Rookies, Dolphins jumping to a lead early. Colts held to 2 touch downs. Enough already, the # 8 pick may not even play on Sunday due to that Left knee issue. Miami 30 points plus?? The Dolphins Rollin in like a tidal wave?? In Lucas Oil, I think not. Let’s take a look at what we are fishing with:

  • Ryan Tannehill: 1,472 passing yards, four touchdowns (and one rushing score), six interceptions, 59.1 completion percentage, 75.8 passer rating
  • Andrew Luck: 1,971 passing yards, eight touchdowns (and three rushing scores), eight interceptions, 55.6 completion percentage, 74.6 passer rating

76% of the polls say , COLTS loose on Sunday. Don't know about you, but, I don't believe in Polls.


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