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Sewer Truck



This is something that you might here in a comedy routine:

"Today, a perfect day, my neighbor had their sewer pumped. And it was going along just fine until the "sewer pumpers" were almost done; that's when it happened. The truck's brakes gave away and the truck picked up momentum as it started down the steep backyard. The two "sewer pumpers" and my neighbor leaped out of the way, just in time, before the truck smooshed them into greasy-spots. Then it barreled down the steepest part of the hill, crashing through the fence, and decided to hop-n-skip and even do a few fancy flips before it crashed onto it's side at the bottom of the hill and lounged against a tree."

I know that right now you're waiting for the punch line or whatever, but, there is none. This is what everyone, even me, would laugh at if I heard the story and go "That's so not real!" but it is. It happened today next door to me. Of course my family ran outside to see if everything was all right. Which it was, for the most part. The truck is a mess, and the air is kinda stinky, but the guys are fine and alive. Freaked out from the near death collision, who wouldn't be?! My neighbor's hopping frustrated (more worried about his backyard than himself...but I didn't say that.) and right now the tow-truck is trying to figure out how to get that truck off it's side and away from lounging on the tree.

I know that we'll be laughing at this soon, but it was pretty scary. God is amazing!


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Yep, us too. There were no houses behind where the truck went flying...they're back to trying to dig it out now. They emptied the sewage into another truck so there wouldn't be any leakage last night.

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We are very glad also. The guys came back the next day and finished fishing the truck out of the ditch it had created. They were great guys and they did an awesome job fixing the damaged back hill. But we found out that one of the guys actually did get hit as he tried to jump out of the way. The side of truck wheel flipped him away and into a tree trunk nearby instead of under it's wheel as it would have done any other time. God is amazing!

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