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Colts vs Greenbay



Wow what a game, first half was painful to watch, it's like they forgot there was a game being played. Going into to half-time down by 18 points it was looking pretty grim, so whatever was said at half-time to light a fire under them to fight for a victory worked. I have to give props to Luck, he's still a little rusty in the passing but can move, granted he was sacked 4 times but got back up and moved forward, even scored a TD. Not to shabby. Huge shout out to Reggie Wayne, career high of 212 yards, TD, and some amazing catches that didn't look possible, great game 87!!! Defense has ups and downs but sacking Rodgers 5 times thank you Fukou, Freeney, Mathis,and Redding got him twice. Brown great 2pt conversion. Colts still have a long road ahead as they strive to keep their heads up as coach fights his battle off the field and they continue to be strong on and off the field. Regardless it was a great game that kept 12th men and women on their feet for most of the 2nd half, well worth it, players had said from the start "Let's Win this for Coach" I'm sure his face was priceless when the game ball was delivered =)

All day Every day no matter who we play Go Colts, loud and proud in section 404!!!!

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