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Colts vs Vikings Review



The played good defense until the last six minutes where they let up two touchdowns. Andrew Luck seemed great the first half but quieted down in the second half. The only thing that I think Andrew Luck didn't do well was him running backwards for a 22 yard sack. Other than that, he had two touchdown passes and no picks. I saw the Overall Quarterback Rating top 5 players while watching Monday Night Football and Luck was #1 with a 95.7 passer rating or something like that.

I know it is not entirely his fault, but Donald Brown needs more than almost 50 yards a game. I know three offensive lineman didn't play or got hurt (Satele, Justice, Reitz). I think Essex can help but he is only one person. They also need to run Donald to the outside. He's only 5'10''. He is too small to plow through the line. They also need to work more quick passes or screens with him. I know the line is bad at blocking but he still is a good receiving back.

I liked to see Avery have a great performance and silence his critics saying he's horrible after the knee injury. He had I think 9 catches for 111 yards. Wayne had 6 grabs for 71 yards and a touchdown close to halftime. I really got scared within the last 30 seconds. How is Luck going to march down the field in that amount of time? He really surprised me. Using his timeouts and getting Vinatieri in field goal range. I really thought at his age he couldn't kick a 53 yard field goal. Especially because he missed like a 40 yarder or something last week against the Bears. I guess he still has that clutch game winning kick even at 39. He will be 40 before the season ends.

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